Jeanene Annette (Koehl) Preast

February 28, 1954December 13, 2018

Jeanene Annette Koehl Preast February 28, 1954 – December 13, 2018 Jeanene was born in Loma Linda, CA on February 28th 1954, to James and Arlene Koehl. She graduated High School from Loma Linda Academy in 1972, and graduated from Pacific Union College in Northern California in 1975 as a Registered Nurse. She worked as a Registered Nurse at the St. Helena Hospital in St. Helena, CA, American Red Cross in Tucson, AZ, Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, MI, and most recently worked at Puget Sound Blood Center, (now Bloodworks) in Seattle, WA from 2003 to 2016. Jeanene also worked as School Chaplain at Puget Sound Adventist Academy in Kirkland, WA from 1998 to 2003, she also worked at the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church. Jeanene married Ronald Preast on June 22, 1975. Ron and Jeanene worked side by side, in his ministry as a pastor for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Together they served in Tucson, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; North and South Dakota; and Washington State. They held evangelistic meetings teaching about the love of God travelling to several states as well as overseas mission work including Russia, India, and Africa. They travelled together teaching other pastors in the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Canada. They enjoyed travelling together, going to Hawaii, England, France, Europe, Germany, Australia, Belize, Jordan, and most recently Israel. Together they have two children; Jealynn Alyssa Bahnmiller, married to Kevin Bahnmiller, and Janae LeAnn Preast Hewes, married to Joseph Hewes. Jeanene and Ron have two granddaughters Kaelynn Christine Bahnmiller 11 years old, Addison Leigh Bahnmiller 9 years old. We will always remember her kind, graceful, giving, and self-less nature. Jeanene had a gentle acceptance that made all feel welcomed and invited. We will remember how she knew no strangers, and had a kind word and listening ear for all. Her unwavering faith in God lead her to live a life of example, witnessing to others, and praising God for every moment.

She is survived by her husband Ron, children, Jealynn and Janae, grandchildren, Kaelynn and Addison, and brother, James Koehl and his wife Vicki Koehl. For those who wish to honor Jeanene’s memory, in lieu of flowers, please consider making contributions to organizations that were dear to her heart. World Vision - she cared greatly for their mission, and sponsored many children throughout her lifetime. And Everett Christian School, where her grandchildren currently attend school - - donations can be sent via mail at 2221 Cedar Street, Everett, WA 98201.


  • Ronald Preast, Husband
  • Jealynn Alyssa Bahnmiller, Daughter
  • Kevin Bahnmiller, Son-in-law
  • Janae LeAnn Preast Hewes, Daughter
  • Joseph Hewes, Son-in-law
  • Kaelynn Christine Bahnmiller, Granddaughter
  • Addison Leigh Bahnmiller, Granddaughter
  • James Koehl, Brother
  • Vicki Koehl, Sister-in-law


  • Celebration of Life Saturday, January 5, 2019

Jeanene Annette (Koehl) Preast

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Charla Appel

February 25, 2019

There are no words to measure the deep hole Jeanene leaves in everyone's heart, especially you, Ron, Jaelynn, and Janae.
As you face the days ahead, may you sense God's arms around you in a very special and unique way as He carries you!

Jeanene has been my heart friend since first meeting in WA Conference where both our hubbies were employed in the ministry.
Immediately upon meeting, we knew we were soul-sisters, and it has only grown from there. What a privilege was mine as a friend!
Jeanene's ability to ferret out who/what was hurting or where someone needed encouragement is in my eyes unparalleled in people I have met. She was a giving, loving, kind, funny, fun, selfless, joyful, optimistic, current and up-to-speed kind of gal who was relentless in meeting the needs of others. Her confidence to tackle hard jobs showed through beautifully in her incredible way of handling Children's Ministries combined with and in Ron's evangelism, and was such a awe-inspiring example of what God can do in one's ministry when one is willing.
We spent many an hour laughing and crying over hurdles we saw our hubbies walking through, but always ended with the knowledge that God is in control. Every trip together, waterskiing, camping, snow skiing, I was again amazed at her organizational skills; she always had everything covered and
planned for!
Outstanding in my mind will always be her desire to be a conduit for Jesus Christ to flow through her to others. She fortified that each morning as she got up at the crack of dawn, drove to work, or rode the bus, while worshipping her Lord in music, prayer, reading her devotions and loving others. She spoke of friends she made on the bus, in support groups, and the friendship she made with her Oncologist in the 31/2 years they shared, for whom she happily couched each improvement they saw together as a miracle that came through thousands of prayers by praying friends.

You are incredibly missed, my sweet heart friend!!
Charla A

Kathy Stephenson

January 10, 2019

Jeanene could fold a set of sheets--even the fitted sheet--as if they had just come out of the package. From now on when I fold sheets--and they end up looking more like they were just pulled from the dryer than the packaging--I will think of her fondly :)

Kathy Stephenson

January 9, 2019

I first met Jeanene at Cedarview Community Church, a “church for non-believers” where people could go to learn about a loving and forgiving God. Ron and Jeanene and several others worked tirelessly to put forth an uplifting, meaningful service each week. Friday afternoons the rented church had to be cleaned and all the musical equipment—speakers, mics, cables, soundboard, lights—had to be set up prior to the 7:00 p.m. service. Ron and Jeanene stored all this equipment in their garage and hauled it back and forth along with the supplies needed for the children’s program. It wasn’t unusual for them to get to bed after midnight on Friday nights. Often, they had to head out early the next morning to a church in the Puget Sound region to lead an evangelistic series, having reloaded the car with their evangelistic materials. And all this was done while raising and homeschooling their own young daughters.

