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Christopher Kodiak Carrigan

March 29, 1977June 19, 2020

In Loving Remembrance ~ Christopher Kodiak Carrigan

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints of snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there, I did not die.

(Canto Navajo)


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Christopher Kodiak Carrigan

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Mike Carrigan

July 14, 2020

Chris had a way of generating excitement by his very presence. His enthusiasm was contagious, and his smile an invitation to closeness. He was better than anyone I've ever known at using his eyebrows to express emotion and that emotion was almost always appreciative, grateful, and interested in others. Chris was a bright star and his light continues to shine. We are all better for having known him.

Chelsea Carrigan

July 7, 2020

This picture was from the summer of 1979 when my mom was pregnant with Josh. She asked me to upload it to the site and I found I bunch more while in Tokeland this past weekend. This was part of the brief time when Chris and my parents were just a family of 3. I have always loved this picture.

Casey Carrigan

July 5, 2020

My only adventure with Chris was when he was very young, perhaps nine or ten. Mike and I took him and Josh up North River wake boarding in Mike's boat. We hit a submerged snag and ripped the motor off the boat and it sank in the murky water! We were a long ways upriver without a paddle as they say. We somehow found the motor, drained the water out and motored all the way home! It was an epic day for all of us.

I saw Chris through the years from time to time at the family camp-out. Perhaps from our early bounding experience he loved his uncles! Every time I saw him his eyes would light up and he was so glad to see me. He made me feel loved and appreciated like some kind of rock star. I loved his passion for sports and life in general and he had more than his share of adventures in a relatively short life on this earth. I loved Chris, he will be missed and I hope and pray he finds peace in the next world. Uncle Casey.

Taylor Thruelsen

July 2, 2020

I feel that one of the main reasons I was drawn to our friendship, was because life always was an adventure.
When we went to the Trailblazers playoff game last year, we decided to head up the coast instead of I-5 back to Seattle.
Driving in the “pay by day” Zip car we ran out of gas on a wrong turn road in Astoria. After meeting three different people before the gas got to us, we headed up to Tokeland for two days. Then the Zip car got stuck because it’s satellite was out of range to start the car when it was time to go home. Three tow trucks and two days later, we get into Aberdeen and fire up the car and drive back to Seattle.
It was beyond a headache, but Chris, now that I sit back and look, that’s what made it so much fun.
It was an adventure whenever I was with you and knowing the wind would take us in the right direction was what made our time together so special. I already miss you so much and I can’t wait for our next adventure.
I love you Chris and please rest peacefully brother.

Nick Devine

July 1, 2020

I was blessed to be a part of the Carrigan family from the early days of my life. Chris and I were more than friends, we considered ourselves brothers. He had a big personality and a bigger heart. In the 1980s, growing up on cougar mountain on “the loop,” was special and highly unconventional. There are too many memories to speak of, and trying to do so would do an injustice to our past.

From early on I can remember Chris as an avid sports fan. Fight nights watching Mike Tyson and LongAcres on the weekends was so special. He had uncanny recall for anything sports related. Racing mopeds around the property and mischief all night was so fun.

Chris and I lived together in Australia and had wild times in Southeast Asia. He had a passion for travel and oftentimes threw caution to the wind. He was always ready for the next big adventure wanted me along for the ride.

He was the most generous person I was fortunate to know and had a kind heart. More than once he gave me the shirt off his back and a ride to the airport. We loved each other unconditionally and I’ll love him like a brother forever.

Reid McNair

June 30, 2020

What I remember about Chris, was his kindness. He had a big heart and never had a bad word to say about anyone. We shared a passion for sports, including a little frisbee football at Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop, he was a worthy opponent. I pray he is in a more peaceful and loving place. I will miss his gentle soul. Sending loving thoughts to Andy, Barb, Steve, Josh, Chelsea and the entire Carrigan Clan. May God provide peace and understanding.

Elliot Cohn

June 30, 2020

Moved on to Cougar Mt. and next to Carrigan’s in August before seventh grade. I spent more time at their home than mine. Many of us did. Six years is different now, then it was lifetimes. We spent about every day together for those six years prior to us all leaving home and venturing out in the world. Many, many stories, here is one:

Varsity basketball. Chris and I on the second team. Chris guarded Jason Heide every practice. Heide wasn’t just tall (6’10” barefoot), he was strong, and athletic, and skilled. Heide had a full-ride to Oregon State and without a knee problem most likely would have played in the NBA. Chris was uncommonly strong—a Carrigan trait for sure, and deceptively skilled, though at 6’1.5” with shoes on, he—and our whole second team—was generally outmatched. We scrimmaged often and lost about as often. Then, during one scrimmage it happened almost—or exactly—like this:

Chris gets the ball down-low, spins baseline, reverse right-handed layup off the right foot over Heide, bucket. Chris gets a long rebound, one dribble into Heide’s body, up and in. Chris gets the ball on the wing, open, shoots, scores. Chris pump fakes, gets clobbered, throws it up falling to the ground, swish. It became ten points in a row, I am almost sure of that, and know it was most of the twenty-one points we scored in our rare victory. The first team was shell-shocked. The second team was giving high fives and hugging. Chris took us backups on his shoulders to beat a phenomenal starting five, and it became legendary (literally talked to a teammate last year and this is the story he brought up).

I can probably count on one hand someone I've met who genuinely allows you to always be yourself and gets more excited about the good things that happen to you than even you do. Chris, one of my all-time best friends, was one of those people. With tears—RIP Chris.

95-96 Issaquah High Basketball Program

Kevin McFarlan

June 30, 2020

I’m with Josh on this one for sure, the Chris I choose to remember was 13 years old and had the absolute best collection of Starter hats and parkas!! Chris had already developed that HUGE heart of his at that age and he was always excited... ALWAYS. It was never a loosing proposition for me when I was with him and he always reminded me that Andy and Barbara were proud of me and that I was “One of the good guys.” All my love to you Steve and Josh, Andy Barbara and Chelsea, you have always welcomed and loved me.
“I’ll miss my friend “

Steve Carrigan

June 30, 2020

These were my college years, making me 19-20, so I am guessing Chris is about 8-9 in this photo. It was a brief window, but there were a few years in there before the boys hit their teens, where I , as their older, half brother carried some street credibility specifically because I had grown up in California, which was the big time if you were 8 years old and living on a mountain in Issaquah. I used to make this dish I called "California toast" for the boys. It was just toast. But I'd butter this toasted bread and serve it to them and Chris and Josh, would eat it up and say "man, that California Toast...it's something..." Branding it turns out works in all contexts. Anyways, these were also the times when Zac Devine would come over and I would wrestle Chris, Josh and Zac all at once. I was often helping Andy work on the yard, which it being 10+ acres, is an endless task, but Chris would always be there, bear-foot, running around, handing us tools, observing, asking questions, he really doted on Andy and wherever Andy was, Chris was rarely far behind. Unless there was California Toast on the bar, then I could garner his attention.

Steve Carrigan

June 30, 2020

This is at Chelsea's Wedding. Also with Ria Carrigan. If a picture is 1,000 words. What is Ria saying about how she feels about Chris in this image?