Raymond Edward Salaz Sr.

July 27, 1954October 7, 2021

Raymond Edward Salaz Sr., "Raider Ray" age 67, passed away on Thursday, October 7, 2021. Raymond was born July 27, 1954 in Montrose, Colorado to Rose Mary Vialpando and Richard Edward Salaz.

Raymond is survived his son, Raymond Edward Salaz, Jr.; his step daughter, Kimberly Zeigler; his granddaughters, Michelle and Dezi; his grandson, Raymond Edward Salaz, III; his sisters, Becky, Julie, Esther, Carol, Rosie, Theresa, Angela, Annette and Sandy; and his brothers, Michael and Tony. He is preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Frances; and his brothers, Donnie, Eddie, and Michael.

A celebration of life for Raymond will be held Friday, October 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM at Advantage Funeral & Cremation Services – Aurora, 1095 Havana Street, Aurora, Colorado 80010.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Salaz family.


  • Celebration of Life

    Friday, October 22, 2021


Raymond Edward Salaz Sr.

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Julie David Uyeoka

October 28, 2021

I think of you every day and miss you so very much. I love you!

Victoria Gutierrez

October 23, 2021

First off I just want to give my condolences to Ray’s family he was an amazing and kind man. I remember this one year a few days after Halloween me and my sister were walking back to our house from across the street on his side of the block and he didn’t know our names too well yet so he called out “hey niña” to my sister since she was a little bit behind me and we turned around and he was coming out with some lollipops for us two and my other sister and we said thank you and any time we would give him any baked goods we made he would always give us something in return the next day or whenever he had anything to give us even though we didn’t ask or expect for anything in return. I’m so greatfull that we got the chance to meet him and Francis they were both so sweet and amazing.

Julie Uyeoka

October 22, 2021

My dear brother, Raymond.

Not only you were my brother, you were a father, friend and confidant. You were always a kind and gentle man to all of us and I have been blessed to have had you in my life,  I will cherish all the memories we had together and there a lot. I can remember when I ran away from home you let me stay with you and mom sent the police to come pick me I was afraid, I asked if I can call you first, so I called you at work and your kind words comfort me, you reassured me that everything will be OK. We were not too far apart in age and I would always wanted to hang out with you and your friends, you were my role model and mentor, I can remember when you taught me how to play the congas and how we would go to the park and play together, I will miss our talks every weekend on FaceTime and sharing a beer with you..
May you rest now, you are with our Lord now along with your loved ones. I'm going to miss you Dearly.

Love your Sister.
Julie aka "The Joker" (our song)

Rosie Carvajal

October 21, 2021

My dearest big brother there are no words to express the sorrow and disbelief I am currently feeling. You have given me such fond memories like when you use to get mad at us for laughing at the dinner table but little did you know, Donnie was on the other side of the wall making us laugh or when you made a paddle in wood class with holes just to scare us when you'd have us bend over when in trouble yet you'd never actually hit us. There's so many memories but this one just stands out, you've always loved Christmas time and buying all your siblings presents, there was one year where you hid them in the closet. Of course as a kid I had to peak and saw Raymond bought me matching gauchos and a vest. I was very excited to open it on Christmas morning since I knew I'd look cute in that outfit however when I opened my gift that morning I saw he had bought me the Stevie Wonder songs of the key of life album. I was confused to where my gauchos had disappeared to but my brother told me he was teaching me a lesson since he knew I peaked into the gifts when I wasn't supposed to. Two weeks later I came home from school and saw the gauchos and vest laying on my bed. He knew how bad I wanted that outfit so he went out and bought it back. You have always been there for me through my toughest times as well as looking after my oldest son Ronnie. Thank you for always being that big brother who would be there for each and everyone of us, you loved our family unconditionally as we all love you. You moving 1,118.3 miles away would never change relationships and the love you have for your siblings and all your mijos and mijas here in California. I'll look forward to the day we meet again brother. Always, your little sister Rosie.

