Mr. John Francis Anderson

It is with profound grief and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved John after a courageous battle with cancer.

John was truly an outstanding individual who was always available for his family, friends and colleagues, generous for his time and expertise. His friends would describe him as the most reliable, available and giving friend anyone could ask for. His brilliance, wit, loyalty and trust were beyond match. John's kindness and generosity touched so very many people and he so magnificently modelled what a husband and father should be for his beautiful boys.

John obtained his Law degree in 1990 from University of British Columbia and joined the prestigious firm Stikeman Elliott. He had a successful corporate practice focusing on corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance. He was internationally recognized for his expertise and vast experience achieving many accolades in the areas of corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions and mining. John was the head of the firm’s Korea initiative and former head of the Vancouver office’s Corporate & Securities Group. He brought to his work, each day, a razor sharp intellect and an uncanny ability to see through all of the “noise” to distill complex problems into elegant and logical solutions, all with remarkable speed and efficiency. John was brilliant, gifted, and yet, reserved by nature. He nurtured a broad base of loyal clients, many of whom became his very good friends, and all are as devastated by his passing. As busy as John was, he was generous with his time for anybody who needed his help. Over the years, many have benefited greatly from John for his time and opinions, and from his advice on matters of life, law and strategy. Everyone at the firm looked up to John for his superior intellect, friendly nature and unparalleled technical legal abilities.

John was the chairman of the Board of Collingwood School for 3 years and devoted his time to make a difference in the school’s progress and had a positive impact on the Collingwood community.

John pursued an array of interests; he loved golfing, fishing, skiing and any activities involving his two sons, Brent and Grant. He treasured the time he spent vacationing with his family. He was a loving husband and doting father. John was always participating in their sons’ activities and gave them a lifelong loving example of excellence as a husband, father, and community leader.

John is survived by his loving wife, Nasim, their sons, Brent and Grant, his father Frank and mother Andree, and his sister Marie and brother Michael. Rest in peace John. We will forever cherish the memories of the time we spent with you.


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Mr. John Francis Anderson


Paula Price

28 mai , 2021

I had the pleasure of working with John for about 10 years. I worked on the floor below his, and my ears would perk up when I could hear him coming down the stairs. He liked to poke a little fun at us "litigators". (He emphasized the "l", like you would for "llama". "Lllllitigators.") He'd burst into my office, a big smile on his face, with his fingers shaped into an "L" and held up against his forehead. He typically struck up conversation with me with an expectant "So?" It makes me smile just thinking about it. John had a way of making you feel appreciated and excited about whatever was on the menu for conversation that day, whether a transaction, client question or a simple catch up on life's events. I also loved visiting John in his office. Despite being in high demand, he would welcome me with a grand sweep of his arms. I'd sometimes have drafting questions, and I always enjoyed watching him at work. He'd magically produce a mechanical pencil and mark up my document with his lovely handwriting: even and elegant. Just like the words he'd write on the page. In his office, John had a silver-framed photo of Nassim and him on their wedding day. They were laughing. It was obvious - from the photo in his office and the way he spoke about Nassim and his sons - how much John loved his family. How proud he was of all of them. I will miss John. I will cherish the memories I have of him. My condolences go out to Nassim, Brent and Grant. My thoughts are with you. May John rest in peace and may his memory bring brightness to all of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Paula

Maryam Lee

27 mai , 2021

Dear Nasim and family,
I would like to share a memory that I have so clearly from over 10-15 years ago when I was over at your place. While all the ‘older’ relatives were having tea and talking, I remember John hanging out with his boys and they called him something like a ‘hug bug’ or ‘cuddle monster’ while loving every minute with him - laughing, tickling and hugging. I didn’t have kids then and wasn’t even married but I just knew that was the kind of future family life I wanted. Thank you John.
-Maryam Lee

Geoff Baragar

22 mai , 2021

John's passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. Nasim, Brent and Grant, you have mine and Diana's deepest sympathies. One of the hardest things I have ever done was visiting John at home to say good-bye and to tell him that I will miss my friend. I am blessed that we had a final day of golf with you and Grant on April 17th. And what a beautiful day it was. In the 34 years I've known you (the first person I met on the first day of law school), you have been a truly great friend.
It was an honour being a pallbearer at your service. Rest in peace my friend - you will not be forgotten.
Geoff & Diana

Jennifer Duncan

20 mai , 2021

I was in law school with John. He was a fabulous guy, generous with his time and his computer expertise, which was hard to find in the 1980s! Condolences to his loved ones.

Al Kanji

20 mai , 2021

What an unbearable, unbelievable, profound loss. I had the privilege of working with John on a number of M&A assignments during my days at KPMG. Not only was he a consummate professional with a brilliant mind- but also a great human being with a wonderful demeanour. I am deeply saddened and extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and his colleagues at Stikeman. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Al Kanji

Greg Domeij

13 mai , 2021

There are very few people in life that leave an instant and lasting impression on you the second you meet them. John was one of these, and I will always remember my first time seeing him; it was at the base barbershop at CFB Chilliwack. John had long hair and a beard, and the barber was doing his best to intimidate John with what he was going to do to him. John was, as he always was with unimportant details, completely nonchalant about it. The joke was on the barber.

From that time on, and for the next number of years, we were pretty inseparable, with John becoming a full fledged member of mine and Debbie’s family. He was even with us at Grace Hospital as our first child was born. God, we had so much fun. When John decided to leave the forces and return to Ottawa to go to Carlton, we stayed in close touch, and when he decided to return and go to UBC for law, we were really happy.

John’s achievements at UBC made us extremely proud of him. He was probably the most intelligent person I have ever met, yet he was so down to earth and free of ego. Anyone meeting him for the first time would never guess how accomplished he was. He was such a complete being.

Nasim, Grant, and Brent, Frank and Andrée, Marie and Michael; Deb and I feel such sadness and loss at John’s passing, and we are so sorry that each of your futures with John has ended much too soon. Life just does not feel fair at times like this. Please accept our deepest sympathies and know that we share the sense of loss with you.

Much love,

Greg and Deb Domeij

Normand Dufresne

7 mai , 2021

C'est avec regret que j'ai appris le décès de ce petit-petit-cousin.
Je tiens à exprimer à ses proches , son épouse Nasim, ses fils Brent et Grant, sa mère Andrée Savoie et à son père Frank Anderson, mes plus sincères condoléances,
On avait communiqué ensemble, Andrée et Frank, à l'occasion du 70ième anniversaire de mariage de Jean-Roger Dufresne, votre cousin et mon père, et de Laurette Landreville.
Les distances physiques et l'éloignement de notre parenté ne m'a pas permis de rencontrer John de son vivant.
Je tiens quand même à vous exprimer le lien affectif qui me relie à vous dans ce moment difficile que génère ce deuil.
Je pense à vous sincèrement…

Yolande Dufresne

7 mai , 2021

J'apprends par ma cousine Andrée que John est entrée à la maison du Père céleste.
Soyez assuré de ma profonde sympathie et de ma prière.
Je fais célébrer une messe aux intentions de John et aux vôtres.

Bon courage! Que John vous protège. Il continue de vous aimer!

Cousine Yolande Dufresne, snjm