Carla Rose (Passons) Evans

October 5, 1946November 19, 2018
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Carla Rose Evans (Passons), 72, of Amarillo passed away Monday, November 19, 2018.

Visitation will take place on Friday, November 23rd from 5:00 – 7:00pm at Griggs Schooler Gordon Funeral Directors located at 5400 Bell St. Funeral services will be held Saturday, November 24th at 2:00pm at Crossroads Country Church, 14425 Farm to Market Rd 1541, Amarillo, TX, with Pastor Bob Miller presiding. Arrangements are under the care of Griggs Schooler Gordon Funeral Directors.

Born in Borger, Texas on October 05, 1946, Carla was the oldest child of Jim and Dorothy Passons. She lived most of her life in Amarillo, Texas where she raised her two sons, Mark and Michael Guynn. Carla spent 20 years living in “Music City USA” – Nashville, TN., and was a fan of country music. More than anything, Carla loved her sons, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Carla recently moved back to Amarillo to provide care for her aging father and to be close to her kids and grandkids.

Carla was preceded in death by her parents James and Dorothy Passons, and by her sister, Jolene Martinson. Carla leaves behind a loving family legacy that includes her two sons, Mark Andrew Guynn and James Michael Guynn; as well as grandchildren Cody Guynn, Courtnee Guynn, Jory Law, and Misty Alldredge. Carla has many great grandchildren that include, Phoenix Guynn, Blaze Law, Jett Law, Baylor Law, Landon Alldredge, and Kason Alldredge.


  • Jim Passons, Father
  • Dorothy Passons, Mother
  • Jolene Martinson, Sister
  • Mark Guynn, Son
  • Michael Guynn, Son
  • Cody Guynn, Grandchild
  • Courtnee Guynn, Grandchild
  • Misty Alldredge, Grandchild
  • Jory Law, Grandchild
  • Phoenix Guynn, Great Grandchild
  • Blaze Law, Great Grandchild
  • Jett Law, Great Grandchild
  • Baylor Law, Great Grandchild
  • Landon Alldredge, Great Grandchild
  • Kason Alldredge, Great Grandchild
  • Carla also leaves behind many other friends and family to cherish her memory.

  • Mark Guynn
  • Michael Guynn
  • Brandon Martinson
  • Cody Guynn
  • Mark Wegscheid
  • Jim McCarty


  • Visitation Friday, November 23, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, November 24, 2018

Carla Rose (Passons) Evans

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      Carla Rose Evans was a modest woman, quiet and observant in her ways. She was trustworthy and traditional in her approach to her life and in her relationships. She was tough-minded with the kind of “stick to it” attitude that earned the respect of all who knew her. She was also a woman who was meticulous, carefully disciplined, and orderly in virtually everything she undertook. Realistic about life, she was always at the ready, prepared to take on responsibility.

      Carla was born on October 5, 1946 at Hutchison County Memorial Hospital in Borger, Texas. Her parents were Jim and Dorothy Passons. Carla was raised in Borger, Texas and New Castle, Wyoming. She was brought up to be self-confident and dependable. These were traits that would serve her well throughout her life.

      Growing up in the Evans household was a bit different than most homes. There were good times to be had, but just as often there was a fair share of challenges as well. However, Carla was able to work through the usual family problems when they appeared, and she was the one person in the family who seemed able to keep the stress at bay. Carla was raised with one sibling. She had one younger sister named Jolene. Carla was constantly involved in activities with her sister. Carla and her sibling may have had the typical rivalries while growing up but Carla was always consistently loyal to her family.

      As a young child, Carla was never someone who needed to be the center of attention. She wasn’t pushy and never forced her way into games or other activities. Carla developed a variety of interests, though, and the things she enjoyed doing she did well. She was always curious about the world around her and was often eager to explore it. In her spare time she liked music and movies. However, what Carla enjoyed most was simply playing and spending time with her many friends.

      While her teachers and even her friends generally thought of Carla as being a serious person, she managed to have a pretty good time in high school as she made that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. She graduated from New Castle High School in 1964. She enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. In addition to being on the prom committee, she was also a member of the carnival committee, pep club, and the year book staff. Carla was a very logical person who enjoyed learning about factual information. Using her exceptional memory, she was able to learn much through observation. Carla always seemed to have a command of the facts and was able to make it seem as though she could easily master any problem that might be presented to her.

