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Janet "Jan" (Price) Orme

May 29, 1942August 30, 2020

On August 30th, Jan Orme died after a fierce battle with Alzheimer’s. For someone with such a quick wit and mind, this diagnosis was particularly painful.

Born in Salt Lake City to Beth and Howard Price in 1942, she was predeceased by her brother Douglas and is survived by her sister Diane. She attended the University of Utah for her B.A. in History and French and taught at Olympus High before moving to Seattle in 1967. While working on a Masters and teaching at Jane Addams Middle School, she married Burton M. Orme in 1969 in the L.D.S. temple in Logan, Utah. Jan liked to think she landed Burt because he learned on their first date that she could transpose music on the piano in her head and because she didn’t fall all over him like the other girls at church. Together they made a life on Mercer Island having two daughters Leslie and Michelle. Jan and Burt were married 51 years spending many of those traveling the world together. Jan was a devoted mom, there at every moment in her daughters lives, ready to help with a school project from making Santa costumes to volcanoes that blew real Mt. St. Helens ash. Later in life that devotion grew to include her two grandsons, Cyrus and Austin, who knew grandma could be counted on for a treat or a life skill like how to shoot the paper on straws across the dinner table at a restaurant.

Jan loved teaching teenagers, whether she was long-term subbing at Mercer Island High School or taking a group of teens to Europe for the summer to study. A lesson about Napoleon might be delivered for over an hour on her knees or over an intense game of spoons on the train. She knew how to reach students and connect with them. “She changed my life and how I saw the world” has been something her family has heard multiple times since her passing. It should be noted however, that she wasn’t above threatening to boo at a student’s graduation if they misbehaved in her class.

Jan traveled extensively, hitting six out of seven continents. She especially loved Paris, Istanbul, India and China. But her heart was in Switzerland and she returned to it around ten times in her life to hike in the Alps. Jan was especially proud of the Swiss trip she took with her friend Judy Hammar who had just finished treatment for cancer.

Jan knew a lot and could teach a lecture on most of it. She could do 20 minutes on the greatness of a Costco rotisserie chicken or the wonder of a rum torte from Leslie’s Bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah. She had strong opinions about history, everything from the Middle East to opinions about how Brigham Young should have moved the Mormons south to Provo, “Because it was prettier there.” She firmly believed that the only Pride and Prejudice worth watching was the BBC version because Colin Firth was the quintessential Mr. Darcy. She loved cats and preferred long hair Persians, or as she said, “Ones who looked like something you should wear.” If reincarnation is real, we should all hope to come back as a cat in Jan’s home. It doesn’t get better than that.

Jan loved her friends and the time they spent together talking and laughing. Whether you were a friend or family, Jan showed her devotion by her willingness to drop everything to help you and entertain you along the way. She will be deeply missed.

A memorial service webcast will be held online September 26, 2020 at 12:30 pm through Sunset Hills Mortuary in Bellevue. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.


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Janet "Jan" (Price) Orme

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Tom King

September 19, 2020

When I was 16 years old, I took a history class from Jan at Olympus High School. She was a challenging and creative teacher. She expected a lot from her students. We wrote, discussed, debated, and opened our minds, always amazed at Jan’s encyclopedic knowledge and her willingness to consider her students’ thoughts and ideas.

When I learned that Jan was taking a group of students to study in Switzerland that summer, I talked my parents into letting me go. We all gathered in New York, stayed in a hotel in Manhattan, and then flew to Geneva and took the bus to Leysin. Jan did an expert job of shepherding us around. We studied French during the day but had time for lots of other activities, including dinner with Jan’s Swiss relatives, hiking in the beautiful Swiss Alps, and side trips to Salzburg, Rome and Paris.

I loved being around Jan. She was very bright, quick and funny. I don’t think I had laughed so much before in my life. She took an interest in each of us and made sure we were safe, well fed, and making the most of the many opportunities around us. She was quiet about her faith, but she set an example of dedication to her church. She never hid her high standards and the high expectations she had for herself and others.

