Rebecca Mae Krone

October 14, 1977March 5, 2021

Rebecca Mae Krone, age 43, of Onamia, Minnesota passed away on Friday, March 5, 2021. Rebecca was born October 14, 1977.

Rebecca will be heard in heaven as She was on earth! A wise Woman once said “ God takes the good ones” (JB). Rebecca loved her children more than anything in the world and was extremely proud of their success. She attended college after raising her three children, and making the Dean's list was one of her biggest personal accomplishments. With all the college activities and busy schedules, it was always an overwhelming joy to have all the kids together. Taylor and Rebecca had a special bond that only mother and daughter can share; enjoying girly things when the boys were into sports. Going out for Sushi or having any reason to spend time together would always bring a smile to Rebecca's face.

She showered everyone with love. Brandon shared that, "It was unfair how much she loved everyone around her because you could just never compete. It was like nothing else in the world mattered. I will miss how excited she would get just to be around. Really made you feel loved and special. I didn’t understand it until now but now I will miss it more than anything. I will remember the sound of her voice... I couldn’t imagine not being able to take that call and being able to tell her I love her one last time. My favorite memories that I will continue to carry forward are when my mom would wake me up and take me for long drives in the middle of the night. She would get me candy and we would listen to Shaggy."

Rebecca was always a hard worker. Taylor writes, "My mom often worked with those with special needs and she did it with the biggest heart. My mom was also the BEST helper on school projects, maybe sometime a little more invested than I was. She always loved to help find information, ask questions, and add on to projects. She always went above and beyond with everything I asked her for help with. I would always have the most elaborate Valentine's day card boxes in elementary school and the BEST hats during hat-day. One year my mom helped me make a "cat-in-the-hat" hat out of paper and it was so big that my teacher made me trim it but of course, I still loved it. I knew that not everyone's mom would help them make a hat that extravagant. She was the best mom. All of my life she has asked me to take "self-care" days because she always thought I was working too hard. What she didn't know is that I got my work ethic from her and that I loved to learn and to always be doing something.

My mom has a long career of working with children and adults with disabilities. She cared for everybody that she worked for so much. She is such an empathetic woman and I could feel how much she loved everyone that she worked with. In middle school my mom was a special education para at my school. We would get ready together every morning and drive to school together. The students were always so excited to see her in the morning and I always loved watching the way she made them feel. My mom and I went to Jalisco, Mexico during my senior year and she loved the sun and the ocean. She was always so grateful to relax and spend time with me and spending time in Mexico is a memory I'll always remember.

Her children brought her so much joy. She also was a very silly person who was able to laugh with everyone. One of her favorite things to do was to sternly call people by their first name and the middle name, "Marie" (ex. Taylor Marie!!!). This is something she did that always caught people off guard because she was so sweet and she thought it was funny. My mom was also known for greeting everyone with endearing and silly names like "honey", "sugar cube", "baby", "dear", and "sweetie". It could be her first time meeting someone and she would treat people as old friends and people that she loved. She loved working hard and learning, she always wanted to be doing something.

One of my mom and I's favorite dates was to get dinner at a new place in the Twin Cities. We often shared appetizers and meals and she would always give me the last bite no matter what, even when I knew it was a dish that she loved. She was always selfless. My mom and I loved to split appetizers, usually spinach artichoke dip and mozzarella sticks, and we always ordered too much food even though we knew we would be full. It was just tradition to order too much and then laugh because we knew we wouldn't be able to eat it all.

She loved all of us so much. She texted me every morning to say good morning and every night to say good night. We were always on her mind. She has a tattoo with my brothers and I's name as well as her grandson, Lincoln. My mom taught me how to curl my hair and lover to help me, even when I was 20 I wanted to know how she always did her hair so effortlessly. She was the best super fan for my brothers and I. My brother, Brandon, wrestled for the Gophers, I run for the Gophers, and my brother Kodi was in the air force and she had gear and bumper stickers for each. She was the ultimate super fan and always loved to tell people about us."

"Our hearts will be broken forever, but our memories will live on forever. God Speed: My Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Granddaughter, and one who is Loved by all! " Forever, Momma & Poppa.

From Rebecca's father, Bill, " Dear Becky, I had just woken up to hear the worst possible news a father will ever hear. God has taken you from me and my world started to crash like nothing ever before. The when, the how, and then the big one, the why. Why did this happen. I have been asking myself and God this over and over and over. What could I have done to change anything from what has happen here? My world, our world will never be the same. Losing you is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. Its breaking me into a million pieces. They say, those who lost a child for what ever reason, that the pain and sadness will never go away because you and little sister and brother are the most precious gift God has given me. And then one day, all of a sudden you gave us three beautiful grandchildren . The world seemed right and I always felt blessed. You were the best Mom, teacher and guide and oh wait now there is two great grand babies.

What do I DO NOW that you are gone? I try to look through all my tears and I see your Mother Rose and I cry, I see your sister Jen and brother Billy and I cry. When I see those beautiful grandchildren Kodi, Brandon and baby Taylor I cry. I cry for my great grandchildren Lincoln and Miles. The tears I have for all of them has some comfort, the tears I have for the unconditional love I have for them and you will never leave me.

Well, I did learn some things from you , because of you I now know nothing in this Life is permanent. Because of you, I cherish the good memories and carry them forever. Because of you I know that love never dies. Because of you I will take nothing for granted. Because of you our family is closer and stronger than ever. Because of you, I know that grief is really love. Because of you, I'm learning that there is Life beyond loss and in time it can be filled with joy.

So how do I end this letter, Becky you opened the flood gates of my tears and all those who love you so much. I hope what's said is true, God now has you and someday God will have me. Then you can wash these tears from my eyes. We will be together again. I love you, Dad"

Rebecca will join her Grandpa Ralph whom She loved so much and he her; Also Auntie Dawn will be waiting with open arms. There will be other family members in heaven who will laugh the first time Rebecca says “Shut the light on” or “ I need some more squares” (I will never look at toilet paper the same). Rebecca's Legacy will Live On in her children, Kodi, Brandon, and Taylor Krone; parents, Rose (Glen) Cunningham and Bill (Lori) Braun; grandmother, Flo; and many close friends and relatives.

Join us to Celebrate Rebecca's Life on Thursday, March 11th, visitation from 2:00 - 6:00 pm at Gearhart Anoka, 552 East River Road, Anoka. We will be observing MN COVID guidelines with our capacity at 50% - please wear a mask, sanitize your hands often, and maintain social distance.

Following the visitation will be a Celebration of Life at the Zimmerman American Legion at 12674 Fremont Ave. Zimmerman, MN 55398, from 6:30 to 10:30 pm.

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  • Celebration of Life

    Thursday, March 11, 2021


Rebecca Mae Krone

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Daheia Barr-Anderson

March 12, 2021

My deepest condolences to the Krone family for your loss. I never had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca, but I have known Taylor since she became a student at the University of Minnesota. Taylor is an extraordinary young lady and I can only imagine that some of her best qualities she received from her mother. My prayers go out to you, Taylor, and the rest of the Krone family during this very difficult time. May peace and blessings wash over you. Sincerely, Dr. Daheia Barr-Anderson

Linda Horn/Watson

March 8, 2021

Strong, beautiful and rose above all that life threw at her. Paved the road for her children and let them soar. You were an inspiration to us all the way you kept fighting and making a wonderful life for yourself and your children. Your memory will move on in all of us forever. I loved all the talks we had over the years. You were a niece that I am proud to call family. Godspeed. Love you.