Donald Lloyd Ostrom

August 19, 1930May 11, 2018

Mr. Donald L. Ostrom, age 87, of Bellevue, passed away Friday, May 11, 2018. A memorial service to celebrate Mr. Ostrom's life will be held at 6:00 pm Friday, June 8, 2018 at Churchome in Kirkland. The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the National Christian Foundation, Sunset Hills Funeral Home in Bellevue is in care of the arrangements. For more information, please call (425) 746-1400.

Pastor Don was an exceptional man and a giant of the faith. Pulled off of the mission field from the Philippines to run the family business after a family tragedy, Don and Marlene glorified God by becoming highly successful in the retirement home business, owning multiple convalescent centers in different parts of the country. While I may be understating his incredible business success, Pastor Don with Marlene always remembered the poor (as scripture reminds us) and their hearts were never far from the Philippines, where God had originally called them.

With a goal of always serving others first, and while using his finances to bless the kingdom, Don made a kingdom impact both locally and globally. Here at home he served as an elder in his church—Churchome (formerly The City Church)—as well as on multiple boards. Abroad he visited at least 69-countries, helped to plant over 1,000-churches, and was a featured speaker at ministry conventions, conferences and churches. Whether on the mission field, in business, or as a husband to Marlene and a father to their four boys, Don Ostrom led a life that glorified God and richly blessed others.


  • Memorial Service Friday, June 8, 2018

Donald Lloyd Ostrom

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keith walde

November 1, 2018

What a man of God Don Ostrom was! I still tell his stories of faith in God that he shared at our quarterly manager meetings. It was such a privilege to work for Don and Marlene. I knew that they were praying for us and leading us with God as their personal leader.
I have shared excerpts from Don's book "Millionaire in the Pew" at many church board meetings. Becasue of Don and Marlene's steady witness to God's leading, I have always maintained a Christian focus in every facility that I managed, and God has blessed each one.
I look forward to seeing Don in heaven and thanking him personally for his steadfast love of God. His legacy of bringing God's principles into the marketplace made a lasting impact on my life.
Sincerely, Keith Walde

Randy Ticer

September 22, 2018

I first met Don in October of 1970 through a mutual friend John Osteen. Don was a wonderful man, a true Christian and will be very missed by all that knew him! Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Timothy Knapp

June 8, 2018

What I think of most when Don comes to mind is his smile and his kindness. He always wanted to know how I was doing. He cared. I will miss you Don. Thanks for touching my life.

Kevin Holland

June 6, 2018

Hey… Sorry about the long text but I didn’t have your email so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I really wish Meg and I could be there for your dad's memorial. He and your mom have meant so much to us and our boys.

Of all the pastors I’ve ever had, Don Ostrom added the most to my life. Maybe it’s because he knew where I came from.

He showed me how to give and to have faith in God for my finances. That’s when I started tithing.

More than that, over the years Meg and I saw in his life that giving is something you do and generous is someone you are... We have never known people more generous than Pastor Don and Marlene.

I saw in him how to find something positive in everything... To look to my future with faith for God's blessing.

He even called me on the phone when I was in my 20's just to tell me he was praying for me and he believed in me. That's a conversation I have never forgotten.

The first time I met him I was 12 years old. All I really knew was, I loved being around that man. As poor as we were – and we were - I never felt that I was less than the Ostroms... even as a kid.

If you want to make good choices, first you need to know what’s important to you… What you value. If you don’t know what your values are, think of someone you admire. The quality you admire in them will usually be something you value. I found a lot of things in Don Ostrom I admired and are values that have guided my life for a long time.

Steve Lightle

May 20, 2018

Don and Marlene Ostrom were mentors to my wife Judy and I right from the beginning when we first met them in 1970. As a young businessman, Don gave me excellent advice for my business, DIPPY DUCK Car Wash. I learned so much traveling with him, whether he was flying his airplane taking us to a meeting or around the world. His incredible ability to lead people into worship was always a highlight. When Judy and I entered the mission field, Don and Marlene were wonderful supporters. Interestingly, I'm writing this today from the Philippines where I now live and travel from, the country they were called to to be missionaries. I relay my prayers to Marlene and the whole Ostrom family.
steve lightle



June 2018

When the news of his passing reached the Ghana Office of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, we were struck like a thunderbolt had hit, and yet comforted upon reflection at the enormous contributions Don had made to the Kingdom of God, and through his untiring service through the FGBMFI Africa. What shall we say, but give thanks to God our loving father, that it is His will to give His precious son eternal rest after several years of distinguished service in His vineyard.

Don had a passion for Africa, and for souls for which he worked with amazing devotion. A General of the Fellowship. A man of nobility with purpose and conviction. A man of great humility, yet hugely effective in advancing the course of the Fellowship. His big heart, welcoming smile, and keen disposition endeared him to all. Indeed, Don was a rare gift to the nations of Africa.
At a convention of the FGBMFI in Anaheim, California, Don become enamored by some delegates from Ghana, and hastily arranged for them to meet Demos Shakarian, the founder and International president. This began a flurry of exciting interactions which led to his first visit to Ghana, with his dear wife Marlene in 1984. Don never looked back from then on.
The visit sealed the bonds of love and great friendship, which inspired a transfer of passion among his new-found friends, to imbibe and run away with the vision of FGBMFI. From Ghana, Don led the vision to Kenya, to the Democratic republic of Congo, to Gabon, Zimbabwe, Togo and Nigeria. The African businessmen were set of fire, and chapters of the fellowship began to be formed throughout the nations he visited.

To advance the vision, Don saw to the formation of a Pan African Council of the Fellowship, at a meeting in Nairobi Kenya, which he presided over. The structure of the African Fellowship was established, and Leaders were trained to strengthen the fellowship in their respective nations. Indeed, it was Don who took and entrenched Africa in the International Fellowship.

Don met with Heads of Nations, Captains of businesses and Leaders of God’s Church, all in the bid to advance the FGBMFI vision. There was always a sparkle in his eyes, each time he shared his testimony and the Full Gospel vision. He loved Jesus, He loved Africa, and he loved the nations and peoples of the world dearly, just as Jesus did. Just as Don labored to get the men of the fellowship equipped, so also did Marlene work with the same passion, to train and equip the wives of our leaders, and the ladies of the fellowship in Africa.

Don Invited leaders from the African nations of Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and DRC Congo to a men’s camp in Seattle, where their knowledge of tenets of the fellowship was further deepened. He was determined that FGBMFI would succeed in Africa, and it has till today in a very big way.
When he eventually briefed Demos Shakarian about the success in Africa, it left Demos filled with immense joy, that at last, all the continents of the world which he saw in the sacred vision, had been reached with the FGBMFI vision. Praise God!

Africa forever remains indebted to Don and Marlene, for their love, passion and dedication to seeing that the businessmen and women of Africa are set free to serve Jesus. Out of their mentoring, great businessmen and great men of God have been raised to advance the Kingdom of God. By our long association with Don and Marlene, Ghana and Africa were blessed to have you as a brother and a dear friend.
We share with the hymnist in the words
“Now the day of toil is done
Now the race of life is run
Father grant thy wearied one
Rest forever more”

We are comforted that on the resurrection day our fellowship will be sweeter, as we gather again to worship our maker. faithful warrior, you have ended the race well. May the crown be your due.
Brother Don Ostrom, fare thee well, Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Kwabena Darko
Ambassador to the Nations,
FGBMFI - International

George Prah
National President
FGBMFI – Ghana