Andrew Sharrock

December 24, 1970June 30, 2019

Andrew Sharrock was born on December 24, 1970 in Leek, England and passed away on June 30, 2019 in Auburndale, Florida.


  • Jodi Sharrock, Wife


  • Celebration of Life Monday, July 8, 2019


Andrew Sharrock

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Mathew Dickenson

July 9, 2019

Andrew was my cousin, his dad being my mum's brother. He was always a cheeky chap and always made you laugh.. except this one time. I, at the age of around 5 or 6, had a toy bow and arrow. I remember I pointed it at Andrew and fired.. it was only a toy so no real danger or malice in my actions. Upon hitting Andrew, he jumped up, snatched the bow from my hands and snapped it in half. I was so angry I launched my self at him and punched him in the face. This started a five minute row of screaming and shouting after which all was forgotten and I followed Andrew, his brother Peter and my brother Gareth down to the local river and watched them fish for the rest of the day. I never liked fishing much but I'd give anything g to watch him once more. Hell, I'd even settle for punching him again if I could. I was so inspired when he left our little town to go to the US. I think it's one of the reasons I left home although I stayed in this country,(I am not getting on a plane!). We hadn't seen each other for years Andy, but I know I'll miss you.. fly high cousin. x

Marilyn Noon

July 8, 2019

Andrew was such an amazing father and devoted husband. I was blessed to have him and Jodi in my life and to have spent all the time that I did with all of their children over the years. I got to witness the beautiful love story they shared first hand. I watched the gleam in his eyes when it came to any of the children and Jodi. He would have done anything for them. He loved them all with his heart and soul.

He loved to share his experiences and there was never a dull moment with him. With that many children how could there be a dull moment? But all the stories weren't to do with the children, even though they left him with enough to talk about as children do:). Many stories were work or travel related and he would tell them several times. Even if you let him know you had heard it before; he would just smile and carry on....basically, you were about to hear it again. What I wouldn't give to hear one of those stories again...even the chiquita banana one.

He truly lived life! He enjoyed life! He, Jodi and the children shared some amazing experiences and they always made time for each other. It's a great example for any of us. So, Andrew you will be so missed. I miss your smile and the spark in your eye. Your time was cut way to short on this earth. Until we meet again, I promise to be there for Jodi and the kids. Love, Marilyn

Sis Xx

July 8, 2019

Mr darling brother Andrew, my "pea twin"
I have a treasure chest of memories that I will carry with me forever, we were going to do Machu Piccu together, we never got to do it, but one day, I WILL do it (pinky promise) and I know that you will be right there, beside me, when I do.
You will be with me, always.
Sis x

Latoya Sankey

July 7, 2019

The world lost a Great Man! Over the past 15 years we went from co workers to friends. You were always there for me no matter what. You helped me learn how to be comfortable with myself and not care what others thought. There are not enough word to Express how much I will miss our talks. We were there for each other at the highest high and the lowest low. I will continue to pray for your heart beats as I always have. Love you Friend! P.S. I promise to sing along with every song "The Fray" Has and will ever make.

Claire (Sis)

July 7, 2019

My darling brother Andrew, "pea twin"
I have a treasure chest full of memories that I will carry with me forever.
We were going to do Machu Picchu together; we never got to it, but one day, I WILL do it ("pinky promise") and I know that you will be right there, beside me, when I do.
You will be with me, always.
Sis x

Mum xx

July 7, 2019

To my dear Son, who I love so much,
Your surprise visit, your lovely smile, your big hug, I never thought it would be our last, it will live with me forever.
My heart is broken, God bless, Mum X

John Gunia

July 7, 2019

So many great memories of the good old days with Andy and the rest of the crowd at Wetton Mill and the Black Lion in Butterton. Lots of singing, lots of beer. They were good times. Sorry you had to leave us so soon. Rest in peace Andy.

Tim Hoppenrath

July 6, 2019

Andy was always the hardest worker in the room. I hired him as a valet parker in Clearwater, FL on a referral from Edward Allingham when he first arrived to the U.S. in the early 90’s. I don’t think he knew too many people yet but was quickly a part of our work and after work fun group. One of my fondest memories was when we all decided to drive to New Orleans for Mardi Gras at an after hours bar and I am certain Andy had the time of his life, I know I did. Reconnecting with him on Facebook was such an inspiring time, getting to see Andy progress with his family and career travels all over the world. I like to think that our team of misfit valets somehow contributed to his success in the U.S. Prayers to his family and friends! He will always be remembered as a stand up guy with a hilarious sense of humor. RIP, my friend.

Norma othmer

July 6, 2019

Bye bye Andrew you been here and now you are gone too soon may your soul rest in peace. You're gone but will never be forgotten, God be with you until we meet again. Thank you for been a part of my life

Jeanie McGraw

July 6, 2019

For the family of my friend Andrew, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Rest in peace my friend.