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Helen A. Jeuck

October 26, 1926February 4, 2020

Helen Anderson was born in Flushing, New York, on October 26, 1926 to Henry and Lydia Anderson. She resided in Flushing until she married Stanley Jeuck on January 8, 1949, at which time they moved to Orlando, Florida. She lived the last 71 years of her life in the Orlando area. Helen was pre-deceased by Stanley on January 2, 1984, when he died of cancer at the age of 57. Their beautiful marriage was just a few days short of 35 years. Helen then lived alone for nearly 27 years, but was always near to her children, who lived less than a mile away, and to many church friends, all of whom she loved very much. In the fall of 2010, Helen began living alternately with one or the other of her two children. In February 2015, it was decided that she required greater care than could be given at either home, and she moved to a care facility close by, where she lived for five years, until her death.

Helen dedicated her life to God as a teenager. Growing up, she attended non-denominational Bible Students church services, meetings and conventions in the greater New York City area. When she moved to Florida with her husband, Stanley, in 1949, they became part of a similar church affiliation in the Orlando area, which continued for the remainder of their lives. During this time, Stanley served as an Elder in the Orlando Bible Students church for nearly 35 years, until his death. During her 71 years in the Orlando area, Helen was involved in many church activities, serving as local church secretary and treasurer for more than five decades. She also assisted in many other church functions, and held gatherings in her home on a regular basis. Helen loved to study the Bible, and had numerous files of hand-written and typed notes on various Bible subjects.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s Helen worked as a bookkeeper for a tax accountant in Orlando. Her bookkeeping, math, and organizational skills were excellent. After Stanley’s death, she worked for several years as a Dividend volunteer in the local school system. Helen also devoted many years to volunteer work for the Dawn Bible Students Association, a church affiliated group which publishes Christian religious literature. During a portion of this time, she additionally served as a proofreader for the Dawn editorial committee, meticulously reviewing material which was to be published in The Dawn magazine and various other literature offerings of the Dawn.

At the age of 93, Helen finished her earthly journey. For nearly ten years she had suffered the debilitating mental and physical effects of dementia. The family is very thankful and rejoices on her account that this experience has now ended, realizing that it was by God’s permission and overruling. We trust in the promise to all the Lord’s faithful followers, and which she longed for, to “enter the joy of her Lord.”

Helen is survived by her two children, Stephen Jeuck and his wife Debbie, and Janice Kuenzli and her husband Ernie. She is also survived by six grandchildren and their spouses; nine great-grandchildren (with a tenth on the way); ten nephews, four nieces and their families. In addition to her husband, Stanley, she was pre-deceased by two brothers, Robert Anderson and Howard Anderson.

Faithfulness in the stewardship given her by God epitomized Helen’s life, whether it was her temporal, earthly affairs, or those related to her spiritual and religious service to the Lord. She carried them all out with equal diligence, detail, and devotion.

As Helen took her last breaths, her family played several hymns for her. The last one was “Satisfied With Thy Likeness.” How true were these words for her in those final moments: If I in thy likeness, O Lord, may awake, And shine a pure image of thee, Then I shall be satisfied when I can break The fetters of flesh and be free.


  • Funeral Service Tuesday, February 11, 2020
  • Reception Tuesday, February 11, 2020
  • Committal Service Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Helen A. Jeuck

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Marilyn Lundin

February 9, 2020

I first met Helen when she became a Dividend Volunteer at Casselberry Elementary where I was teaching kindergarten at the time. I was asked if I would like to have a volunteer to help out in the classroom and I jumped at the chance. It was one of the best decisions of my career!
We worked together for over 12 years. The children loved her and always knew when it was her day to be in class. Helen would arrive each Tuesday morning ready to do whatever was needed that day. If there were upcoming monthly projects she would ask if she could take materials home to prepare ahead of time.
One of my favorites (and I hoped hers too) was the annual "Turkey Farm" wall in November. It was a true hands-on job! The children needed her assistance to press a paint covered hand onto a prepared bulletin board creating a turkey body and tail. Helen would help each student with this and then with the messy job of washing hands, cleaning up materials and supplies. When the prints were dried Helen supervised as the children used markers to complete their turkeys adding legs, eyes, wings and “wattles” –-a new vocabulary word!-- then signing their names by their work. It was a lot of fun!
Through the years I came to know and to appreciate her many skills, but what I believe she contributed most in helping to shape young lives were her examples of diligent work, patience, grace and dignity in everything she did. Children learn a lot from observation. Helen had a quiet but powerful presence in the classroom.
I still have lovely needlepoint paperweight that she made for me and an exquisite candle holder she brought me from Romania. They are daily reminders of how blessed I am to have known her.
My most sincere condolences to her family and friends.
Marilyn Lundin

Agnes Pawlicki

February 9, 2020

Nana was very special to me as she basically adopted me as one her grandchildren when we met in late 90s - early 2000s. We became pen pals since I was living in Romania and I always enjoyed reading her letters.
I'm sharing a photo of the 2 of us from Polanica 2000. Great memories! I will miss her smile and kindness!

Charlene Mora

February 8, 2020

Sister Helen always had an instant smile when we'd meet. I had always wondered at the kind of tenacity it would take to continue living a full life after losing one's spouse at an early age, and sister Helen had that tenacity. To me she seemed to carry herself with a grace born from having to continue on with a brave face for her family and friends, even in the depth of sadness at her own loss. Sister Helen had a desire all Christians should have to serve the Lord as long as one is able; and her example spurs me forward even now.
"She hath done MORE than she could."

MaryEllen Batchler

February 8, 2020

Sr Helen will never be forgotten. I have too many beautiful memories to ever forget someone so loving, caring and giving. She knew the LORD and it showed in her way of life. She opened her home to many and I was one of the many. I will always appreciate her love for others, shown in her actions. I could go on with more accolades because she had them and deserves them. She was a beautiful example to me and many others. Loved her dearly.