      In 1966, she married Frankie Lynn Guynn and Robert Evans in 1987. Carla exchanged wedding vows with Frankie Lynn Guynn at the First Church of the Nazarene in Irving, Texas and would later marry Robert Evans in Amarillo, Texas. Compassionate and devoted to Frankie and Robert, Carla held endearing, traditional values about marriage and family life. She took the responsibility of marriage to heart, giving it her total commitment. She was a source of strength to Frankie and Robert and using her gifts at nurturing one-on-one relationships, she worked hard to make her new family happy.

      Carla brought the same traditional values in her marriage to bear on how she raised her children. She was a good parent to them, always firm yet fair in her dealings. She would always listen carefully and think things through before she acted, even when it was an adverse situation. Carla was also a walking schedule, always seeming to know what everyone in the family needed to do, where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. Carla was blessed with two children, two sons, Mark Andrew Guynn, and James Michael Guynn. They were also blessed with four grandchildren, Cody Courtnee, Jory, and Misty.

      Carla greatly enjoyed what she did for a living. She was a hard worker who expected the same in return from her co-workers. She was skilled at working effectively in small groups and in one-on-one situations as well as handling solo assignments efficiently. Carla enjoyed dealing with concrete ideas and could penetrate any amount of fuzzy information to reach the essential facts. Always able to attend to the task at hand, Carla was excellent at meeting deadlines. She was an efficient worker, one who paid careful attention to detail, allowing sufficient time to complete one task before moving on to the next. Her primary occupation was a Claims Representative. She was employed for Willis Insurance Company for almost 30 years. Carla worked hard to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Carla liked to experience things first-hand as well as learn about them. This trait carried over into her hobbies, where she was very methodical in how she organized her activities and categorized things. Since she enjoyed her private time, Carla always tried to allocate a specific time for working on her hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were watching classical movies, and listening to country music. Carla was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but was also willing to share her interests with others.

      Many organizations were grateful to have Carla as a member, since she always brought with her a “stick to it” attitude and a high degree of common sense. Using straightforward methods to successfully complete the job, Carla was a great planner who was incredibly well organized. It seemed that she was able to schedule any event or activity with ease. She always seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. In high school, Carla was a member of the prom committee, carnivl committee, yearbook staff, science club, and pep club.

      As a woman who always showed great commitment to the things she believed in, it’s little wonder that Carla was so active in her community. Being practical and mentally disciplined, Carla preferred to base her decisions on first-hand experiences. Carla was never afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig right in. Politically, Carla was conservative Republican.

      Carla was a woman who was dedicated and devoted to her faith. She was a member of Crossroads Country Church. She was a sympathetic woman who valued her beliefs and was willing to work tirelessly for them.

      Carla sought out practical solutions, not individual recognition. She was always grounded and objective, feeling a strong sense of responsibility for taking care of what needed to be done. This selfless attitude earned Carla many accolades for her efforts and achievements. Some of her most prestigious awards included being named Most Likely to Succeed during high school.

      Carla enjoyed traveling and taking vacations. Since she was an early starter and had a knack for planning everything, traveling with Carla appeared effortless. She enjoyed researching all of her examined options and applying cost-effective planning techniques. Plus, no matter where she traveled, Carla always had a back up plan at the ready, just in case. Favorite vacations included cruises to the Bahamas.

      When Carla’s retirement finally arrived in 2013, she was well prepared. She always trusted and placed value in what was logical and in the things she knew, so she was very confident in planning her retirement. She had begun the process early and had her retirement all laid out well in advance. Her new life involved relocating to Amarillo to care for her father and be closer to her children. In retirement, she found new pleasure in church, loving on her grandchildren, and her spending time with her children. Even in retirement, Carla continued to stay in touch with her old friends while making plenty of new acquaintances. She was active in her new community and felt fulfilled.

      Carla Rose Evans passed away on November 19, 2018 In her home in Amarillo, Texas. Carla fought a brave, two year long battle with pancreatic cancer. She is survived by her sons Mark and Michael(James), grand children Cody, Courtnee, Misty, and Jory; and great grandkids Phoenix, Blaze, Jett, Baylor, Landon, and Kason. Services were held at Crossroads Country Church. Carla was laid to rest in Memory Gardens Cemetery, Garden of Prayer.

      Commitment is a key word that can be used to describe the life of Carla Rose Evans. She was committed to living the life of a good woman who was both practical and trustworthy. She was committed to the traditional values that she upheld her entire life. She committed herself to being a hard worker who expected the same effort in return from those around her. Most of all, she was committed to those she knew and loved.