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Atticus Ephrem Foster

February 14, 1967June 26, 2020
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Atticus Ephrem Foster, also known as Mr. Man, Pops, Papa, Bud, or Atti, was taken from this world to soon. He passed away on the morning of June 26, 2020, at the age of 53. Atticus was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and has lived in Altoona for the past several years. He also lived in Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Atticus and his (then) wife, Donna Foster, lived in New Mexico for 7 years. While living there, he attended and earned a degree from Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute. They moved back to Iowa in 1994 and shortly after moving back he started working for R & D Plumbing. He was not only a dedicated employee and but a loyal journeyman plumber at R & D for 25 years.

Atticus was a simple guy with a BIG heart. The things that he loved, he loved wholeheartedly. He loved spending time with his children, grandchildren, and friends. His grandchildren could get him to do ANYTHING! He would tickle them until they begged him to stop, he would hang them upside down and swing them around like monkeys, and he would frequently crawl around on the ground and play with toy cars. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his grandkids; all they had to do was ask Papa in a sweet, melting, innocent voice!

Atticus also loved ALL things red. If it was red, he HAD to have it. He loved to ride his motorcycle and never turned down an opportunity to take his grandkids for short rides around the block. Atticus was an avid reader. He had many books around his apartment; each filled with personal notes about what he thought was important and what he wanted to remember from them. He loved comic books, superheroes, and was oftentimes called Spiderman. He loved Zombies and made sure that all his loved ones knew how to properly kill one. Atticus was passionate about being a Z.E.R.T. member and a NRA Range Safety Officer; and it was through Z.E.R.T. that he met many friends that soon became family.

Atticus is survived by his two children, Nicole (Chad) Rawson of Pleasant Hill and Chad Foster of Ankeny; four grandchildren; Ella Rae, Adaline, Ephrem, and Quincy Rawson; mother, Rose Mary Joseph, and father, Dennis Foster; one sister and one brother; as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and sister in-laws nieces and nephews. Everyone who loved and knew Atticus will greatly miss him! We will miss his smile, his laugh, his hugs, and knowing that he loved us as much as we loved him!

A visitation with the family will be held Thursday, July 2, 2020 from 5 – 8 p.m. with a Celebration of Life the next day, Friday, July 3, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. at Ankeny Funeral Home in Ankeny, Iowa. Because of COVID and capacity restrictions, we will be hosting a Facebook Live Stream of the service. Please visit www.ankenyfuneralhome.com for the live stream link as well as expressions of sympathy for the Foster family.


  • Joseph Foster
  • Chad Rawson
  • Melissa Etheredge
  • David Swink
  • Steve Chase
  • Chase Kepford


  • Visitation

    Thursday, July 2, 2020

  • Celebration of Life

    Friday, July 3, 2020



Atticus Ephrem Foster

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Steve Etheredge

July 13, 2020

Atticus was the kind of man that made you want to be a better man. I for one am certainly a better man for having known him.
I would sometimes tell him how much I admired and envied him for his dedication to spending time with his family. He loved many things but the memories he created with his loved ones were at the top of that list.
He was kind and helpful, patient and wise, funny and talented. He was absolutely one of the best people I have ever known.
When we first met, at our very first ZERT meet at Smokey Ds, we just clicked right away.
Every day I looked forward to being able to spend time with him. Either in person or online we always enjoyed our times together. Whether we were racing exotic cars, killing zombies or playing a round of golf, our time we spent was the best part of my day. Often we wouldn't even play games together, we'd just hang out and talk.
One of his favorite things was our annual trip to Road America for the IndyCar race, which we were supposed to be at when he passed, but it was pushed back 2 weeks. It warms my heart that now a part of him will always be at the track.
We were more than brothers, we were best friends and a grown man doesn't take that lightly. He was the Silent Bob to my Jay and I will forever be incomplete without him.
I love you Atti and miss you terribly until I see you again my dear friend.

Nicole Rawson

July 10, 2020

Mr Man - not a day will go by that I won’t think of you, miss you, and wish you were still with us! I’m not looking forward to all the firsts that I will now have to experience. But I know you will be here by my side, helping me through them. You were a fantastic dad and an even better Papa. The girls ask about you all the time and I’m sad that the boys will never get to get into mischief with you. Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe. And please keep sending us signs to let us know you are still with us! We will love always and miss you forever!

