Brillion Lawson Lynch

March 28, 2003April 3, 2021

Brillion Lawson Lynch was born on March 28, 2003 and passed away on April 3, 2021 and is under the care of Sunset Hills Funeral Home.

Funeral Service will be held on April 19, 2021 at 11:30 am at Sunset Hills Funeral Home, 1215 145th Place SE, Bellevue, WA. Graveside Service will be held on April 19, 2021 at 2:30 pm at Cedar Lawns Funeral Home, 7200 180th Ave NE, Redmond, WA.

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  • Funeral Service

    Monday, April 19, 2021

  • Graveside Service

    Monday, April 19, 2021


Brillion Lawson Lynch

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Madison Weiser

May 8, 2021

My sister and I loved to hang out with Brillion and the rest of the neighborhood kids growing up. I remember sunny days driving around in her electric toy hummer and running through the sprinkler! My childhood would not have been the same without her.

David Combs

May 8, 2021

Brillion I will never forget the spark and tenacity you held within yourself. I know you were the sunshine in your family’s life and you taught so many people different lessons they will cherish forever. I will always remember the interactions we had together; some of my favorites were when we went to hoopfest. I know you are flying high in heaven right now and I pray that you are at peace.

Francis Gyan

May 7, 2021

So many memories come to mind when I think of brillion. I had to take some time to let things really sink in. Sometimes things just don’t seem real how someone who was so kind and so lovable and one of her best traits her sarcasm. When I think of brillion I think of the kindness and love her family instilled in her. That kindness and acceptance I received from the lynch family over the years have taught me to always show kindness and help others even when I wasn’t feeling well and was dealing with things myself. That was the kind of person brillion was. Brillion was also a very happy person I remember taking trips to yakima and her picking on me for various this like my being a little afraid of her two dogs who seemed to form a wall where ever she walked. As time went by I would come visit and we’d have some good short conversations about life and every time we always had some good laughs. I didn’t know she was such a talented artist and I was so impressed with her work how realistic some of them was and also how nostalgic and creative the other ones were. I will always remember brillion and the lynch family because they have endless love for all people no matter what shape, size or form. Love is Love. May the Heavenly Father take care of her precious soul until we meet again.

Lenny Norris

April 30, 2021


As we learned of your family's loss of Brillion, we felt nothing less than shock, horror and disbelief, beyond what words can express. We fondly remember Brillion’s sweet, charming nature and boundless energy, of which we had the pleasure of knowing more intimately while our families shared time within the warmth of your home. I’m so sorry, Mike. Please know that with heavy hearts, we are thinking of you, Laura and Wyatt, and hoping that somehow, some way, peace may be found within all of your loving memories of Brillion.


Jen W.

April 27, 2021

"Where there is deep grief, there was great love." (Unknown)

Dear Michael, Laura, and Wyatt,
Brillion was a genuinely delightful young woman! She was filled with so much creativity, intelligence, and potential. Her smile was beautiful and bright. She was witty and clever. She was passionate and determined. She was truly one of a kind! She brought joy and laughter to all who knew her. I am blessed to have known her.
Each of you has been in my heart as I think of how much you love Brillion - and how much she loves you. I pray that you will hold on to that truth and find comfort in the beautiful memories you created together.
I am so sorry for the grief that has stricken your hearts and home. The quote I shared above reminds me that the grief you feel is a result of the deep love you have shared and continue to express for Brillion. Love is a beautiful gift, and you have given it freely.
With heartfelt sympathy,

Cheri Jolly

April 26, 2021

Laura Mike & Wyatt
There are no words to express the loss of a child. I remember her as a bright eyed and energetic little girl when she would come and see you at VM. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you all.


Jacqueline Bunce

April 25, 2021

Dear Laura, Mike, Wyatt, Uncle Jeff and family,

The loss of Brillion has deeply affected all of us. Brillion left us much too soon.

Brillion had not yet had the opportunity to enjoy young adulthood, with all of the promise and rewards that are part of growing to maturity.

However, Brillion did have the opportunity to be raised with a loving family and friends, who all miss her dearly.

Brillion was a special girl: friendly, sensitive, thoughtful to others, as well as being a talented artist.

Losing Brillion so unexpectedly creates a searing pain that is unbearable.

