Bernadette Alice Lawrence

September 23, 1949August 23, 2021
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Bernadette “Bernie” Alice Lawrence, 71, of Altamonte Springs, Florida passed away on August 23, 2021. She was born on September 23, 1949 in Roseau, Dominica to the late Hugh Wendell and Doris Angelina (Durand) Lawrence. Bernie was a retired legal secretary.

Bernadette was an international singer, performer and contemporary art dancer. She was deeply spiritual and a talented poet. Bernie’s family was top on her priority list and she was an excellent mother.

She is preceded in death by her siblings, Peter, Paul, Wendell and Zillah Lawrence. Bernie is survived by her son, Orisa “Ori” Franklin; brothers, James Lawrence, Randolph Lawrence, Daoud Lawrence, Remie Lawrence, Tony Lawrence and Raymond Lawrence; sisters, Jean Lawrence Mathurin and Ursula Lawrence Simon, 4 sisters-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, several nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends.

A Celebration of Life Service will be held at 2pm, Thursday, September 23, 2021 at Baldwin-Fairchild East Altamonte Chapel, 994 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. Arrangements entrusted to Baldwin-Fairchild East Altamonte Chapel,


  • A Celebration of Life Service

    Thursday, September 23, 2021


Bernadette Alice Lawrence

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Pamela Smith-Acevedo

November 22, 2021

I worked with Bernadette for over 5 years. She was a pleasure to work with. She always had a smile and a positive attitude. My condolences to the family.

Ursula Simon

September 24, 2021

On behalf of Bernie's family..I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you , family..friends for sharing such beautiful memories of Bernie. She certainly impacted all of our lives.
Your words comforted us and made us giggle at her adventures and personality.
Her final resting place will be in Dominica the land of her birth where she will rest with her parents and family.
God bless you all.
From the Heart.

Kay Bloomfield

September 23, 2021

Bernadette My Love God gave you a life and you proved to Him “you can work it.”

While working with Bernadette in New York she always would make me and so many co-workers laugh. When she walked it was with a pace of swiftness - she was on a mission - moving with a purpose.

I hosted a milestone birthday that Bernadette attended with her son. They were certainly the life of the party. After meeting Ori I had conversations with Bernadette of the fine young man I find Ori to be. In my time of sickness Ori called me and conversed on the topic of health and diet. I was so appreciative of the conversations we had.

To all the family members and friends, I ask God’s Strength during our time of grieving.

Bernadette is home with her Creator. Eternal Rest Dear Lord we ask you to grant our dear sister.

I will miss you Bernadette.
Love always - Kay Bloomfield

Mary Green

September 23, 2021

Bernadette you were always the life of the party. You were so vibrant and confident and talented and had a unique way of making the people around you laugh….your facial expressions and nuances were enough to have one reeling with laughter. Because you were My Sister Cecilia’s best friend in high school, you became a regular at our home. Then we worked at Royal Bank together and we had so much fun….Bernie, do you remember Mr Cox, our then bank manager??? 🤣🤣🤣 our saying in those times was “look jokes, look jokes, too many jokes” and indeed we had jokes to start a comedy club….these were such carefree, happy days which I hold dear to my heart.
Most of us emigrated to either Canada or The States, a few to England and besides seeing each other and connecting intermittently we hardly saw or spoke to each other. I got your news through Your Sister, My Friend Ursula. I reached out to you twice this year, in February and then in June after Wendell passed, via WhatsApp but I got no response. I often wondered about you…I told Ursu and she told me Bernie is like that as you also don’t answer her messages most of the time.
The night before and the morning of your passing you just wouldn’t leave my thoughts, so I called Ursu and told her so, we spoke about you for a long time. We both felt somewhat optimistic when we ended our conversation but that optimism was short lived as she called me a couple hours lateral sobbing and informed me you had just passed on.
I am still in disbelief that you are no longer… somehow you just seemed larger than life and you were supposed to live on and on but God had other plans for you. Your presence on earth will be missed….Soar and sing with the Angels Sweet One….Rest Peacefully, love you!!!💕🙏🏾❤️💐

Rosemary Giraud

September 22, 2021

I had prayed in hope for Bernie's recovery but that was not meant to be. A silent goodbye, and so ended her earthly journey. With a sad heart I dealt with that reality.

