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Kari Renee Lindahl

February 24, 1961August 18, 2020
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Kari Renee Lindahl, age 59, of Elk River, Minnesota, passed away on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Kari was born on February 24th, 1961, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

She is preceded in death by her Parents, Gerald and Helen; and her Grandson, Christian Craig.

Kari is survived by her Loving Husband, Guy; six Children, Tami (Brandt) Groehler, Tanya (Jason) McPheeters, Travis (Michelle) Lindahl, Trina (Nick) Craig, Trent (Nicole) Lindahl, and Trisha (Chad) David; Grandchildren, Josh and Jack Effertz, Madison and Mason McPheeters, Kyleigh Craig, Dustin and Bentley Lindahl, Pryce and Travis Lindahl Jr., and many more family members and friends.

"You will always be my swan." - Guy

Please join us on August 28th, 2020 at 10:00 am-12:00 pm for a public visitation at Gearhart Funeral Home, 552 East River Road, Anoka, MN. Following the visitation at 12:00 pm will be a private funeral service for immediate family and invited guests.

You may view the livestreamed service at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1070921846658135&extid=nRgg6Nk5fdR9lYoM

In lieu of flowers please send memorials Tami Groehler at 437 37th Ave. N., St. Cloud, MN, 56303.

Please leave your memories and condolences for Kari's family below. These messages will be added to a hard cover keepsake book for the family in a few weeks.


  • Kari is survived by her loving husband, Guy; six children, Tami (Brandt) Groehler, Tanya (Jason) McPheeters, Travis (Michelle) Lindahl, Trina (Nick) Craig, Trent (Nicole) Lindahl, and Trisha (Chad) David; grandchildren, Josh and Jack Effertz, Madison and Mason McPheeters, Kyleigh Craig, Dustin and Bentley Lindahl, Pryce and Travis Lindahl Jr., and many more family members and friends.

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  • Public Visitation

    Friday, August 28, 2020

  • Funeral Service

    Friday, August 28, 2020


  • Celebration of Life Picnic

    Friday, August 28, 2020


Kari Renee Lindahl

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Kyleigh Craig

August 29, 2020

Grandma you were the best grandma ever. You always made everybody laugh. I remember when you talked Chinese and it was hilarious. I remember when I was little you would watch me during the day and you would always make me dinner. You would always make me either pork chops, chicken, or meatloaf with mash potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! You always put a smile on everybody’s faces. I’ll miss you and love you so so so much!❤️❤️

Trina Craig

August 29, 2020

Mom I miss you so much! You were the most amazing, strongest women I have ever known. Having our talks or just coming over to my house Was the best. I’ve never told you or anyone this but when we would have our talks you would always say “ lord have mercy”. There was something about those words that made me smile and gave me comfort every time I got off the phone with you. You were my rock. I love you so much!

Trisha Lindahl

August 27, 2020

I miss you so much! It still seems like a dream. You were my best friend!! I would call you 3-5 times a day to talk or get advice. You were my biggest cheerleader in life! You always knew exactly what to say! I am going to miss hearing your voice and seeing your beautiful smile! I know you weren’t big on getting your picture taken but I am glad all of us found many pictures of you from years past to present. It helps me cope with losing you. I know when I get married or have my first child you will be right by my side; guiding me and cheering me on. You will always be in my heart, but know a piece of my heart went with you in heaven ❤️ Rest In Peace my beautiful mother! One day we will be together again! I love you forever and always!

Michelle Lindahl

August 27, 2020

Kari, I am so proud to call you my mother in-law. You were so strong and beautiful both inside and out. I love you so much and miss you more than words can say. I'm so thankful I got to know you and have you in my life, I only wish we had more time. I'll never forget the conversations we've had over the years, you were never judgemental and I could tell you anything. You accepted me as part of your family, you were always there for me and I am so grateful for that. I remember the first time TJ got stung and I called you just freaking out and you just laughed and laughed at me and then you told me that story about his dad... honestly that probably made it worse but I will never forget that wonderful laugh of yours! To this day any time either of the kids get stung I think back to that moment and I always will. You impacted my life more than you probably ever knew. I know I was just a small fraction of your life, but you were a big part of mine, I always looked up to you. You were such an amazing person. I only hope I can live up to be half the woman you were. You were one of a kind and you will be dearly missed for it. I hope I get to see you again, but either way you will always live on in my heart. I know we are only in-laws, but I feel it's deeper than that...your my family. I just hope you know how special you are to me. It's heartbreaking to have to say goodbye so soon. You truly touched my life, I will always love you and never forget you. Rest in peace

Love always,

Pryce Lindahl

August 27, 2020

Grandma I love you so much, I hope I see you again. I love how you would always watch me do cart wheels and laugh and say "Good job Pryce!" And when you watched me jump on the trampoline it felt so good knowing you were there. One of my favorite memories was when we had a picnic at rocketship park. We ate KFC then you watched me go down the slide and the pole and you always encouraged me! I was happy you were always there for me. I wish I could see you again and hug and kiss you. I miss you so much grandma you were the best! I will always remember you, you will hold a special place in my heart forever.

Travis Lindahl Jr.

August 27, 2020

Grandma you mean the world to me, words can't express how much I love you. I remember always coming over you would let me and Pryce play in the yard and you would watch us. One of my favorite memories is when you and grandpa came over and were had a bon fire! You watched me ride my bike with one hand and yelled out "Cool!" Your words were always so encouraging like when I tried to do front flips you always told me to keep trying! I love you, you were the best grandma. I wish I could hug and kiss you again. I miss you and I will never forget you, you will always have a special place in my heart!

