William John Wnorowski

August 19, 1956November 3, 2018

William John Wnorowski was born on August 19, 1956 and passed away on November 3, 2018.


William John Wnorowski

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Dee and Richard Wright

January 2, 2019

How lucky were we to have you and Liz as our neighbors and close friends for the past 10 plus years! It’s so hard to imagine life at the lake without you. We have so many wonderful memories together, from laughing until we cried sitting on the back deck, traveling to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Louisiana, to hanging out in the big town of Buda. Playing golf together was absolutely the best!! Not everyone can achieve last place multiple years in a row in our favorite SBVFD tournament!!!
Those memories will be forever etched in our minds and hearts. We miss and love you….

Sylvia Wnoroski

December 29, 2018

Willie always treated me like family, big hugs, thoughtful check-ins, plates of breakfast meat, and a huge love for family. That big laugh, the Wnoro(w)ski hands, the running joke if - what would Willie do....when we knew we needed to be Jersey-resourceful. I will miss hearing wisdom from the Warsaw School of Law, Medicine, and business. ILOVED the stories, the stories he told made me laugh until I cried. His love of science- loved that I could talk to him about that. He was on the very short list of people that could talk sense to my husband, which means so much to me. How he took Mike under his wing, taught him life skills during those Jersey summers of his teenage life, when my husband needed it most. My kids call him "favoritist Uncle Willie". His big love was the glue that held a fractured family together, his memories and stories provided clarity to me, insight into the family I married into. I love that Willie was a liberal, and backed it up, he opened his home, his heart to people in need- it wasn't all talk, it was action. I will miss that big heart, that big laugh, and that encouragement to keep on loving my sometimes tough to love husband. I feel so fortunate to have sat at his table.

Nancy Ward-Davis

December 26, 2018

Once Bill realized Liz and I were more than simply co-workers, that we were becoming friends, I was brought into his family completely. In his company I felt completely engulfed in a bear hug. What you saw was what you got - agree or disagree - Bill was honest in his words and feelings. He respected - whether or not he agreed with - me, and expected and always got the same in return. Zachary and Spencer loved spending time with him because he treated them like more than just children - well, maybe that was Zach's reason....Spencer found a partner in crime - loved sharing "chicken suckers" with him, and couldn't believe he found a "grown up" who GOT IT!
Not to diminish the love every/any other man has for his wife and children, I can honestly say I may never meet another man with a more palpable sense of love for his family than Bill. Liz, you are blessed as you are loved.

Stormy & Summer Stephenson

December 26, 2018

Your memory will forever be in our hearts, we love you

Bella Hambrick

December 26, 2018

Whenever I think of Uncle Willie I always think of all the awesome “grandma stories “ I was convinced for years that grandma wrestled aligators!

Elenya Wnorowski-Hulbert

December 26, 2018

Your smile. Your laughter. Your serious side. Helping me with Middle School Math problems. Seeing you fall asleep with a glass of milk in one hand and a pb&j sandwich in the other. Your love for your wife and family, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and going out to get DQ blizzards. Your big brother status. I love and miss you Will. I HATE that you’re gone from us. My heart aches with your loss. Love you so much big brother! And then there were 10...

Melane Breen -Vasquez

December 26, 2018

There are so many memories from years of fun .. Willy with Liza to Gabrielle ..I can pin point one , the time we last saw him in Austin Texas waiting for the bats lol on the bridge and going into town.. Willy and I had an amazing time Laughing and playing around while Liz and Gabby trying to control us lol .. And Gabrielle on the lake on the boat Remember she got her boat license .. wouldn’t trade them for the world ..miss you buddy over my Liz And the girls

TaKaélya Morales

December 26, 2018

That is what I will remember about you...
Your bravery and your love
That caring wise and watchful eye, Your humor, your strength, your supportive ways and everything you taught me. You told me never to rely on anyone but myself and I’ve lived by that. You were more than an uncle to me ... you were my dad... I could count on your ear to listen or your words of wisdom even when I didn’t agree with what was being said. I will forever live to make you proud and promise to watch over Aunt Liz. You both showed me what real love is... I’ll never forget you... I love you... so much... I wish I could’ve told you this all before things changed... although I know you’re in a better place, the pain of you not being here physically will never fade.

Sioux Gregory-Smith

December 26, 2018

I met you thru Liz. You loved Liz to the moon, she was your forever. That love was a huge hug for everyone to share plus you shared the gift of laughter. You will be forever remembered and missed, like the big hug that was you.

Elizabeth Wnorowski

December 26, 2018

You were the best husband, father and pop. You will be missed and loved always. Too many wonderful memories to share.
Your loving wife