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David A. Bubb

6 février , 200120 décembre , 2019
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BUBB - David A. Dear son of Patrick and Natalie (Guido); brother of Francesca, Dominic and Isabel Bubb; grandson of Brenda (late James) Bubb and Linda (late Thomas) Guido; also survived by many aunts, uncles and cousins. Family will be present today from 3-7 PM at the PERNA, DENGLER, ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME, 1671 Maple Road. Family and friends are invited to attend a Mass of Christian Burial celebrated from Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Bowmansville) on Monday at 10 AM, followed by interment at Sacred Heart Cemetery. David graduated from Williamsville South High School and was a freshman at Canisus College and a member of the ROTC Program. In lieu of flowers, contributions in David’s name may be made to Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. Share condolences at www.denglerrobertspernafuneral.com


  • Visitation dimanche, 22 décembre , 2019
  • Mass of Christian Burial lundi, 23 décembre , 2019


David A. Bubb

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Ashlea Green

janvier 15, 2020

I have the complete honor of living next door to the Bubb Family and have grown up with them since I was three years old. I can vividly remember the day they came over and told us that they would be adopting two kids and I was so excited to have two more friends to play with. They immediately got thrown into our neighborhood tradition of yearly New Years Eve parties and it took them a year or two before they could stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop. Growing up, we all would always be outside playing kickball, hide and seek, silly basketball games, four square or climbing trees. David was always the jokester in the group of us, throwing out jokes or doing something silly that we would all laugh. He would always be down to have fun and would constantly be outside playing in nice dress pants rather than changing into play clothes. My family, the Bubb Family, and the Sherwood Family all share a bond together that is stronger and deeper than just normal friendly neighbors. Our three separate households create one large family where we all love each other just like family relatives. David might not have been blood related to us, but I can promise anyone that he was a little brother to each and every one of us. People might have thought our interactions were weird, but I loved having David as a little brother even if that meant bickering across the stage during orchestra if I called him out in front of everyone for not playing. We would always laugh it off and I knew he’d always throw a smile my way. Being able to watch him mature from the little boy I met the first time, into a young man is something I will never forget. Even though it might have been hiding a lot of pain behind it, David’s smile was always a sight to see and it was impossible not to smile and laugh whenever he was. David brought something really special to our neighborhood that tied all of us together and I know that he will always keep all of us together in spirit. We love and miss you David.

Isabel Sapio

janvier 11, 2020

I was in David's first semester academic writing class. It was at 9:30 when everyone was half asleep, but he would come in to class with a smile on his face and say good morning to everyone or something to make us laugh and brighten our days. He would walk in late sometimes, with no care in the world and say "Hi Professor Rizzi, Good morning" and sit down like he was right on time. He never failed to lighten the mood and make myself or anyone else in the class smile. I have never had a negative interaction in the time I had known David. We were never super close but anytime I saw him , even if I was just walking past him in the hallway or anywhere on campus, he always made sure to go out of his way to say hi and say, "How are you?" or just something funny or silly to give some light and hope to a potentially rough day. I can say this for myself and our class as a whole that he was the kindest and most outgoing person we have probably ever met. Most likely in different ways, but he definitely touched all of us and made an impact on our lives. We only knew him for what felt like the fastest fifteen weeks of our lives, but it was some of the luckiest fifteen weeks we have ever had in our lives. We are all so lucky to have been in Professor Rizzi's 9:30 A.M.-10:25 A.M. Academic Writing 111 class because we met David and although he is not here physically, he will always be with us and helping us. We need to remember David, remember how David did not judge, how David was always willing to help others and how David wanted to make sure everyone else was okay by putting others first. We saw how David did it and we need to start to be like David. We had the honor of knowing him and now we need to honor him by continuing what he started and making a change. Thank you for being the light that made each day brighter for myself and our Academic Writing class. Rest easy buddy

Rosalba & Misael Agudelo

janvier 1, 2020

It was a pleasure to meet David soon after he arrived from Colombia. We saw him a few times after when we were invited to family events. When talking with David, we could see in him a lot of promise; plenty of good things coming his way: successful schooling, graduations, a career, significant success, and probably a family of his own. He was on his way to achieving those goals when he passed away.
We express our sincere condolence to Patrick, Natalie, Francesca, Dominic and Isabel for the passing of their son and brother. May God comfort you and help you to accept and perhaps understand this unexpected outcome. Please keep in mind that we are with you, we pray for you and for David, and we are available for anything we could be of service.