Love Cole

Patrick Mienke

July 6, 2020

Atticus was one of the most pleasant people to be around He had nothing but kind words to say always cheerful and laughing no matter what the circumstance .
as a Young Kid in Minnesota probably 12 years Old He wanted to learn to drive My old 50 Chevy panel truck there was a field in front of the House and I showed Him how to shift it and told Him He could drive as much as He wanted as long as He didn't leave the field He wasn't tall enough to reach the gas pedal and clutch at the same time so He had to shift Himself to one side to push in the clutch stretch as far as He could to shift then scoot back to hit the gas He drove that thing until it ran out of gas

Tina (West) Way

July 2, 2020

How my heart broke when I heard the news that Atticus had left this earth! While we didn't stay in constant touch over the years and our lives took us in opposite directions, our friendship never died. Wow....high school was soooo long ago! I remember how incredibly smart you were and always made everything seem so easy. You were the guy that was everyone's friend, from the coolest kid to the geekiest and everyone in between. Watching you and Chad play basketball and harrass each other will forever be a memory that makes me smile. Getting in trouble with you in school (in the closet - yep!) will live on in infamy in my family! Fast forward 30 years and its laughs at the shooting range as I try to best you at shooting targets. I will regret not making time to get in touch this last time I was in town, never dreaming it would have been my last time to be able to do so. Thank you for your smile, your laugh, your genuine friendship over the years and the memories. RIP Bud...You will be missed Atticus. Many thoughts and prayers to all your family.

Sherry & Tim Vanderploeg

July 2, 2020

Dear Ella, Adaline, Ephram and Quincy,
We know that you are going to miss your Grandpa very much. We pray that you grow up and have some of his wonderful qualities like...
1.being friendly to everyone.
2.having a big smile when showing up to help.
3. working hard and doing things the right way.
4. following through with everything you promise to do.
5. most of all, showing God's love by being so kind.

In honor or your Grandpa, we made some home-made raspberry ice-cream for you and you can find it at Grandpa Brian's house.

With sympathy and love,
Tim and Sherry Vanderploeg

Eva Etheredge

July 2, 2020

Atticus is my dads best friend, and a role model to me, even if he did not know this. He was without fail a kind, patient, loving and funny person. Being around him was always good times. Ill miss going to the range, out to eat, and kicking butt on xbox. There will never be another Atti in my parents or my life bc he was truly remarkable as one of a kind and someone we should all hope to be more like.

Jarrod Case

July 1, 2020

The amount of instant acceptance and welcome that Atti showed me at my first Zert meet was very unusual for me feel. Little did I know how much it was needed at the time. From then on it was impossible not to smile and feel at ease around him.

Linda Foster

July 1, 2020

Atticus has a great smile . Even if I'm know longer with his dad he was a great son I loved him .When we were down in Albuquerque New Mexico to vist it was lots of fun .That's were Atticus try to teach me to bowl .Did like all the things we got to do. I enjoyed all the Christmas holidays with Atticus and Family he was always full of life I always knew he was a good dad hard worker . He has a big heart . I haven't seen Atticus for a long time did think about him and his family

Brian and Lori Rawson

July 1, 2020

Brian and I met Atticus over ten years ago when our son, Chad, started dating Nicole. We first saw him at The Hollander Coffee Shop in Altoona, Nicole, when you married Chad, we remember your dad's big smile as he walked you down the sidewalk at Haines Park. Since then we've enjoyed his infectious smile and his love for his kids and grand kids.
Atticus was a genuine, kind man with a big heart. He demonstrated his big heart when he agreed to help Chad with his DIY plumbing projects. We saw him cheer on Ella during her soccer games. We saw his genuineness when he gave Adaline a ride on his motorcycle. Ephrum was his biggest ball throwing partner and we witnessed Ephrum run as fast as he could to jump in Atticus' arms. His infectious smile was bigger than ever when Quincy was born. Atticus loved his family and was loved by his family. "Sweet" was his comment when he saw the girls were off to our home for a sleepover. We are so blessed to have known him.

James Dennis

July 1, 2020

Over the years knowing Atti with ZERT, he was one of the best people you could know. Always smiling, cheerful, and a kind soul to everyone. Range and camping will never be the same, the ice cream won’t be the same and neither will our Brownells and dinner. As a fellow plumber, we lost a bright light in our trade. Till Valhalla brother