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Ronald Lee Huber

December 19, 1947January 1, 2020

Ronald (Ron) Huber, 72, of Ankeny, Iowa, passed away January 1, 2020. Visitation will be held for friends & family on Saturday, January 11th, 2020 from 9am - 11am at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 517 SW Des Moines St, Ankeny, IA, with a brief service hosted by Ron’s church friends following the visitation. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Food Pantry at Holy Trinity Lutheran or to your local animal shelter.

Ron was born on December 19, 1947 to Milbert (Bert) and Erma (Lautt) Huber in Rapid City, South Dakota. He grew up in South Dakota (Rapid City, Aberdeen and Mitchell) and enjoyed spending summers working on his Uncle’s farm. In 1965, Ron graduated from high school in Clinton, Iowa. He started working and later began a Liberal Arts major.

In 1968, he entered the US Army where he attended flight school. Ron was a Huey Gunship Pilot while serving his country in Vietnam. He returned stateside in 1970 and went back to college. He received an Associate of Arts degree from Ellsworth Community College in 1972. In 1974, he earned degrees from the University of Northern Iowa with a double major in Speech and Radio & Television Broadcasting, just short of a third in Theatre.

Ron taught... students (a typical response from Ron), in the Ankeny Community School District from 1975 to 2005. Subjects that he covered included Language Arts, Theatre, and Forensics.

Ron is survived by his mother, Erma Bohlke, of Ankeny, Iowa and his son, Travis Huber, of Fulton, Illinois. Ron left an indelible mark on the lives of many students and friends. Those who knew Ron, admired and appreciated his wit, humor, love of debate, stories, direct honesty, and friendship.


  • Celebration of Life Visitation Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Celebration of Life Saturday, January 11, 2020


Ronald Lee Huber

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January 10, 2020

Ron Lee was my Godchild as well as my nephew, and we had a great relationship through the years. I have wonderful memories of him- his childhood and maturity, . There were many chats from Oregon to Iowa. I will always remember his booming voice saying "Auntie Darleen" and away we'd go-- as neither one of us were ever at a loss for words!! Oh, I will miss those visits !

Roger Ek

January 10, 2020

Ron will be missed by his fellow helicopter gunship pilots and the entire helicopter community. As a helicopter pilot he showed great courage and great precision. Millions of people pause and remember the sound of a Huey as at passes overhead and they remember the crews in those Hueys who protected and saved so many lives. Ron was a mediator and peacemaker on line.

We refer to a departed pilot as "flew west".

DeAnn (Semler) Rossetti

January 8, 2020

I was bullied and harassed and treated like an outcaste at Ankeny High School, but in my desperation to find a place where I belonged and to be treated with kindness instead of contempt, I landed in Mr Huber's theater/drama classes, starting in 1975. He was such a big bear of a man, but he was so kind and generous to me I was amazed, and I went on to be in many reader's theater and regular theater productions at AHS, where I won a lot of awards from the school and other organizations. Mr Huber was the first teacher at AHS to make me feel that I had a safe place to be myself, a place where I fit in and where my acting talents and comedic talents were appreciated. He used to tell us stories when driving the theater nerds to competitions all over Iowa. He once told me "confidences flow like wine in a Volkswagen (beetle)," as we puttered along in his baby blue bug. Mr Huber also once told me that I was a good actress, but that my "big mouth" was likely to get me into trouble one day...or get him out of trouble, just as well. He also once told me that I had writing talent, though he said I needed to "join those of us who stand with the use of paragraph breaks." In my senior year (1979) we had a disagreement about going to a competition, and I don't know if I ever managed to apologize for my harsh words to him 40 years ago. Nevertheless, rest in peace and harmony and joy, Mr Huber. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Roger Blakesley

January 8, 2020

My wife rolls her eyes when I pull out scissors and cut the nubbies off of any sort of spiral paper; but I do so insistently. Those who were Ron Huber's students no doubt know exactly why.

From age 16 to age 58 I knew and admired Mr. Huber. I never felt safer or more challenged when I was in his classes.

"Ah. A witty cynic is among us", he remarked to me (and the class) the first day of speech class, "we'll never get along." I disagreed and I think that was the only argument he ever lost against me. I have 42 years of evidence demonstrating just that.

No one could dress you down with the warmest eye wrinkles telling you he wasn't being mean about it; that he was right about it. My papers would be scribbled with the corrective "cry of the Great AWK AWK bird" when my sentences were "awkward"; and I learned to speak in public without "a broken wing" (one hand only gestures).

A true ace at building character and teaching.

Rob Owen

January 7, 2020

WOW! Getting over the shock! Recently shared some interesting posts. His last words were “we are do for a chat and chew”! A friend of 40 years. A mountain of a man and faith. Will miss you my friend. You touched the lives of so many.

Colleen Kissinger-Wolfe

January 7, 2020

2 weeks ago Mr. Huber this on my Facebook after I talked about the latest cantata at my new church, "You made me proud long ago and often. I know you'll repeat." I will cherish these words forever. Kissy-Poo

Michael McMurry

January 6, 2020

This remembers a buddy of 40 years. Ron was a most interesting man; smart, street savvy, a loyal friend and all with abundant charm and humor. By reading the many memorials of his former students, it is quite apparent that his academic legacy is etched. I used to tell him, "Your reputation preceded you and will long linger afterwards." I believe that I was correct.

Doug Sparks

January 6, 2020

Mr. Huber you taught me so much about life in one class how did that stick with me for life because my two daughters had you as an instructor and the parent teacher conferences were a hoot like father like daughter you've been a true mentor and a hell of a fun neighbor for40 years god speed my friend its getting teary eyed now see you later I guarantee!!!

Danielle VanDerKamp

January 6, 2020

Mr. Huber
You we're an amazing teacher. I will never forget the first time I meet you, you didn't even call out my name, you just looked at me and asked if I was Kristin Elwell and Brock Rudes daughter. I said say sir, to witch you responded with "how many of you are there." 5 sir, "oh my God I quite, I can't go through 5 of Brock Rudes children". 😉 Through out the years since I first met you I found out how much you loved my parents and the 3 out of us 5 kids that you had in your class.
I will never forget the lessons you taught me, and I will never forget the speech you gave on the morning of 9-11-2001 as we sat in class and watched the world stop and change forever. THANK YOU for so many things.
Dano Rude

John Tudor

January 4, 2020

I showed up to class unprepared to give my persuasive speech. Mr. Huber gave me the option of winging it. I could just deliver it right then or wait until the next day.

If I waited the highest grade I could get on the assignment was a B. If I went for I could still get an A. I chose to give the short persuasive speech. Didn’t get an A on the assignment but indeed improved my confidence to just let go and go for it. I could close my eyes and be right back in that moment. Thank you Mr. Huber

Forever changed my life...