Patricia Barry Rumble

December 16, 1946March 31, 2021

Patricia "Trish" Barry Rumble, 74, passed away on March 31, 2021 at University Place in Houston, Texas.

Born and raised in Beaumont, Trish graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. She taught science and German at schools in Austin, Houston, New Orleans and Santa Fe, and later in life found a calling as a massage therapist and healer. Her truest love, though, was for the stage. Trish was a renowned playwright, winning the Texas Playwrights Festival for her first full-length play, Breaking Out of Sunset Place. She also took inspiration from folklore to write many plays for young audiences, including The Archer and the Princess and Aesop's Funny Fables, as well as The Night the Animals Talked, which she adapted into a book that received a Mom's Choice Award in Juvenile Fiction.

In addition to her healing and creative work, Trish found time to pay it forward to those in need. She frequently worked with Dionysus Theatre’s founding artistic director Deborah Nowinski to provide plays and production assistance to actors with disabilities who were denied access to traditional theaters. Trish co-founded the Helping Afghan Women’s Project with three Houston businesswomen to provide food, sanitation and coal for warmth in remote regions of Afghanistan. In later years, she worked with the 36th Infantry Division Association, using her writing talents to capture war memories from the Greatest Generation.

Trish took a line from the movie Auntie Mame as her credo: "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" She made friends instantly with people from all walks of life, all across the country and all over the world. She loved to talk, and she loved to laugh. She could also find thrift store bargains like nobody's business. A devoted mother and a proud Cajun, she was never shy about speaking her mind and never hesitant in fighting for those she loved.

Trish was preceded in death by her cousin Ray Ener and her nephew Ashlon Barry. She will be missed by her son Rob Rumble, her brothers Monty, Rock, and Rick Barry, her cousins Marty (Ener) Fazand, Kathy (Ener) Gilstrap and Kaye (Ener) Bryant, Tommy Braquet, Sandra (Braquet) Snyder and Brian Braquet, her niece Amanda Barry, nephew Brandon Barry, and extended family, her former husband and best friend Steve Rumble, her many friends, and countless others whose lives she touched along the way.

A Celebration of Trish's Life will be held Saturday, April 17th, 2021 at 2:00 PM at Forest Lawn Funeral Home, located at 4955 Pine Street, Beaumont, Texas, 77705.

In lieu of flowers, her family gratefully asks that donations be made to Theatre Forward in her memory.


17 April

A Celebration of Patricia's Life

2:00 pm

Forest Lawn Funeral Home


4955 Pine Street
Beaumont, Texas 77703


Patricia Barry Rumble

have a memory or condolence to add?

Gwen (Asbury) Speed

April 15, 2021

I have waited to add my memory of my dear friend, Trish. Writing this is just too final....but I will do it now because I must. Trish was in my small group of close girlfriends at FHS. PHAMMB...we called ourselves. It was the only word using the first letter of our last names that we could come up with. Trish was "B" for Barry. She said "Well I like it ok even if I have to be a silent letter". She was so funny and clever. We were all Buffalo Belles...we danced through those high school years and laughed and cried together and made everlasting friendships. We lost sweet Nancy H. back in the late 80' sad, she died of cancer. For the most part, we all stayed in touch. Especially those of us who stayed close to Beaumont. A special time for me with Trish was when she honored me by asking me to choreograph the musical she wrote. YOU GO GIRL ..what a show and what fun rehearsing.. It was a huge success. We still socialized and celebrated our birthdays regularly. On February 13, we had a great time at lunch having one of those birthday celebrations. That was the last time I saw her. I will miss her so much.

