Beverly Ann Rutan

December 24, 1947July 25, 2020

Bev Rutan passed away Saturday July 25,2020 peacefully at her home in Beaverton, Oregon from her yearlong battle with a glioblastoma brain tumor. She had all of her family with her during her last days. Bev is survived by her husband (Cliff), daughter (Angie), son (JR), son (Chad), daughter in law (Michelle Wallace), brother (Gary) and sister in law (Kirsten). Bev and Cliff were married on October 10, 1975, have a daughter and son and another son from Bev’s previous marriage. Bev enjoyed skiing, golf, bridge, water color painting, glass art and visiting Maui. She was a great Blue Bird mother and loved kids and animals. Bev and Cliff started Rutan Construction Inc. together in 1982, Bev was an indispensable part of the business until retirement in 2009. Bev was very active on the AGC Health Trust Board in Portland, OR and helped form some of the rules and procedures in the 1980’s and 1990’s that are still in use. During retirement Bev played golf and bridge with a great group of ladies at their home in Arizona. She will be deeply missed by her family The family suggests donations to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR. The funeral service will be a private service for family only due to the Covid-19 Virus. A celebration of life may be held after the Covid-19 Virus is over.

Please send donations in memory of Beverly Ann Rutan to: OHSU Foundation PO Box 29017 Portland, OR 97296 If giving by check, in the memo line, please write “in memory of Beverly Ann Rutan supporting the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. To give online, go to Please make sure to select Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in the drop down box. Marty at Burkhardt Florist in Hillsboro (503.645.6492) is to provide flowers for their long time customer and friend.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Rutan family.


Beverly Ann Rutan

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Don Kielblock

September 2, 2020

Bev, was full of life, always on the go whether it was to head to the golf course, joining her bridge group or having an evening out with Cliff and their friends.
She would tell the most fascinating stories about her childhood in Florida and Chicago, frequently having us cry with laughter.
She was a gracious and attentive host who made sure there wasn't a dull moment whether we were visiting in Arizona or vacationing in Italy.
I will miss her warm smile and bigger than life personality.

Angie Rutan

August 20, 2020

(part 2/2)
She gets credit for my enjoyment of Mexican food and Cadillac margaritas. How to love and care for children and animals. That you shouldn’t wait for special occasions to wear your jewelry. She would stick out her tongue on the side of her mouth just a little when she was concentrating. Yell Oooohhhhh shit when something fell or broke. Plus a million other things that made her my special mom. She even married my dad who’s one of my best friends, and I hope she knows/knew what an incredible gift that is!! I’ve never had to be alive without her and it’s damn hard to do. She was the first person that ever took me surfing; she nurtured my love/obsession with the ocean. Every time the sea touches my skin I’ll think of her. Plus a million other times. My mama went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago, and I hope to meet her there someday. Until then I can try to be half as strong as she was and leave a legacy to make her proud. Thank you mommy. Love you. xoxo Sunshine

Here’s a photo from our last trip to Maui at one of her favorite beaches ❤️

Angie Rutan

August 20, 2020

I have loved reading all of the special memories on this page!! Dad asked me to share here what I wrote yesterday:

(part 1/2)
My mom was the first person I knew, even before I opened my eyes. At one point we shared the same heartbeat! I loved our little game when I would say “hello mother” and she’d reply “hello daughter”. She taught me how to be amazing in the kitchen, how to sew a button and iron clothes, how to throw a great party, and keep a clean house. She helped me pick out dresses for dances, taught me how to do accounting, when to plant flowers, to take adventures and cherish your friends. Plus a million other things. She made my halloween costumes, brushed my hair for school pictures, drove me to the mall, took care of me when I was sick, bought my favorite ice cream when I’d come home from college. We got to watch whales together in Hawaii, go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Colorado, play golf in Arizona, gamble in the Caribbean, swim in the ocean in California, buy unnecessary pottery in Mexico, have a drink at my favorite bar in New York, ski in Idaho, build snowmen in Michigan, fish for salmon in Canada, and buy sweaters at Disney World when we decided to stay late and watch the fireworks. Plus a million other adventures small and large.