Esther Garca

October 21, 2021

My dear brother

As kids, we lived together we fought, we laughed, and we cried.
We witnessed our first everything’s,
We did not always show the love, that we both had inside.
We shared our dreams and plan’s, you even taught us how to pray something
like this, “God is good God is great thank you for
the food we eat .” Can’t remember the rest .
There’s alot of funny things too,like the pig next door
And the time you put up the swing in the garage and I ran and fell on
My chin and had to get stitches ,you where so afraid.
Although you did not agree on my
Early aged marriage which turned into 42 years you stubbornly did not
Attend , I know it was because you were worried
About a failed marriage and because of being to young.
But boy did you learn that your fears where so wrong.
Once you learned what kind of person my Armando was
You welcome him with open arms, you taught him your trade,you worked side by side,
You became the God father to our daughter,we even gave her your name.
And each year on my anniversary I would remind you we were still together, you would chuckle and say I know ,I was wrong.
Although you were far away you manage to get your weekly calls or messages in
To let us know we were loved. We both got to cry over the loss of our loved ones, we
Could feel the pain deep inside and am grateful that no words were left behind . I was able to pray with you ,and let you know the things ahead for you.
I wish you sweet sleep, my dear brother.
I hate that you had to endure such pain.
On my mind, your saddened eyes have left a stain,
A peace has fallen upon your head,
A taste of sorrow we have been fed.
It really is like a hole in our lives but I have hope that those sleeping will rise.
The Bible says that God will open their eyes, no suffering, sickness, yes not even pain.
So… sleep on my brother, sleep tight.
For now with you the sky is night but after night will come daybreak.
Therefore, I will wait hoping to see you awake.
Love your baby sister Esther


Robert Ramirez

October 20, 2021

Raymond was know to me as Ray the painter , I met Ray back in 1988-89 ish when I stopped into a body and fender shop looking for some primer were Ray worked as a painter , I had a old 1950 Chevy pickup I wanted to primer " He asked who was going to do the Job , I answered I was .. I left there that day with a job as a car prep for the shop " It is how Ray and myself became the best of friends . He taught me everything I know about body and fender and how to prep and paint cars , I've painted many cars over the years including my own classic lowriders " His words of instruction would guide me threw each job and still do to this day , I owe the skills of the Art to him , We always kept in touch over the years " and in the last few years threw FB " ..I have many found memories to look back on of my good times with Ray and the celebration of each car we completed together knowing we were a team and appreciated the gratification of knowing we did an awesome job on them and that the costumers were beyond happy and satisfyed with the end results . He would always say " we will be friends for life no matter where our lives take us , He was right , I will miss his phone calls at 2am in the morning asking me how you doing mijo 😂 .. That was Ray " He always had a heart full of love for everyone , and would call no matter the hour to tell you 🍺😂 .. I've lost a true friend and will vaule his memory forever . RIP Ray the painter . 🙏

Lenny Roybal

October 20, 2021

I lived with my Cousin Raymond in San Jose, CA for a year. During this time, between the booth Raymond had at the flea market, playing his conga drums and so many different events, I can truly say that every single day Raymond lived life to the fullest.

I would never hold it against Raymond for being a Raider fan!

Rest in Peace, you will be missed.
Cousin Lenny

Patricia Rodriguez

October 20, 2021

I truly miss you you. You were the first neighbor who came and introduced yourself to my sons the were out front fixing their old school car, listening to oldies. You said now that's music but you boys are too young to like this kind of music. They boys were about 18 and 17. Man they enjoyed that afternoon and couldn't stop talking about how nice you were. They thought you were going to tell them to turn it down. Ray you and Frances gave me some of the best garden tomatoes I've ever had. Lastly I want to thank you for being there for me giving me the bear hug I needed after losing my mom this past April. You seen me planting flowers in her memory and you said oh now those are going to be so beautiful. Thank you for being such a kind person. My family and I miss you're presence everyday . I will plant some flowers in yours and Frances memory and you can take a sneak peek from your front door or from up above and see how beautiful they will be
Thank you
Pati and family ( 1764 Florence )

Bryan Uyeoka

October 19, 2021

Raymond was the best brother in law anyone could ever have. He was caring and a generous man. I enjoyed the times spending with him, really going to miss seeing him , I am really glad that I got to see him this past August. Condolences to the family. He was a great man, true Raiders and Giants fan.

Deztynn Zeigler

October 19, 2021

Grandpa always allowed bon fires on the back yard & we were always allowed to throw whatever we found in. We always got to play with it & he always encouraged us to have fun but be safe