George Hernandez

April 23, 1940January 4, 2019
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George Hernandez was born on April 23, 1940 in Los Angeles, California and passed away on January 4, 2019 in Sacramento, California.


  • Visitation Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  • Funeral Service Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  • Graveside Service Wednesday, January 16, 2019

George Hernandez

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Michael Hernandez

January 20, 2019

Where should i start?.... for as long as i can remember my dad has filled my life with memories that no other father can give. Sunday drives with dad were like no other, we never knew where we would end up, we just knew that it would be a memorable day for sure. He showed me so many things and so many places that i will make sure that i continue his quest to discover every place worth visiting. Such a unique person he was... along with my mom they taught me how to be decent, giving and hard working and how to make sacrifices. You will be missed dad, but remember that you will live on in me forever... thank you.
Michael Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

January 18, 2019

We all know my dad loved road trips. Many times growing up he drove cross country and deep in Mexico but this night we were on the east coast In Boston It was the early 70's and we were taking a drive at Harvard's square this evening when all of a sudden my dad threw the car in park, jumped out and yelled he fell! Turns out this man fell to the ground and was having a heart attack, my dad revived him and saved his life.

We saved a clipping from newspaper. Hope I find it so I can share with all of you.

Matthew Harmon

January 16, 2019

I have vivid memories of George going all the way back to my childhood. George felt like part of the family, he always seemed to be there or around or could be just about anywhere on a mission or adventure. I recall attending an event at Jean’s home, Martin and Martine’s mother, who also happened to make the best coconut cream pie, and George gave me a book, The Monkey Wrench Gang, he shared how he met the author and how the author was in talks to make the book into a movie, it was something that caught my imagination. I would listen to him share the work he was doing, as he traveled between Mexico and United States. I could feel the selfless devotion he had to people. It is a rare trait. I recall a particular event where my father brother sister and I were in LA attending a state Democratic Convention where Jesse Jackson was one of the speakers, I wanted to meet to him, we walked around seeing where an opportunity might be for such and encounter; and out of no where George appeared, and was able to shuffle us through one room and into the next squeezing through the crowd where I got the opportunity to shake his hand. George is down to earth with rare person-ability. I recall once asking Martin Aaron if he was an angel; he said perhaps.

Pamela Shade

January 15, 2019

My first memory of George is at the age of 8 years old. My parents didn’t put us in sports or organized teams so George stepped in and took me to my first track meet. I will never ever forget what it was like to run my first race and win my first ribbon. He told me I was a winner and I believed him.

My mother, brother and I moved to Oklahoma the very next year when I was 9 years old. The move was very upsetting to me. We were told we must leave our dog Brandy. Before we left I was very upset and crying and George asked me what was wrong. I told him I was sad because I didn’t know what would happen to Brandy. George gave me a huge smile and a wink... and said don’t cry! Dry your tears. Everything will be okay. A few months after we moved to Oklahoma and bought our first house.., low and behold George arrives in a moving truck and guess who was riding shot gun! Yep! My dog Brandy! I was so excited and so grateful. My mother threw such a fit but despite her adamant intruction to leave the dog in California George knew what it would mean to me. Moving to Oklahoma was so lonely and isolated but having Brandy there made all the difference in the world.

The sacrifices this man made for others is so far beyond the norm there are no words to describe such selflessness. I wasn’t around George much after 9 years old but he had a huge positive impact on my life. When I think back on this now I realize he did what no one else would have done. He took responsibility for an animal for months and then drove across the country to reunite a girl and her dog. Who makes such sacrifices to bring joy to a child?

George Hernandez you are a legend in my book. Thank you for the track meet and thank you for enduring a long cross country drive with a car sick dog just to make this girl happy. Say hi to mom for me. I’m sure she he still mad about you bringing the dog!