I recalled our days at The Convent High School and the activities there that were instrumental in strengthening our friendship. We shared a close-knit set of friends with similar interests; drama, dance, poetry, movies. Those were years of excitement and wonder. One of the extra-curricular activities that our school offered was aquatic sports which included diving and synchronized swimming, and a few of us students including Bernie were privileged to have been given that opportunity. Bernie became the outstanding diver that thrilled and mesmerized. From a rock located a distance of one metre from the pool and approximately fifteen feet high, Bernie learnt to execute a perfect dive. She held all spectators spellbound when the aquatics show was held as she dove into the pool flawlessly. There was a splash, a few ripples, and then she emerged to sounds of thundering applause. That was an evening to remember!

Bernie was fearless and determined - These are two of my most vivid recollections of her in addition to her great sense of humor, melodious voice, and matchless chuckle. It was a privilege to have known her.

May her soul exult in the joy of our Creator.
May her journey take her to her God-given destiny.
May we meet again in one of the many mansions promised by Jesus, the Christ.
The Giraud family extends heartfelt condolences to the Lawrence and Simon families, and Bernie's son, Ori.

Forever friend 🍃🥀

Rosalind Severin McClean

September 22, 2021

I have known Bernadette from childhood. We were very close family friends from our grand parents to parents and the generations continue. Her vivacious spirit in dance and culture throughout her life will always be remembered. Her beautiful spunky personality, kind heartedness, generosity and friendship has made lasting memories on my life and on all those lives she has touched. Bernadette, you have taken flight to the greater beyond. Don’t miss me would be your chant. So, Positive charms to you. Love to Ori and Blessings to all of us!

Cecilia Green

September 20, 2021

Bernadette was my best friend in my early adolescence: our twosome was joined by Judith Pestaina (Garraway) when she transferred from Wesley High School to Convent High School. We were, for a time, the "three musketeers." We had so much fun together. I idolized Bernie, only two years older than me but with infinitely more insight into the ways of the world. Bernadette was beautiful and fearless, fearless and beautiful. I was in awe of her and watched her in wonderment as she told a story from a book (we read Mills & Boon romance novels, among other more elevated forms of literature) or from her own life, or as she sang a song. I remember being mesmerized by Bernie and thinking how boring I must seem to her. But she never made me feel that way. We were really close. I can't remember how and why we lost touch over the years, but we did. I've always regretted letting the friendship lapse, as so often happens when we migrate to different parts of the world. But i've never forgotten Bernie. She has always loomed large in my imagination as a very special, one-of-a-kind human being. My fearless and soulful friend. I know the angels clapped in delight when she entered the golden gates, and now she is up there, leading them in song and dance and telling them stories. Do your thing, my dear friend. Amaze them.

Shari Austin

September 18, 2021

To the family: May God hold you close & comfort you gently. Bernie's joyful spirit, beauty and her zest for life will always be remembered. In deepest sympathy & much love,
Shari & family 💕🌻🍃

Ori Franklin

September 12, 2021

Went on a photoshoot with Mom. She looked so beautiful, bright and happy. I remember driving her out to Long Island I believe. A very nice day. We had a great time. I would like to remember Mom just like this. Happy.

Fitzroy Lawrence

September 10, 2021

Let me start by saying it’s very hard for me to come the reality of the passing of our aunt and beloved family member Aunt Bernadette. How we feel about Aunt Bernie’s transitioning to heaven is very emotional - There is so much that all of can say at time ……..I’m overwhelmed with grief, emotions and nostalgia about the loss.
Aunty Bernie who was of average height and she had exceptionally much long hair! And yeah, she was a very pleasant person. I remember Aunty Bernie, aunty Zillah and my children; my wife Veronica and I were very close out here in New York City. Aunty Bernie, aunt Zillah, aunt Ursula, Uncle Wendell, Raymond, Tony had no issues in accepting me as a family member. Lord have mercy and grant her peace. I have at least two Records of her songs tape recordings on 45s. At this point, I want to mention her only son Ori we ask God to bless him with strength and health through this trying time, his mom was a brilliant person, she is gone but not forgotten.

On behalf of my family, Randolph my dad, who is her brother and my family members and my siblings namely: Veronica, Fitzroy Jr, Sharon A, Christopher J, Aura, Sharon, Hermine, Aurma and Stephen, Lorine, and me Fitzroy W, with the rest of our family we sincerely share in the grief and the lost of aunt Bernadette. May she rest in God's eternal peace in the presence of our God Almighty, Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.