Jan became a dear friend. I was fortunate to be able to help with her move to Seattle in 1967 as she started her new adventures there. I was so glad she met Burton, had a happy marriage, two accomplished daughters, grandchildren, and a wonderful, fulfilling life. She was so proud of her family and loved to humble brag about you.

I'll always be grateful for the influence of this very alive and caring person on my life. I will miss her but I cherish the many good memories I have of her, especially those from such a critical and formative time in my life.

With sympathy and best wishes,

Tom King
Salt Lake City, UT

Sharlene Linford

September 17, 2020

I was so lucky to have someone make a profound impact on my life at a critical time. Jan Price was my history teacher when I was 16 years old at Olympus High School. The summer following my sophomore year, she was brave enough to take a group of teenagers to Switzerland. I was lucky enough to be included in that "clan". We sang our way through Europe together. She taught us to love various cultures, taste many new flavors, challenged us to learn a foreign language and learn
to appreciate the valuable differences in the world. She instilled in me a love of history, art, music and travel that has lasted a lifetime. I hope I expressed to her often enough what a powerful example she was in my life.
I went on to college; majored in History and spent 25 years teaching high school students. I was never as colorful, but hopefully, I instilled in the my students that entered my classroom the love for learning that I experienced from her. I dedicated my teaching career to stimulating minds, instilling an appreciation for the past as well as impressing young people the need to be involved in the world today, challenge their minds and make a lasting contribution.
May she live forever in each of us who have been so impacted by her life and her intellect.
I will miss her profoundly.
love and thanks,
Sharlene Nicholes Linford
Salt Lake City Utah

Bobbi Pochman

September 15, 2020

Jan Orme--the real deal and one of a kind
--Absolute straight shooter
--Cherishing mother
--All-in grandma
--Unquenchable learner
--Boundless traveler
--Fierce questioner
--Inventive problem solver
--Drop-of-the-hat Good Samaritan
--Unquestionable friend
And so darn funny and fun.
I'm grateful for 40+ years of Jan-memories to bring reflection and grins.
I'm better for having criss-crossed her path and felt her love.
I cheer her full, meaningful life with you and pray for your peace going forward.

Melinda Lloyd

September 14, 2020

I’ve loved reading all of these memories of Jan because in each one I find touchstones of past times now long gone. Our boys were/are the same age as Leslie and Michelle, and our families spent crazy times together, because Jan was always there to bump the level up a notch. With those intense blue eyes and sardonic sense of humor, we were captive.
It’s been an honor to know Leslie and Michelle as young adults; Burt and Jan have been the kind of parents that we all hope to be.
I hope that Jan and Judy Hammer are in the hills of Switzerland, laughing nonstop.
With much love, the Lloyd family, Reedo, Melinda, Chris and Ryan

Bruce Merrell

September 14, 2020

My wife, Lynne, and Jan Orme became fast friends playing tennis, writing scripts, having lunch and walking. I often pondered how they could talk so much. On a typical day, they decided they would walk for an hour between 11a and noon. One would call the other at 10:30am. They would talk until it was time to leave to go on their walk. They would walk for the hour, then talk in the parking lot for at least another hour, and perhaps go to lunch. Within ten minutes of arriving home, the phone would ring, and they were in for another hour of talking, laughing and creating. A marvelous and creative friendship. Jan brought a lot of joy to our home.

Scott Cowan

September 14, 2020

Wow, what can be said about my cousin Jan. From the time I was a toddler until now as a middle aged Boomer, Jan was always there for me and my family.

She taught me about biology by composing our first song called "green gushy gopher guts" We later progressed through the Ukulele, the Recorder and finally, my rebellion in taking up the electric guitar instead of piano much to her chagrin.

Jan made life fun period! We spent may days yakking about nonsensical things that would later prove to be profound insights into the world such as why Leslies Rum cakes or Dunford donuts were better dunked in milk than eaten alone.

She was there either physically or by phone through the major milestones in life, Graduation from Olympus High, Graduation from the "U", getting married, seeing my kids grow up, she was always there for me and my family.