Fran Goldsmith

April 14, 2021

Oh Trish. So many adventures we’ve shared and the new ones we were dreaming up. I miss you already.
The memories are just flooding in. From hitting it off immediately when we met as volunteers for the Houston Area Women’s Center in the late 70’s; to your expression seeing the hundreds of people come out of the subway all at once in front of the Trade Towers during your first trip to NYC; so much fun driving from Frankfurt to Freiburg when you were studying at the Goethe institute; enjoying a flat in Paris for a time; and of course being with you, Steve and your Mom when Rob was born.
And your passion for writing and learning. Such an inspiration! I remember you took the bus to Louisiana so you could better hear and learn the dialects; recording tv shows and transcribing them to get the cadence; you even wrote and performed original stand-up and sketch comedy! and our fun staying at the Four Seasons, Los Angeles for the first reading of Breaking Out of Sunset Place.
And of course our recent conversations. It was a tough last year for you. I hoped you had turned the corner. We had such hopes for what would happen with your existing and new writings. For possible future adventures.
RIP dear Trish. You are forever in my heart.
I found this photo of us with our very 80’s looks in Vail, CO.

Colette Delacroix

April 11, 2021

I'll still go to Super Sunday next year. You may not be dancing next to me. But I will be carrying you in my heart.
Thanks for the characters!!!

Amy Drake

April 10, 2021

I first met Trish when we were members of Ken Davenport's Inner Circle. Trish became a friend and a theater colleague I deeply respected. I will miss her encouragement, twinkling eyes, and bright smile.

Leo Schwartz

April 9, 2021

I first met Trish at the Ken Davenport Group and I found her to be so kind and warm and enthusiastic about theatre. Her eyes sparkled when she spoke about it and I loved the success she had with Escaping Sunset. What a wonderful, wonderful woman.

Diane Nizza

April 9, 2021

Trish and I have been friends since Ms. George's science class at James Bowie Jr. High. We remained friends at French High School, where we were active in the drill squad called the Buffalo Belles. Through that organization, we formed a small girls' group of friends. Trish was already involved in the school play, Our Town, and soon enticed me to sign up for speech class the following year. Our senior year of college, at the University of Texas, she was my roommate. It was a fun year, involving a crazy trip the two of us made to Monterrey, Mexico. In those days, girls usually did not travel without men, so we were daring and just a little before our times. I guess you might say that we were adventurous. Later, she was a bridesmaid at my wedding. Trish remained one of my best friends throughout the years. I attended most of her plays, children's plays, and stand-up comedian gigs, as well as benefit occasions for the Afghan women We had so many memories: birthdays and anniversaries, and the birth of our children. One thing that I will always treasure is how she (and Steve) offered me such support in the final days of my husband Salvatore's life. The massage therapy experience really did come in handy then. She showed herself to be a true friend. She was an avid gardener, and brought fresh produce to us during that time. In 2015 we "took a little trip" (like the song says) on the Megabus and studied the Battle of New Orleans; while taking advantage of the more fun things NOLA has to offer. Great memories. As her obituary says, she was kind and generous, intelligent and extremely gifted in writing. She often had a way of putting a smile on my face. I miss her terribly and will love her always.

Deborah Nowinski

April 9, 2021

Trish...I will always be grateful you came into my life with your upbeat creative shine. And always supporting Dionysus Theatre. You helped give everyone a voice with your wonderful plays.
And, as a 30 year friend, the memories shall always be treasured. Fly high Angel. Im sure youre entertaining Heaven right now.
Blessings to your family.

Chelsea Tipton

April 9, 2021

Trish and I shared a love of the arts. We had wonderful chats at Rao's Bakery about the arts and life. Rest in Peace Dear One.

Sue Whitfield Atlas

April 9, 2021

She hadn’t changed much since this photo of her, me and Diane’s mom was taken 24 years ago. This was at Diane’s bday party. She will be missed. We are leaving town tomorrow or would certainly be at the funeral. Sorry.

Pat Silver

April 9, 2021

Trish was a gifted playwright. As the former Executive Director of Express Theatre, I was able to commission and produce a number of her children's plays. She brought so much energy, talent and commitment to every project and was just a delight to work with. She will be greatly missed as a talent and as a friend.


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