Barbara Ann Cruchon

December 24, 1949January 15, 2022
Barbara Ann Cruchon passed away on January 15, 2022. She was born to Robert Lee and Marie Louise Robbins on December 24, 1949. She was preceded in death by her mother and father, her husband David Cruchon, her son Bryan Cruchon, her daughter Natalie Cruchon and her younger sister, Theresa Bailey. Barbara Ann is survived by two brothers, David Robbins and Michael Robbins; five cousins, Roger Peck, Dianne Kramer, Suzanne Spence, Janet Craig and Andre Giddings; five nieces, Lauren Moore, Marianne Gergis, Sharon Halliburton, Scarlett Robbins, and Sarah Bailey; two nephews, Anthony Shawn Robbins and Ryan Bailey; and four sisters-in-law, Bonnie Robbins, Nadean Cruchon, Gwendolyn Cruchon and Louise Kirchberg. The family will receive friends from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday January 25 with a funeral service to follow. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Cruchon family. BROKEN APART The Mass Invention and contrivance by bishops Of Rome for two millennia have birth’d A wicked spawn of human vanity Marinated in antiquity with A myriad of doctrines within a Trinity of magic, mystery and Legend—"the one holy catholic and Apostolic church, the See of Peter.” The Boy The boy who would be pope became instead The man, the aviator flying great Machines into the wild blue yonder where He and machine were one above the clouds Far from what long had shadowed him darkly And from which he had fled that he might fly Yet now was he by questions many plagued By day and by night from that wretched Mass. The Man who Wed The boy became the man who wed and went Away with bride in tow never looking Back to mother, father, sisters, brother Who were, as he, shadowed by wretched Mass Until the Light of Truth shined through a crack In his brokenness to rescue him from Darkness by giving him eyes to see and Ears to hear the Word of THE ELOHIYM. Our Tender Sister While mother, father, baby sister sleep Our tender sister suffers with brave face, But “breaks just like a little girl” whose heart Is weighed down, hard-pressed by unrelenting Immeasureable hurt behind a wall Built brick by brick with hands her own, gentle, Now clinging to ritual pageantry With no power to comfort or relieve. Tender Sister and Other Brother Tender sister, still bound by that Mass, and Other brother, long free from its bondage, Are encircled about one another In truth and love, in brokenness often Stumbling but ever caring, repairing The brokenness which we three have paid just To get where we are, broken and apart, Groaning with creation for redemption. The Man who became the Aviator The man who became the aviator Did fly above the clouds, surveying earth Below in worshipful awe and wonder With very heavens above and around Him in praise of the Creator Most High, When peering downward, was he not on top Of very earth far from that wretched Mass? Yet he, like us, is broken and apart. Our Prayer May we your servants three be mended by The Grace and Mercy of Yahovah Most High, if it be your will, but let it be Done to us in accordance with your Word, That we forget our “perfect offering.” Thus we your servants three do entreat thee That our family be mended as one. Amen

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  • Robert Lee and Marie Louise Robbins Parents (deceased)
  • David Cruchon Husband (deceased)
  • Bryan Cruchon Son (deceased)
  • Natalie Cruchon Daughter (deceased)
  • Theresa Bailey Younger Sister (deceased)
  • David Robbins and Michael Robbins Brothers
  • Roger Peck, Dianne Kramer, Suzanne Spence, Janet Craig and Andre Giddings Cousins
  • Lauren Moore, Marianne Gergis, Sharon Halliburton, Scarlett Robbins, and Sarah Bailey Nieces
  • Anthony Shawn Robbins and Ryan Bailey Nephews
  • Bonnie Robbins, Nadean Cruchon, Gwendolyn Cruchon and Louise Kirchberg Sisters-in-law

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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