You could never talk with Jan without coming away from the conversation laughing and at the same time being educated on things. Family was everything to her.

Jan wasn't just my cousin, she was one of my best friends, she was my teacher, my older sister, a life guide if you will, someone who just loved you unconditionally.

It just wasn't a summer without her visits, or a Christmas or Thanksgiving without a family call and later face time visits with her family and mine.

I thought I would be very sad writing a memory of Jan, but there just isn't anything sad to say other than I'm sorry I won't see you or get to talk to you anymore.

However, in your honor, we will watch the Sound of Music annually, we will continue to treat ourselves to Leslies Rum Torts and I will carry on the great tradition of composing silly songs with my kids and grandkids someday and Utah will always beat the "Y"

I have loved you my whole life and am grateful for a lifetime of cherished memories, Thank you.

And to Michelle, Steve and the kids, Leslie and Burt, nothing changes! We Love you and will miss being with you!

Dale Klein

September 14, 2020

My friendship with Jan goes back decades, to my daughter’s kindergarten friendship with Leslie. Jan and I took many walks together over the years. Our favorite topics were current events, travel, and, of course, our children. We laughed at ourselves when we got “lost” in Pioneer Park after a storm toppled trees. Laughter was always an element because of Jan’s sharp wit. Occasionally, we ran into some of her HS students, and their fondness for her was evident.
I will especially miss Jan during the upcoming election because I know she would have relished the campaign.

Jennie Orme

September 14, 2020

The first time I met Jan she looked at me and said, “I heard you’re funny. Say something to make me laugh.” Haha! No pressure! I also loved that when we went to Paris and I called to asked her opinion as to where we should go, she said she would call me right back. When she called she told me she had just sent me an email with some information and then we talked for an hour about Paris💕 When I got off the phone and looked at the email, I laughed because there were 3-4 pages of her favorite places and why we HAD to visit each one of them. She started my love of Paris❤️

Lynne Merrell

September 13, 2020

Jan Orme

I first met Jan Orme in Sacrament Meeting in 1976. She greeted me with
“Hey, you’re my visiting teaching companion.” I didn’t realize that would be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Jan and I worked in Primary together, where she would transpose music (on the fly) for the children to sing. Then the real fun began. We had the opportunity to write and direct the Mercer Island Ward’s award-winning Road Show, “Corn in the USA”. As we wrote songs like “Shovel up the Buffalo” we realized we must have been sisters in the pre-existence. Our minds were in sync as lyrics became more wry and unkempt. Jan always inspired me to think outside the box. We laughed and laughed. It was pure fun.

Perhaps our greatest accomplishment (other than our children) was never produced, “Dr Wonderful”. You see, “He was the very model of a modern Dr. Wonderful.” Jan was always very quick and one had to keep pace.

Jan loved Mercer Island High School and the youth who attended. Most substitute teachers go unnoticed. But Jan Orme is remembered by nearly everyone. She demanded a lot out of her students, she challenged them; helped them learn beyond their expectations. She knew it was tough to be a teenager and let them laugh their way through it.

She was a close and dear friend who seemed to understand me, my humor, and life. She will always be remembered, and those memories will be cherished in our family forever.


Lynne Merrell

Joyce Staples

September 13, 2020

I loved your mom, Leslie, and I remember how fun it was to meet her in 1985 in Bellevue, WA. We were new, and there she was! Her parents, Howard and Beth Price, were friends of my parents. My dad worked for the Salt Lake Hardware Company, managing the Boise branch. Jan and I re-connected quickly, and we had some great visits and fun times over the years. She "rocked" on the piano in primary. Her original music for the kids' Christmas program is still in my collection.

Knowing you, Leslie, from Young Women classes and the many years thereafter has been rewarding. You and your mother were both brilliant ladies who loved life and learning. A favorite memory is when the Hultquists, you and your mom, and I met for catch-up dinners. Your mom always brought the house down with her humor, her quick wit, and her honesty.

Thank you for posting pictures of your family over the years. I'll be thinking of you, your dad, and your sister during this bitter/sweet time.


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