Mary Lou Albanese

August 19, 1925June 12, 2018
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On July 21, 1941 a skinny 16 year old kid married her one and only love. Together they started a marriage that would last 55 years until his death in 1996. She knew little about marriage, cooking or raising a family (she was a little spoiled), just that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Two years later she had the first of five sons and 2 1/2 years later her only daughter. As the years rolled by, she became a strong somewhat independent woman. As was the norm back then, she did not work outside the home, but spent her days cooking, cleaning, taking care of her children and making a loving home for her family. She always had a hot meal waiting each day when Daddy came home from work (that also meant a hot cup of coffee for him as soon as he finished eating).

She went through worry and separation from Daddy in World War Two, the death of her older brother in war and the death of her father, the off and on moving due to our Dad's construction work, and the death of her mother whom she considered her best friend. She went through the teenage years of her children and the ups and downs of their lives as they grew up and formed families of their own. She and Daddy faced his cancer and daily trips to Houston, his retirement and travels around the country.

She welcomed her first grandchild at 41 with her own younger children only 13, 9, 8 and 7. This grandchild became the first of 25. Eventually that became great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

In 1994, Daddy and her sold their house in Beaumont and moved permanently to the beach. They made friends, walked on the beach and the cut, and most of all, she loved having children and grandchildren there on weekends. Unfortunately, Daddy died only 2 years later. She stayed at Mary Louise's house for 2 months after and got up one morning and announced she was going home. Always a hard worker, she set up a routine of mowing her 3 lots with a self-propelled mower (wouldn’t use their riding lawnmower) pulling weeds off that #%## fence and the general upkeep of the property. She would try to get everything done before any of us came out there to do it for her. She would sit under the cabin every afternoon and drink her ever present glass of instant tea and crochet. She crocheted blankets for kids with cancer through the Linus Project. When everyone came out there, she always had to fix a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs, potato salad, a cake and of course her pitcher of tea. When Sammy met Connie, they camped out there every weekend and would walk with her at the cut, take her to play bingo every Saturday night, go to thrift shops and garage sales to look around and just hang out. She would drive in and meet Mary Louise once a week to get groceries, have lunch at Luby's and spend time with Mary Louise, Tim, Eddie and Virginia, RayAnn and whoever would meet her there. She would then head home. She never wanted to spend the night. (That independent streak).

When Ike struck, she lost everything including all her neighbors. We all convinced her to get a small mobile home (temporarily) and move next door to Mary Louise. She always hoped and thought she would eventually move back. She enjoyed visits from family and holiday gatherings of sometime 50 plus family members. She always made potato salad (15 pounds) as her contribution. A few years later she developed dementia and moved in with Mary Louise. She was always happy, laughing and humming or singing. At church Mary Louise would have to shush her because she sometimes would sing too loud or would want to sing during Father's sermon. She would color in her coloring books, crochet and cut out "coupons". She looked forward to the afternoon break on the swing under the tree with her diet Dr Pepper watching the cars go by, the squirrels playing and the dogs wanting her to pet them. She, Mary Louise and Melvin made this a daily thing. She and Mary Louise would exercise every day and it always amazed Mary Louise how many repetitions she could do. She and Perry would watch the Three Stooges, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Andy Griffin together and she would always root for whoever was losing in a fight. Perry and her had their own form of communication and had many good times together. She mostly was patient with him and his need to talk but sometimes she would move away from him and say he talked too much. Melvin became another son and was always there to help out. Sometimes she would whisper to Perry that he was a Jackass if she thought he didn't give her and Perry their cookies soon enough after a meal. They each ate 2 cookies after their meals.

Mama was an amazing woman who has left a legacy but a hole in our hearts. She will of course never be forgotten and hopefully what she has taught us through her faith, love, perseverance and courage will continue to touch a part of our lives and give all of us an example and pattern of a life well lived. We love you dearly Mama!


  • Willis Edmond Creader, Father
  • Mary Ethal Creader, Mother
  • Sam Albanese, Husband
  • Sam Albanese Jr., Son
  • Dominick 'Eddie' Albanese and wife Virginia, Son
  • Timothy Albanese, Son
  • Ricky Albanese and wife June, Son
  • Joe Albanese and wife Amanda, Son
  • Mary McCown and husband Melvin, Daughter
  • Ikie Creader and wife Marilyn, Brother
  • Lyndon Creader, Brother


  • A Gathering to Share Memories of Mary Friday, June 15, 2018
  • A Celebration Of Mary's Life Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mary Lou Albanese

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Donna and Frank Blaisdell

June 14, 2018

Obert and I are so sorry for the loss of your precious mother. She was always such a joy to be around with her sweet smile and often a little giggle. I know she was an awesome mom, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother. It is always so hard to let go of someone you love with all your being, but then we realize how much they are wanting to to leave and go join the loved ones that have gone before them. Mary has left a great heritage, she was loved by all who knew her while she brought such joy and love into our lives. We are all left with our own precious memories of her. Mary, I know your house and your life will seem so empty for a while. Accept God’s peace to envelope you and allow you to envision her in His arms and your dad by her side. She was truly a blessing and you all were blessed to have her so long. We will hold fond memories of your sweet mom.