Until we meet again... Pam

Martine Harmon

January 14, 2019

Thinking of George today and its hard to express the different ways he impacted me and my family as a life long friend. I have known George from childhood, my children knew George as they grew up and my grandsons also had a good friend in George. He has always been there to help me when I truly needed help. George introduced me to the works of Carlos Castaneda when I was about 15 years old and I introduced him to the writings of Richard Bach.
George was there for all the critical times of my life therefore he was part of my family. Like a small child I really thought of George as being there forever in my life, this new reality is hard but I know his spirit is right where it is supposed to be and I will meet him again. Maybe he will have more answers to the never ending questions we wondered about.
There is not a way to recount 40+ years of friendship, and I know I was lucky to have a friend that will never judge you, always help you without conditions and introduce you to so many colorful people that he just met as well. We had plenty of heated discussions about politics, and social issues. He loved educators, universities, alternative energy solutions and above all advocating for the Mexican people both in the US and in Mexico. He was so very proud of his nationality and history. The last present he gave me is a very old and fragile book, he knew that I am constantly reading everything. George had interesting things to say, interesting people around him, he was smart and funny, he liked to break the rules and always tried to talk people out of anger or violence. He was a peacemaker, a very rare breed of person that did what he wanted, when he wanted. He gave everything he could give to anyone that needed it. He helped as many people as he could given his time on this earth and he was never afraid to get involved and try to make a difference. We will all miss you my friend.

Melody Buster

January 13, 2019

George would always materialize whenever anyone needed anything. He was a kind, intelligent and an honest man and a good friend of ours. We will miss him very much. See you on the other side George.

Erwin and Cristina Salazar-Zavala

January 12, 2019

Dear Linda, Toby, Christina and Michael,

We will remember George as a great person, a solidary friend, someone who cared about people, a noble, good-intentioned human being. He was the kind of person who wouldn't hesitate about taking his shirt and give it to someone in need.
He possesed a unique personality that immediately grabbed your attention, his stories along with his very own way of saying things, with the intention of delivering a hidden message made them not only interesting, but in many cases true learning experiences.

I was lucky for having spent a couple of summers with you all, and one of the things I allways remember to this day is his voice comming from the back of the yard When it was time to go back home after a long day saying:
"Que pasó chavos? ........Vamos a comer"
Without a doubt he made those times unique experiences for us, filled with advetures and learnings.

A dear friend, turned family member, profoundly loved by all of us, George will always be in our hearts.

Paco Salazar Sánchez

January 12, 2019

Amigo de toda la vida, compañero de muchas de ocurrencias que quedaron grabadas en nuestras vidas, el casco de Santo Tomás fue el espacio, te cuerdas……la cerrada , el parque , en fin todo un territorio donde pasamos gran parte de nuestra infancia y parte de nuestra juventud, para después cada uno tomar su rumbo que marcó nuestra VIDA , te fuiste del vecindario con rumbo norteño y hacer tu nueva vida y tu bonita familia. Te llevas muchos recuerdos que vivimos juntos, que Dios te tenga en sus manos y seguro estoy que cuando te pongas a platicar con él lo harás reír con tus platicas amenas. Mi cariño de amigo hasta donde estas y que te acompañara hasta arriba. Te felicito por la gran mujer que Dios puso en tu camino, nuestra querida Linda Hernandez y también queridos hijos, nos veremos pronto querido amigo.

Laura Moreno

January 12, 2019

Tío siempre fuiste parte de nuestras vidas gracias por siempre cuidar a mi mamá y por todo tu cariño para nuestra familia, tu ausencia siempre será difícil de llenar pero por favor quédate siempre en nuestros corazones nosotros nunca te olvidaremos salúdame a mi papá y dile que lo extraño mucho

Jeannette Jacques

January 12, 2019

Thank you for always being kind to me and my children, especially Joey. He still has the Diego backpack you gave him and uses it for sleepovers with his Nana. I am glad I got to hear the cookie story. I know you will be in heaven watching down as they build the elevated train into LAX and checking up on your loved ones.