Kayla Schmidt

décembre 29, 2019

David was always the most energetic and caring person whenever he was around. I met him two years ago once he joined track, I will always remember how much he joy brought to the team. My favorite memory of him was when he ran steeplechase his senior year at Ecic’s. He finally got the chance to try it for his first time. As I was warming up for my race I see David fly off the last barrier and into a cannon ball landing in the water pit. I’ve never seen him so happy than in that moment. David will truly be missed, he was one of a kind.❤️

Laura Sherwood

décembre 26, 2019

I’ve been putting off writing this, it makes this nightmare a reality. You were a dream come true in this neighborhood, a bright light in the lives of so many. I remember the first time all of us played together, you grabbed a bike and started racing down the street. We all screamed at you to stop, thinking you would crash, but you turned to us and flashed your famous smile, not a worry in the world.
During the many summers we had with you, I always rushed over to play knockout or four square in your yard, and every time you greeted me with a smile, growing happier as more and more people joined in.
One of my favorite memories of you is when you raced over to my house to meet the new dog, and we laughed as you rolled in the grass in the nicest clothes, again not worrying about the future, just enjoying the moment.
There are not enough words to express how much joy you brought into my life, how happy I always was to see you, and how amazing your infectious laugh was.
On Friday, you greeted me with that famous smile again, and I’m grateful I can still feel that last hug you gave me.
David, I will miss you every day, thank you for blessing us all with your light. While you’re up there enjoying heaven, give my dad a hug for me.

All my love,

Natalie Bubb

décembre 26, 2019

Dearest David-
My baby boy, who knew one person could bring so much joy. If only I knew the pain you felt inside, how much you hurt, and how your soul cried.

From the moment you came into our lives you were a ray of sunshine. Your contagious smile, sweet demeanor, and compassion for others made it so easy to fall in love with you.
Your consistent drive to do better and be the best you could be I always thought was so admirable, not a weakness. If you could have only seen how special you are, not only to us, but to everyone.
These last few days have been pure torture, only to be eased in realizing how many lives you touched, so many more than we ever knew.
To know you was to love you.
I have always dreamed of you growing into a successful young man, dancing with you at your wedding, and watching your children grow. It absolutely breaks my heart, but God had another plan.
I could write novels my son, but a few loving memories stand out showing the bond we had.
I’ll never forget the sectional track meet in Jamestown how you threw your arms around me in front of your teenage teammates so proud of your victories that day. Most recently though, when you were starting Canisius and I was starting my new job it bothered me so that I couldn’t take you to school. I came upstairs to wish you luck and say goodbye while you were still in bed. To my surprise as I was getting into the car, you ran smiling out the door saying “ you can’t leave without a proper goodbye” and threw your arms around me. I will never, ever forget that day.
The devil may have driven you to think this was an answer, but our Lord and Savior decided it was time for you to come home.
Just as the Magi followed the Star of David to Bethlehem, you, David, our little star will shine for Jesus in heaven today. Merry Christmas. May you Rest In Peace. Until we meet again my son.
Love forever and always,

Francesca Bubb

décembre 25, 2019


I will always remember the day that Mom and Dad told us that we were adopting you and Isa. I felt a rush of emotions, but the next day I was upset and naively told Mom that you wouldn't be our "real" siblings. There will never be anything else in my life that I will regret as much as saying those words. You truly showed me that it didn't take blood to be related and loved. Being siblings means hours by the pool, making up games together, making silly videos together, laughs, long talks and board games. You did all of those things and so many more, all with love and joy. I loved being there to watch you grow up and become an amazing man that inspired so many.

You will always be my baby brother and I will love you always.

Love, Francesca

Dominic Bubb

décembre 24, 2019

Burdened with inner demons, he chose to spread warm light.

Rather than traveling over seas to serve his country, he chose to serve his local community.

He chose to be strong and our families rock, just like his celebrity role model Dwayne Johnson.

Dear David,

I cherished the time we had growing up together. With you at my side, I have learned a lot. You taught me how to have a good time and how to be strong, which I know you would have wanted. You will always have my love and respect. I couldn't have asked for a better brother. You have not only been an awesome brother to me but also a great friend, a honorable teammate, and a charming wing-man.

Love Dominic

Huy Le

décembre 24, 2019

Hey little Bubb number 3, David!

I'm sorry I will not be able to attend and be able to send you away. I wish that I was able to spend more time with you and your family before I step out onto this deployment. Last we spoke in December 2018. I remember how excited you were about the military! You been through a lot but it's okay to rest now little bud. I sees you as my little brother. I see you as a younger version of me. But way more athletic and lovable! Fly high David the Angel. We all love you. I'll do my best to support Isabella if she ever needs someone. I do my best to make sure everyone keep their heads up and stay strong. #ForDavid!
*Hugs* for you and your whole family as soon as I get back to the states!
- Huy & Linh Lê

Andrew Cohen

décembre 24, 2019

As a freshman I swam varsity with David in his senior year when he was a captain. Although I didn’t know him particularly well, I always saw him as a truly charismatic, nice guy. He’d talk to pretty much anyone and was enjoyable to be around. I remember the team being invited to a pasta party at his house, and everyone messing around, enjoying the food and talking. I wish I got to know him better, but I’m grateful to at least had a chance to interact and spend time with such a great guy. Rest in peace, you’ll be missed.