Gary Koenes

August 19, 2020

I'm still at a loss...Bev, my big sister, gone too soon. You held me as a newborn, you babysat me, you put up with a spoiled brother that embarrassed you in front of your high school dates. You went away to school leaving our home. I was too young to appreciate you then. You got married, you had a son, my nephew Chad. You moved across the country and I didn't get to see you. You went thru a divorce and some guy brought you back to Michigan. Our parents were skeptical of him but you ended up back in Oregon, and married that guy, Cliff! What an awesome team you two became. You worked hard, you sacrificed, you had a fiery little red head, my niece Angie, then you completed your family, adding my nephew JR. You raised a family, you built a business, you traveled the world, you made friends...because that was you. We finally connected, later in life, as brother and sister...sharing so many of the same thoughts and beliefs. We didn't get to see each other nearly enough, but we made the most of the times we did. You and Cliff stepped up and took care of mom and dad. You brought them to Oregon, you both loved them unconditionally. Our sister Carol followed them to Oregon and you helped her. It was our family. Then Carol left us and we spread her ashes, at your company. Then mom got sick. You and I drove around looking for a place that could care for our mom, realizing that most wouldn't do. You persevered, getting her into an amazing place. You and I held her hands, as she took her last breath. We knew dad would struggle after losing her. But he surprised us by agreeing to fly to Arizina. We were able to all be together, listening to his Hermanisms. After a few short days together, as I was getting ready to head back to Michigan, we found our dad on the floor. A few days later he joined mom in heaven. It was now just us, two Koenes kids left. Fast forward 17 years and now you're gone. I couldn't have had a better sister! Till we meet in Heaven, Bev, I love you!❤ Gary

Catherine Barton

August 19, 2020

Bev was memorable. She was smart, had great taste, was happy and attractive. I am grateful I was able to help them as their sales agent at Del Webb to build a beautiful home and life in Sun City Grand. God Bless Her Loved Ones.

Caryl Husk

August 12, 2020

Bev will always hold a special place in my heart and prayers.
She touched so many lives and made each day brighter for those of us that shared her friendship. So many great memories, Black Butte golf outings and our Happy Hours. This Friday morning the 8 of us will be social distancing in the park across the street from my place celebrating Bev. To you Cliff, Angie, JR, and Chad . There is a saying that God never gives us more burdens than we can bear. Just know that she is in a better place free from pain and anguish. I wish I could take your sorrow away from all of you. Just know in time it will get better, but you will never forget. Tell each other Bev stories. It is Ok to get her memory alive. Just know you are loved by so many and don't be afraid to reach out to your friends. Hang in there and keep the faith. Love, Caryl

Lisa Ross

August 11, 2020

Cliff and family....
I am so sorry to hear of Bev's passing and her recent struggles the last year or so. From our years at The Reserve and Pumpkin, she was always such a fun person to be around. Her laugh alone made people smile and laugh with her.
Loved following the travels on Facebook with Chester... and so enjoyed being included in her 70th surprise party. She will forever be a part of the "YaYa girls" and will miss her.

mike baggs

August 10, 2020

Hello Cliff
My condolences in the loss of Beverly.
She was a wonderful lady and a classy woman.
I really enjoyed working with you and Beverly over the years.
Mike Baggs


August 10, 2020

Cliff - so sad to hear of your loss of your beloved Bev. I treasure the memories of development construction projects we shared. I know first hand of the Rutan Construction "partnership" of you and Bev. Condolences to you and family.
Jerry Palmer

Betsy Lee

August 9, 2020

I am so deeply sorry about Bev’s passing. I would like to share a very fond funny story about what happened when Bev and I were golfing at the AGC golf tournament many many years ago. I was driving the cart and Bev was my passenger and my golf partner. We were at the 5th hole backed up so I got out of the cart to Stretch my legs. Bev had had several beers and so she wanted to stretching out in the cart. All of a sudden her foot hit the gas pedal and the golf cart took off and it pinned a guy to a tree. Bev and I did not know if we should laugh or cry. It just so happened that the president of the company I worked for Liberty Northwest was just starting to T off where the incident occurred. Needless to say it didn’t work out very well for him because there was quite a Commotion. I got in the cart backed it up made sure he was ok, we apologized and took off. We skipped that hole. Again we were laughing and crying at the same time we really didn’t know how to act. I think that is considered a hit-and-run but no charges were filed he said he was not injured. Our pictures did appear in the AGC monthly newsletter that next month with the headlines something to the effect that Bev Rutan of Rutan Construction and Betsy Lee Account executive at Liberty Northwest sure seem to be enjoying themselves at the golf tournament. Bev decided to take off in the golf court sitting in the passenger side of the cart. People talked about that for years and we always had a good laugh. I only wish we could share the story one last time.

Prayers to her friends and family.