Scott Dwayne Chilton

20 septembre 196128 septembre 2021

Scott Chilton, 60, passed away at his home in Hesperia, Ca. on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Born September 20, 1961 in Covina, Ca. The youngest of 5 children to George and Aline.

Married to Lori in 1981, Scott was a Husband, Father, Marine, Cop and True-Blue Dodger Fan. The family will be laying Scott to rest in a private ceremony at Riverside National Cemetery.

“It’s a great time of the year, if you can stand it” – Vin Scully.


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Scott Dwayne Chilton


Ralph Ballew

22 octobre , 2021

Scott….still feels weird after all these years calling you that, so I’ll stick to what I knew you as and that is “Sir”. I was devastated when I learned of your passing, it was literally a punch in the stomach. You were the epitome of a mentor and guided so many of us through the beginning stages of our careers. I remember calling you before my detective oral interview and asking for advice, worried about past stigmas…I will never forget these words “Who gives a **** if they don’t like you, make it to where they can never ignore your product!” I did that.

You “redpenned” me to death as a young officer and although at the time, I didn’t see it, you were helping me become a premier police officer. 15 years later, I am that officer, I am a trainer, I am a senior officer and try to instill those values into the next generation, the same values and tenants of law enforcement - you helped me discover.

I was on your last team, the team before your retirement. The briefing you announced your leaving was devastating for not only myself but for all of us in this photo. As previously said, you were a cops cop, a leader, a mentor and an example. Words can never describe how influential and important you were to so many. I will see you again, but not yet….‘ til Valhalla … Macte virtute sic atur ad astra !

Courtenay Reed

22 octobre , 2021

Scotty, a Mentor, a fellow Marine, a Brother in blue and my standard. You will be missed, and live on in my memories. Thank you for always being you. Love you brother! Always.

Richard Bitonti

21 octobre , 2021

Lori, I am truly saddened by the passing of Scott. He was a true professional in every sense of the word. Scott was probably the best FTO, and one of the best leaders Rialto PD ever had. He was a “cop’s cop!” I will always remember his contributions to both Rialto and our Country! RIP my friend.

Sarah King

20 octobre , 2021

Scott was a fantastic Police Officer..... I always knew he'd have my back in a crisis at work and I could always rely on his instincts and rock solid judgment. Not a man of many words yet, he spoke often about his love for his family.

Heaven gained a man of true dignity and honor.

Vince Licata

20 octobre , 2021

I had been at RPD for a few short years, Scott and I were partnered during Rodney King Riots. We rode together for 3 days. Don’t know that I ever laughed so much in my life. The best thing about it was Lori made us about 10 sandwiches per day so we grubbed, told jokes, told life stories, talked sports and had a blast. We became close after that.
I took Scott and Jeff Stewart on my boat fishing in Newport Beach. Scott fished all day with no shirt, wow did he get sunburned. I think we even got Kevin out on the boat a few times. Great memories.
Scott and I went to mammoth trout fishing. On the way back I was driving and got stopped for speeding. The CHP officer chewed my ass and of course while he is yelling at me Scott is talking under his breath making fun of the CHP Officer, all I could do to not bust up laughing.
Me, Krisi and Ashley had some great dinners at the Chilton household. Ashley was bout 11 months and could barely walk. By the end of the night the Chilton kids had her pushing around a little car like a pro. Krisi and I were so excited. A week or so later Lori and Scott gave us a picture of Ashley and the Chilton kids pushing that car. To this day a cherished gift !! I fondly remember a great evening with Scott and Lori when they took us to dinner at Lawrys Prime Rib in Pasadena. Scott was always so kind and generous to my family.
We had some great times on the SWAT team and A GREAT time at our SWAT competition in Bakersfield. Scott always knew when it was time to be serious and kick ass on the field and always knew when it was time to have a few cold ones and tease each other until we pissed our pants laughing !!
Scott was my partner in detectives. We solved some great cases together! We always had each other’s back In the field and in the building.
My favorite times however were the hours we spent talking about our kids and what proud fathers we were ! Rest In Peace Brother

Gina Karol

20 octobre , 2021

I was heartbroken when I learned of your passing. You were a mentor to so many and, to me, always a true gentleman. May you rest in peace—my condolences to Lori and the family.

James Massey

20 octobre , 2021

Chilton. I remember you as the best when I first got to Rialto. You were one of us not them. I was so happy when you made Sergeant. I took your locker when you retired. Take care sir. Massey

Eric Bremner

20 octobre , 2021


Our hearts go out to you and yours during these painful times, we hope you find peace and strength in our prayers for you all.

The Bremner Family

Andrew Karol

20 octobre , 2021

Scotty, you made a huge impact on my life, and my career in law enforcement. I can’t think of anyone who was more of a cops cop, than You! You taught us ALL how to be the best, look sharp, be sharp, and stay alive on the mean streets we policed. RIP Marine and my fellow Brother in Blue. We will forever miss you.

Steve May

20 octobre , 2021

I had the privilege of working alongside Scott in two careers. First as a Reserve Officer and a Fireman for Rialto. You never were left to wonder where you stood with Scott. Always a true Professional, he kept me safe and was an outstanding mentor to me as a Reserve Officer. He loved giving me grief over being a full timer “ hoser”. The man was truly a Cops Cop. My Condolences to his family at this difficult time. Know that Scott was a respected man by many, a leaves a lasting void in our hearts