I hope that over time, your memories of Brillion will bring more smiles than tears, and that you are able to heal from this loss.

Believe me, I know, that the grieving never ends when we lose someone that we love.

Here is a poem that my mother, Marjorie Bunce, recently wrote for your family in honor of your beautiful, happy Brillion:

Our children fill our heart
With love and with joy
It doesn't matter to family if a girl or a boy

Eighteen years, such a short time to care
Try to be grateful for the years you did share
Brillion will always be with you, in your heart and your mind
May many happy memories, you continue to find

My mother and I have both lost our husbands, as well as other loved ones.

Dying is a part of living, but losing a child so young is a different kind of grief and is unbearable.

Brillion and your entire family have been in our prayers since we first learned of this tragedy. Our condolences to you.

With Love,

Jacqueline Bunce and Marjorie Bunce

Bang and Tona Hwang

April 25, 2021

In 2007 when we moved in as Michael and Laura’s neighbor, Brillion was about 3-4 years old; Tona and I were seeing that she was playing the basketball, and soft baseball with her brother and other kids. Surely she was a happy girl. With a brink of eyes, and then she has graduated from the high school, and was going to the college.

However, on the Easter, Tona brought the little flower basket I bought several days earlier and the almond thins she just made in the morning for Michael’s family. At the doorstep, Laura told Tona that Brillion passed away last night. When Tona came back home to tell me the news, I was greatly saddened of hearing of it. From the passing of Brillion, she seemed to have taught me lessons that life is short, and time flies. We should be precious of life and time.

At the memorial service, I noticed that she had painted quite many amazing masterpieces. Obviously, she had a gifted talent in arts, and from her paintings, I considered that this world had just lost a potential artist who could create more wonderful masterpieces.

However, Brillion will live forever in our hearts as a pretty and smart girl. One thing is sure that Brillion is in peace at a better world.

Dear Michael and Laura,

While the loss of a loved one is never easy, it is most certainly, the hardest. We offer our sincere, heartfelt and deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved daughter Brillion.

Our thoughts are with you during this most difficulty of times. Tona and I pray that the light of God’s love shine upon you, as you face the darkness of your pain and grief.

So more importantly, you must take good care of yourselves. Please let us know if you need any help.

God bless you and the family.

Bang and Tona Hwang
April 19, 2021

Angie Reiker

April 25, 2021

Laura, Mike and Wyatt,
Brillion should have known by more people how much she meant to the world! Watching the old videos and fun memories of her and the girls riding her toy Hummer up and down the steep drive way is so precious! Watching her and the girls run through the sprinkler or setting up a fruit stand for neighbors to visit are some of my favorites when the girls were little.
We are so very sorry for this difficult time! Our hearts go out to you!

Emil Davis

April 24, 2021

Dear Mike, Laura, and my beloved friend/brother for life Wyatt,

I just wanted to take this time to say I am beyond honored that you guys gave me this opportunity to be present at celebrating the life of Brillion. I know I will never know the pain and hurt you guys are feeling but just know I will always be here for you and always love you guys. A memory that will always still with me that I forgot to mention at the memorial was in 2017 a week or two after Christmas Laura and Brillion surprised with a late Christmas present. The Christmas present that they surprised me with was beyond a blessing for me. Brillion knew how curious I was learning about my DNA and learning about my ancestors and family tree. I didn’t even think she would’ve remembered that my DNA was always something I looked forward to finding out what I am made of. Laura and Brillion one morning, while no one else was around decided to present to me a 23andMe DNA test. I couldn’t believe it and all I remember Laura telling me was that this was all Brillion’s idea. I just hugged them both and said to them I love them so much. I am going to miss hugging you Brillion and always having you to talk to on late nights going upstairs playing cup pong, going bowling together. I am going to miss how sarcasm and how much you have brought to the table, such as always cooking dinner and bring your family together. I could never explain how lost I am at words and deeply saddened that you left us too soon. I just wish I would’ve stayed in contact with you and came to see you guys more often. I love you so much Brillion Lawson Lynch and you will not be Forgotten. One day we will meet again and I pray that you and God are watching over your family, friends, and I. Your body might be gone but your soul is still here and I hope to see you in my dreams.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3


Emil Kimani Lee Davis aka your lil big bro