Jeanene ran the children’s program during the worship service so that participants wouldn’t be distracted by squirmy children. She encouraged me to bring my kids. It seems absurd, now, but at the time she was a stranger and I was wary of leaving my young daughters in her care. It didn’t take long for me to warm up to her and my girls looked forward to attending each week. Ron and Jeanene made time to visit with me at my home for Bible studies.

At KSDA/PSAA Jeanene and I had fun serving hot lunches together. Jeanene also led a weekly Mom’s-In-Touch prayer group. We prayed for students, teachers, the school, and each others’ children. I learned how to pray and witnessed the results—and power--of prayer. I grew more comfortable praying aloud in the company of others and developed an intimate bond with the other women in the group.

I met Jeanene as a non-believer and started my Christian journey with her as my guide. She was my role-model, my mentor, my friend and I will cherish her love, encouragement and friendship for the rest of my days and on into eternity.

Jan White

January 7, 2019

My heart was saddened to hear of Jeanene's death. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this journey has been for each of you, especially you, Ron. I had the privilege of working with Jeanene for several years at the Washington Conference office. Jeanene's cheerfulness and can-do attitude was an encouragement to me personally. My God's gentle touch of comfort along with your warm cherished memories sustain you during this dark night.

Prayers, Jan

Tiffany Richardson

January 5, 2019

I was blessed to know Jeanene when I was a student at PSAA. We were birthday neighbors so we had a connection from the start. I have nothing but fond memories of her as our chaplain and as Jealynn and Janae’s mom. She had the warmest smile, gave great hugs and you could never say no to anything she asked you to do. She taught me how to share the love of Jesus by your example and inspired me to do the same. The love that radiated out of her created ripples in us all. I was forever changed and I will be forever grateful God crossed our paths in this life. When we are all reunited one day I look forward to that twinkling smile and warm hug.

Jodi Pfeiffer

January 5, 2019

Ron and Jeanene have played such a role in supporting and loving our children at NCCF, and Jeanene especially was such a champion of all the kids at our church. Jeanene always made our kids feel noticed and special, always remembered what they said and what they were interested in and doing. In such a vital and important way, Jeanene and Ron were spiritual mentors to our kids, forming their theology and making them want to come to church. They are more than a brother and sister in Christ; to quote Jeanene's own words, they are family.
Though we mourn for our own loss of Jeanene as a sister and friend, our hearts break more for you, her family. The thought of living in a world without Jeanene was and is unthinkable; I can only pray for Jesus to come faster. We're done with this world and want to go home now. My only comfort is that for Jeanene, Jesus coming in might and glory is her next sight. The light of this world got dimmer when she left us, but there will come a day. There will come a day! We will behold Him, face to face. And we will all sing praises to Him side by side. She is always in our hearts and near to our thoughts, and I know we are just a few of so, so many hearts that Jeanene has touched with her love and selfless interest in others.

Jodi Pfeiffer

Lori Cannon

January 4, 2019

My memories of Jeanene was she was a friend for life the moment you met her. She’d pray for you, your family, your friends family, even your friends family’s pet. Nothing was too small or too big. She loved and cared for you like you were her family. She’d text encouraging messages just because. When she knew you were scared or hurting she’d always make sure you knew she was there. She was smart and shared her expirences to help you with yours. She shared advise on raising girls and how to help them feel special and empowered to dream. She made what you thought was crazy seem normal.
She was there supporting us when our girl had emergency surgery, and when my mom was in the hospital. She follow up and wanted to know how they were.
She also shared her potluck talents with the best speghetti casserole and veggie meatballs. She was always fun and a ring-leader to make people happy. There aren’t enough words of honor and appreciation to paint a good picture of the wonderfully loving person she was. She will be missed beyond measure. We loved you Jeanene and are hearts are broken now.

Gordon Hewes

January 4, 2019

Jeanene was one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. She was such an inspiration to my wife Jean and me, over the last few years, with serious medical issues she was dealing with and always upbeat. Jean and I are so lucky to have Ron and Jeanene’s daughter for our Daughter in Law, and we see so much compassion and empathy of Jeanene in Janae.

Jean Hewes

January 4, 2019

The last couple of years Jeanene became more than the mother of my daughter-in-law. She became part of my support system and my prayer warrior. Her encouraging messages, songs and words of encouragement were deeply felt.

Ben Beierle

January 4, 2019

I have not written this sooner as I have been scouring through boxes trying to find a picture of Jeanene and I when she was our chaplain at PSAA, but alas have had no luck. PSAA was where I first got to know Jeanene, first as the super friendly, awesome mom of Jealynn and Janae and then better as I joined her drama team and even better still as I became ASB Spiritual Vice President. I'll never forget walking down the hall at PSAA and Jeanene greeting me with that sparkle in her eyes telling me she had the "perfect song" for me to sing at assembly or the "perfect part" in a skit for me to play. The thing was she treated EVERYONE that way, you always felt special, valued and honored when she'd ask you to do something. I could never say no because she wasn't asking it for herself, it was because you knew she believed in you. She was so caring, so giving, so loving! She set the desire within me to serve others. I pray that Jesus continues to use my life for His purpose as I know that will be the best way that she would want me to honor her impact in my life. I could go on and on, she was truly one of the most amazing people that God has brought into my life and I will always treasure the memories I have of her and be inspired by the example that she lived.
I'm so thankful that my kids are such good friends with her granddaughters and that they were able to get to know Kaelynn and Addison's awesome Grammy. She was a superstar grandma, loving and generous just as she was in every aspect of her life.
To the three dear people that are left behind I want to say thank you for sharing her with all of us. It was so obvious to me how much she loved you Ron and how much she treasured you Jealynn and you Janae. I continue to pray for all three of you daily and long for your reunion with her to come soon.