James Richard Taylor Jr.

July 18, 1977June 24, 2018
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James Richard Taylor was born on July 18, 1977 in Warrensburg, Missouri and passed away on June 24, 2018 in Toledo, Ohio


  • Visitation Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • Funeral Service Tuesday, July 3, 2018

James Richard Taylor Jr.

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Amy Monica

July 6, 2018

Jamie , I am so sad that you had to leave. I cherish our talks, your caring for others. The recent times spent when you came to visit. I leaned on you when my Mom, (Grammy) passed away. You helped me through it in ways that are hard to put into words. You were here. You had such an infectious smile. Your quick wit, you had that as a small boy. You were getting your life back together and I was so happy for you for that. You cared so deeply for everyone around you. I don't think you knew the words "no. I can't". I will miss you forever, you will be forever in my heart. Enjoy your time with the ones who went before you now. Love you, Aunt Amy

Tammie Decato

July 6, 2018

Jamie, I will miss our talks. Getting to know you so much better as an adult was a blessing. Your smile was infectious and your sence of humor was fantastic. Since you moved to Mass our bond was strengthened and seeing you at the Monica events and having you over to my house, going to dinner, Salt Hill drinking and listening to music. sharing a laugh and really getting to know you. hugging you when you were hurting so much. i love you Jamie and I will never forget you. Rest in peace my sweet cousin. I have a photo of us but it's packed some where.... give everyone in heaven my love until we meet again.

Lantz Family

July 3, 2018

To James’ family & friends - So very sorry for your loss and that we are unable to be there today. But we are with you in spirit 🙏🏻😇 James - We will miss you and cherish our memories of our times together with you‼️
Love you endlessly - Ashley,
Fred, Ellen, Amanda, Bradley & Teagan ♥️💙

Jessica Rae

July 1, 2018

Jamie could not say Jessica when he was a toddler, He called me CaCa.
When walking with one of our parents , he would say CaCa to fast.

Later he would be able to say Jessie, (was never Jessica, he called me Jessie as well Jincie and John )
When walking into a store or a park, Jessie slow down.
Jamie became taller than I and faster, he would hear, Jamie slow down.
Jamie always had this knack
Make you laugh when you're sad, when I became angry or upset he would say something silly so I would just let it go.
We were able to sit in the same room , not speak and have a conversation with just the huh, hmm and facial expressions.
I loved my brothers truth, how he stood firm with his values and beliefs.
When his nephew was diagnosed functional autistic, he embraced Raymond and lifted him up emotionally and mentally.
When Krista his niece hurt or rejoicing in something, Jamie cheered her, he loved that Krista was and is so much like him.
As true sibling behavior we would call each other names,tease each other about our weaknesses, no one else was able to.
Our cousins Jason, Jemery and my brothers Jamie , Jack behaved as brothers not cousins.
When Aunt Jean baby sat us four and would need to go some where , people thought we were all hers, vice versa with our Mother.
We would cheer for Boston redsox, Celtics, and Boston Bruins, as much as I love my brother, he had no taste when it came to football teams, Dolphins, really?
He loved NASCAR, Music , he loved learning. He always told his nieces and nephews , never stop learning.
We both agreed that Grams who we lost in August 2017 was our hero.
I would tell him I have two, Grams and him. Jamie would say I have not done anything worth of greatness yet.
Jamie, you did.
Thank you for your presence, thank you for your truth, thank you for being my brother.
I love you so much bubby.

James Taylor

June 30, 2018

My son, James, was a Miami Dolphin fan and I am a New England Patriots Fan. These two teams play each other twice a year providing an opportunity for each of us to exercise bragging rights. Some years ago when the rivalry was intense the Patriots pulled out a win. When James got home from school he told me how he had found the sheets of paper on which I had written the score of the game in the medicine cabinet of his bathroom, in the kitchen cabinet, and in the fridge. He said he was glad to get to school to escape the bragging only to open his book bag and find the score taped to his books. He was smiling all the time he was telling me about it. James always, always was able to turn on a smile. He had the outlook that things were going to be ok, good stuff was ahead. I love you, James.