Carrol Ann McCugh Stokes

April 16, 1950November 2, 2018
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Carrol Ann McCugh Stokes, age 68, passed away Friday, November 2, 2018 at Medical City Arlington.

Funeral services will be held at Moore Funeral Home on Bowen Road, Wednesday, November 7, 2018. Visitation will be held at 10 AM, followed by a funeral service at 11 AM. There will be a graveside service at 1 PM at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

Carrol was preceded in death by two infant children, Baby Girl Stokes and Baby Boy Stokes; her parents, Fayrene and George Billy McCugh; her brother, Danny McCugh; her sister, Sheila Millet.

Carrol is survived by her husband of 52 years, Wayne; her four sons, Robert and wife, Michelle; Christopher and wife, Victoria; Steven and wife, Cyndee; Brian and wife, McKenzie; eight grandchildren, Deven, Celeste, Alyssa, Ellisha, Bella, Whitney, Georgie and Camp; her brother, Jackie Rankins; her sister, Rita Hazelwood; her sister, Tina Beggs; her brother, Mike McCugh.

Moore Funeral Home, 4216 S Bowen Road, Arlington, TX 76016, 817-468-8111

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX 75211, 214-467-3374


  • Visitation Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Funeral Service Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Graveside Service Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Carrol Ann McCugh Stokes

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Christopher Stokes

January 17, 2019

People say when a baby is born, they are so BLESSED. But that's not necessarily true. It's the baby that is blessed by the parents chosen by GOD. My Mom and Dad always gave me what I needed. I didn't always get what I wanted. Especially my Mom. I was born with special needs. I was in and out of hospital from birth to 16 years. My Mom was always there. She was selfless. She made taking care of me look Effortless. Without my Mom teaching me about the Lord,. I don't think I would have a relationship today. When Mom went to be with the Lord, it left a hole in my heart. But no one is more deserving to be in Heaven more than Carrol Stokes. P S. I will love you always my

Suzanne Lewis

November 29, 2018

Our times with Carrol were very entertaining. No matter what we would be talking about, she would have us laughing hard and out-loud! Not only was she funny but also very smart and well-read. Although, the one thing we really cherish about Carrol was her love for the Lord! Her legacy will live on...

McKenzie Stokes

November 29, 2018

I have heard many horror stories from my friends about their Monsters-in-law! But I never could relate, because I have ALWAYS said that I have the best in-laws anyone could ask for! Carrol has been in my life for 22 years, since I was 17 years old. In all that time, we never had one disagreement or fuss.

When I think of her, I am so thankful. She taught her sons to be men who respected and honored their wives. She taught them to be thoughtful and hardworking. And most importantly, she taught them to do their own laundry! Thank you, Carrol! BUT you never did give me that turkey dressing recipe!

She was always happy to see Brian and me, and especially the grandchildren. She gave me great advice when my children were babies and was so respectful of me as a mother. She and I shared the bond of having a child who needed many trips to doctors and therapy sessions, and I valued her experience, wisdom and encouragement. She had a quiet dignity and was one of the smartest, most discerning people I have ever known. I loved Carrol so much and there are no words to express how much I will miss her.

Brian Stokes

November 29, 2018

From Brian, her favorite/youngest son:

Raising me was a full time job for Mama. She took me to all those practices and emergency room visits. She dragged me to church, when I’m sure I was a perfect angel. She made sure I had the clothes I wanted when Daddy thought the cheap ones were just fine. She made sure I did a good job on my school assignments, even when she had to do them herself.

She did all that for me, and I was the good one! You can only imagine what she had to deal with from those other three. Looking back as a parent, I can see how much trouble I was, but she never made me feel like it.

I didn’t talk to or see Mama as much as I should’ve, but she never made me feel guilty about it. When I got around to calling, I never had to use the excuse I cooked up because she didn’t care. She was always truly happy to talk and hear what McKenzie and the kids were up to.

Mama passed way too young, and I wish I had more time with her, but I know exactly how much she loved us. I could see in her eyes how much she cherished her grandchildren. And she told me several times how proud she was of all her boys.

And I could tell how much she loved Daddy after all those 52 years. They were perfect companions for each other. When I think of Mama, I see her at her 50th wedding anniversary, where she was the happiest I ever saw her.