David Krych

August 26, 2020

We didn't see each other to often, but when we did I really enjoyed our friendship together. I loved our short talks an laughed with you at some of the Goofy things we said. I am Deeply Sorrowed that you left us. I will cherish You, Kari in my heart. You are with our Heavenly Father now. May Peace be with You....

Jolynne Miltz

August 26, 2020

Dear Lindahl family,
I am so sorry to hear of your sudden loss. Kari was a big part of our Andover family growing up and I remember how sweet she was to me and my sisters. One thing that stuck with me about her, and I’m not sure why because in the grand scheme of things it’s kind of silly, but I’ll tell you anyway..She made THE BEST ramen soup. I remember as a kid watching out my window waiting for Trina or Trent or Trisha to coming running outside with their bowl of soup and I would beg my mom if I could go have lunch across the street. Kari never said no, and that ramen was the all time best! My mother, Linda would like to send her deepest condolences as well. Saying “She was a strong lady having all those kids, and always smiling and happy. That’s how I remember her.” Love and prayers to you all.

Tami Groehler

August 25, 2020

My mom was a saint. There are no other words to use. You have to be a saint to raise 6 kids right? I know we didn't make it easy for her but she did it. She did it with everything she had and she did it with love. She would always put us first. She was a simple lady. She never wanted the fancy things and didn't ask for much.
My mom was a passionate hockey watcher. I remember her saying when she was younger she loved being on skates. She loved Pepsi and chocolate too! Haha.
My mom was the best grandmother. She was so proud of each and every one of those kids. She always said she thought she had the best looking grandchildren. I know the granddaughters enjoyed their time with her and they felt like they could tell her anything without judgement. I loved how much she loved them.
She would make friends with our friends because she was so easy to talk to. So many of our friends think of her as a second mom. I loved that about her.
One last thing. She was the strongest person I know. She was from the last second of her life. If I could be one ounce like my mother then I will do right by her.
Mom you are missed dearly. And will be forever. It will be hard to go on without you in our lives. I love you so much.
Your first born Tami Lynn

Tanya Mcpheeters

August 25, 2020

My Beautiful Mom,
I don’t even know where to start. I never expected or wanted this to ever happen. I still feel it’s a bad dream and I’m going to wake up, call you and tell you what happened. Then I realize it is real and you are gone. You have taken a piece of my heart with you. You were the best mom to me and grandmother to Maddy and Mason. You will always be my one and only best friend. I will cherish my memories of you forever. I miss you so much and love you forever.

Love you- Tanya



In the song of life, Kari Renee Lindahl was surely the composer. A very observant woman who would rather spend her time creating, Kari preferred to live in a world of harmony where everything around her made sense. A free spirit, Kari believed that actions definitely spoke for themselves. She seemed to know what fit and what didn’t fit in everything she did. Kari perceived that all of life’s possibilities were open to her, yet she lived with a definite sense of purpose. She was a woman who was always ready to share her creations with those around her. She always put everyone around her first. She was a selfless women with a heart of gold.

       Her parents were Gerald and Helen Spear. Kari was raised in Anoka, MN. As a young child, Kari was optimistic in her outlook. She sought out the possibilities in a given situation and looked for ways to apply her creative energies. Kari rarely calling attention to herself, but when she did speak out, her message was clearly understood by those around her.

      Early on in her family relationships, Kari showed that she was a tolerant and flexible person, and she got along fairly well with everyone. She was raised with 4 siblings. She had 2 sisters, Julie and Christy, and 2 brothers, Michael and Gary.

      As she was growing up, in her spare time she liked riding her bike, singing and watch her brothers play hockey.

      Kari was exceptionally sympathetic and compassionate when it came to her children. These emotional bonds made her as much playmate as parent. She gave her family unconditional love and kindness. Kari was blessed with 4 daughters, Tami, Tanya, Trina and Trisha, and 2 sons, Travis and Trent. They were also blessed with 10 grandchildren, Joshua, Madison, Kyleigh, Mason, Jack, Dustin, Bentley, Pryce, Travis Jr. and Christian.

      Kari found ways to enjoy what she did for a living. She worked hard and did her best to succeed every day. Her primary occupation was homemaker. She would watch her grandchildren and help her husband with his maintenance business. She made the best chocolate chip cookies by using Grandma Lillie's recipe. No one could measure up and make them just like her.

      Her favorite pursuits were spending time with her family, watching hockey, eating chocolates, drinking Pepsi and traveling.

      Kari was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following her favorite events whenever she got the opportunity. The top on her list was hockey. Her favorite team was the MN Wild.

      Because she loved the world around her, Kari enjoyed traveling and going away on vacations. It was an opportunity for her to kick back and relax, to visit new places and experience new things. Her favorite vacations included Florida, and Arizona.

      Kari passed away on August 18, 2020 at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN. Kari suffered a ruptured Aortic Aneurysm. She is survived by her husband Guy and children Tami, Tanya, Travis, Trina, Trent and Trisha; her grandchildren Joshua, Madison, Kyleigh, Mason, Jack, Dustin, Bentley, Pryce, and Travis Jr. Services were held at Gearhart Anoka Funeral Home.

      Kari was a good woman, a kind woman, and a practical woman who will for all time be remembered by her family and friends as being warm and deeply caring. She leaves behind her a treasury of life-long friendships and wonderful memories. Kari always had much to give and was able to make those connections in her life where her gifts were appreciated. Kari was a faithful, practical and loving person. Everyone whose life she touched will always remember Kari Renee Lindahl.

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