Mama was always understanding and there for me when I needed her. She never made me feel like I was any trouble and always made me feel loved. She spent her life giving and not expecting anything in return. And now she’s receiving her reward in the arms of her Savior.

I love you, Mama.

Steve Stokes

November 29, 2018


Although this still does not seem real and has not hit me yet, I want to say how much I love you and miss you already. Our time on earth will never be the same without you and the Holidays this year will be our toughest yet. But I know you are in Heaven in a place you deserve to be with no suffering, pain or sickness. I hate that I did not get to say goodbye but this is not goodbye rather until I see you again and I get to wrap my arms around you and tell you I love you once again.

You were such a beautiful person inside and out. I love you Mama.

Love, Stevie

Steve Stokes

November 29, 2018

Dear mama,

This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever written in my life and there is no way I would be able to get up and say it or read it here today. I know you would understand though, I definitely got my sensitive side from you. You would never take the credit but you were a great mom, No, you were the Best mama. You taught us boys so much over the years but the thing you instilled in me the most is love, true unconditional love. The love you had for us boys and daddy taught me not just how I should be loved and treated but how I should love and respect someone else. I think all of our wives can attest to that. You played a huge part in raising four crazy rambunctious little boys into respectful men.

Now of course we never made raising us easy but you knew how to keep us in check with the infamous line, “Just wait till your daddy gets home.” Ha!

Something a lot may not know but Mama was super competitive. I remember when we got Tetris on the computer. Not the fake Nintendo Tetris where you could make the pieces fall fast or slow but the real Tetris that when you hit the down arrow the pieces would drop immediately. But I remember I got some crazy super high score after your high score and you stayed up playing all night that night to beat me. Which of course you did. We went back and forth like that for a while always giving each other little jabs about beating each others scores. I loved all the games we played together like Yahtzee, Hearts and Spades. We definitely had some fun times.

I could go on and on about you helping us with homework or coming to watch our soccer or basketball games to helping out with the kids when we needed. You were always there to support us and be there for anything and everything that you could. But I will leave a little time for someone else.

Robert Stokes

November 29, 2018


My mother and father were married for 52 years
and together they raised 4 sons.
Neither of those significant accomplishments were simple nor easy.

We had the honor of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago.
The happiness, joy, and pleasure of that day was an accumulation of 50 years of living life together.

Momma loved my daddy

Raising 4 boys is not as simple as it might sound.
I know that on occasion that we did not give her reasons to love us
and at other times we gave her reasons not to,
but you know what, she always loved us.

Momma loved her sons

Eventually we grew up and married and
My mother got the daughters she had always wanted.

Momma loved her daughters

I am not sure it is, but if it is possible
My mother loved her grandchildren even more.
They brought her a pride and joy that I hope to personally understand one day.

Momma loved her grandchildren

My mother had special friends throughout the years.
And as life would change as it tends to do,
They might get disconnected,
but when they reconnected, it was like they didn’t miss a beat.

Momma loved her friends

As our family got together in preparation for today,
we reminisced by sharing memories and looking at photos.
I started thinking about how momma would want to be remembered
And what she would believe is her legacy.

I think it is really quite simple:
Momma loved and she was loved
Momma loved the Lord and she is with Him now
Momma loved my father and he loved her
Momma loved her sons and daughters
Momma loved her grandchildren and friends
Momma loved her family

And we loved her

It’s quite a legacy to be proud of.

Thank you for all that have done for us,
but especially thank you for loving us.

We love you.
Good bye for now.

Robert Stokes

November 29, 2018

My mother was the most unassuming, humble individual
that I have ever met (and probably ever will).
She couldn’t take a compliment,
she didn’t want you to fuss over her,
and she certainly did not want to be the center of attention.

As I look here today at all of you who came
to remember her,
to celebrate her life,
and support our family,

I can’t help but think about
how proud she would be,
how gracious,
and how thankful.

Thank you for sharing this day with us.

Today, I am going to say a few words about a mother’s love.
And since none of us would be here without a mother,
I am hopeful you can relate.
Specifically, I am going to talk about…my momma’s love

My mother loved the Lord
This was true my whole life
and I can’t ever remember anything different.
When we would go visit my parents,
she would have a Bible nearby,
and when I say nearby, I mean…
in her lap,
on the table next to her,
certainly, within quick access
and on some occasions,
I am not sure if there weren’t more than one.

My mother not only read the Bible, but she studied it
and loved to share what she learned
and how it applied to her life,
current events,
how it might apply to your life.
You may not have thought you wanted or needed to hear it
But you probably did.

Momma loved the Lord

Mothers love their family

Pastor Tucker spoke a bit about my mother’s life,
But I want to go back and emphasize
that she was the middle of seven children,
three older siblings, and three younger.

She left the eighth grade to help care for the younger ones.
Momma didn’t talk much about her childhood
but something she mentioned many times was the fact that
she loved those kids like they were her own.
My mother loved them like they were here own children.

Momma loved her family

Brian Moore

November 7, 2018

May you rest in Heavon Carol. I know Jesus welcomed you with open arms and a warm heart as you did. We know youre not alone there. It may be a sad day on earth for us but it is a celebration in Heavon.

Victoria Stokes

November 6, 2018

I walked literary into the path of the Stokes family in 2015 when I moved to Grand Prairie and I went for a walk and met Chris walking the opposite way. It changed my life forever. He became my husband 2016. I spent time with Carrol and Wayne briefly before we moved to AZ. About 1 month ago Sunday at church I told Chris, with tears in my eyes.. I want to get to know my mother in law, the woman who made you into the kindest man Ive ever known. I knew the apple didnt fall far from the tree. So I longed to get to know the tree, roots, and vines = Wayne & Carrol Stokes. Unfortunately, that wasn't in GODS plan. So today I say goodbye and Carrol I truly love you and I will miss you. I promise to make you proud in heaven with the ways I will love and cherish your son. Say hello to my Daddy, Archie up there in heaven.


Wedding Day
October 8, 1966



Carrol Ann McCugh was born on April 16, 1950, in Tyler, Texas, to Fayrene and George Billy McCugh. She was the middle of seven children. She attended Tin Top Church in Weatherford, Texas. She always remembered driving to her grandparents’ house in an old station wagon they called Old Betsy.

Carrol attended school through the 7th grade, when she left to take care of her younger siblings. She later earned her GED and never stopped learning. Though she never gave herself enough credit, Carrol was very intelligent and witty. She was a prolific reader and lifelong learner.

Carrol met Wayne in 1966. He was in the Navy, stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, but was temporarily in Grand Prairie for training at LTV. They met while she was visiting friends in his apartment complex. After dating for three months, Wayne proposed. Because she was 16, Carrol’s dad needed to give his permission to marry, which he happily did.

Wayne and Carrol celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony and party in 2016. It was a blessed event that our entire family will forever treasure. The family is so thankful and proud of their remarkable example of love and commitment. They were married for 52 years.

Carrol had many hobbies throughout the years: calligraphy, building miniature houses, crocheting, antiquing, roller skating, collecting porcelain dolls, collecting thimbles when she traveled, genealogy, reading, crosswords, and she had a very brief softball career (she played one summer in a ladies’ softball league). She liked traveling to the homes of her favorite famous people, such as Laura Ingalls Wilder, Elvis and Hank Williams.

Carrol loved music, especially Elvis and country music. She loved singing karaoke and had so much fun doing it. She and Wayne took country western dance lessons, and going dancing was one of her favorite things to do.

She loved little dogs, especially Chihuahuas, and had many throughout her life. Her current Chihuahua, Baby Girl, will miss her.

She worked several jobs throughout the years. She was as a keypunch operator at Texas Instruments, sold cosmetics, was a beloved crossing guard, and worked for a greeting card company. Her life’s work and most important job was raising her four boys.

She had four sons, Robert, Christopher, Steven, and Brian. It couldn't have been easy raising four boys, but she always worked hard for them, whether she was helping with schoolwork or staying up late to make Christmas special. She was always there for them, and they’re going to miss her very much.

She lost two infants at birth, Baby Girl and Baby Boy Stokes. We are comforted knowing that they are now reunited in Heaven.

She had eight grandchildren: Deven (22), Celeste (20), Alyssa (19), Ellisha (18), Bella (13), Whitney (13), Georgie (11), and Camp (5). She loved them all and cherished her time with them.

Carrol had a close and deep relationship with Jesus. She read her bible and prayed daily. She loved to do bible studies and watch Christian television. And she loved to talk to anyone about the Lord!