Wendy-Ann Marie Scovel

April 24, 1996March 19, 2021

Wendy-Ann Marie Scovel, age 24, of Norwalk, California passed away on Friday, March 19, 2021. Wendy-Ann was born April 24, 1996.

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Wendy-Ann Marie Scovel

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Laura Pacheco

April 14, 2021

Hi Wendy,
You and I met in the 5th grade and since then we were best friends. Do you remember how much fun we had in science camp or leadership camp? How about all the years in middle school we spent sitting next to each other in band playing the clarinet as best as we could? Looking back at those concert band videos, we sound exactly how a middle school band would sound, so maybe I don't need to remind you of that. We still had a lot of fun together though. One thing I'll always keep close to my heart is when you gave me your treasured Goofy plushie and made me promise to take good care of it for you. I'm still taking good care of it. It's right here beside me, always keeping me company. You'll always be one of the greatest and sweetest best friends I've ever had. I wish we had more time together, but I can consider myself lucky for all the time we did have. What an honor it's been and I'll always be so grateful for you. Thank you for always being so sweet and loving me so. I love you too and will miss you dearly.

Bailey Scovel

April 13, 2021

When we were little you would bite yourself so I would get out in time-out and you could have more playtime.
And when we had bunk beds I would swing over the edge and slap you in the face while you were sleeping and ask you if you were awake.
When I was in labor you came to Bakersfield drunk (dad drove). But YOU stayed by my side the entire time while the baby daddy slept.
We fought, cried, laughed, we picked on one another; we were sneaky sometimes. We had late night drives, Disney trips, family dinners, holidays just us two, off roading adventures, nights where we hung out all night and talked and drank together. I could give thousands of memories throughout the years. Through the good and the bad, you were my lifelong best friend and Sea-Star.

Raymundo Garcia

April 13, 2021

Wendy, I will never forget the times I've had with you. Whether it's the time we went around with friends and Bailey looking for a ouija board in high school or the countless shows we went to over the years. I'll never forget your laugh or the warmth of your love. I never had anyone else I've vibed with or had so much in common as I had with you. You always kept me out of trouble and the simple sound of your voice was always enough to make my day. I'm going to bring all of your ideas to life and make you proud of me. I hope you're reading this and feeling the amount of love I have for you and always will.

Sonia Salinas

April 13, 2021

Wendy... you definitely marched to the beat of your own drum! It was inspiring for someone as young as you! You were a unique individual that was confident but shy at the same time. Your laugh was one of a kind and I will carry that with me.

I will never forget the time you told off the T-Mobil lady when she could not help you with your phone problem! It was priceless! You had the sweetest voice and tone with her while telling her that her service was basically good for nothing! I don't know of anyone else who could pull that off! LOL

How about the time you save us at camping?! Eli and Bailey had locked the keys in the car and we were way up in the mountains with no phone reception! You smiled and said.... I got it, picked up your phone and called AAA! It was so cool to see that big smile on your face, because you knew you had been the hero of the moment!

I desired to be closer to you, but I knew that would take time. You were always nice to my face, lol, but I knew that with time we would be closer and on your time lol. You were taken too soon and that never came to happen, but I will hold onto the sound of your laughter and the memories I have of you. You were so loved in this life by many, including me.

Will miss you kid!

Charles O'Neal

April 10, 2021

I have many memories of Wendy. I was even there when she was born. I was known as Uncle Charles. Such a great honor. But one memory stands out above them all. When she was little, I would yell out MACARONI! and she would yell CHEESE! Bailey too. We did this all the time. Literally all the time. At least a thousand times. Everybody would be sick of it. Not us though. Over and over. MACARONI...... CHEEEEEESE! I will never forget that. Most of my friends have children now. But Wendy will always have the honor of being the first kid. She made us all grow up. She prepared me for my own daughter a few years later. And to this day, every time I hear the word macaroni. In my head I hear her little voice say CHEEEEEEESE!

Bri Vega

April 10, 2021

I've been staring at this page and wondering where to start. First of all I'd like to say when I first met wendy she was very quiet very well mannered and quiet I'd bug her to talk to me when I drove her home. When we became re aquatinted later I was in shock who is this beautiful confident artist. Wendy you inspired me every time I drew painted or molded somey you were in my inbox cheering me on. Your art hangs on my wall and it brings me joy everyte my eyes lay on it. Having late nights with you and many talks between cigarettes made me grow to love you to unavineable lengths I'm glad I got to know you and call u one on my team. I can go all day on selfless actions you did for us but that won't cast pure essence of how good a friend you were. I love you Wendy and everytime I see something spooky I will think of you and smile.

Andrew Scovel

April 9, 2021

Wendy was one of a kind. Artistic and passionate about life. I am honored to have been chosen to be her uncle. The world is not as creative as it was now that she is gone.

Chrystal Li

April 7, 2021

I only ever really took pictures when Wendy made me take them with her, but now I kind of wish she made me take more. I wish I had more pictures with her or just more time in general so we could take more. I remember always being in the worst mood as she was asking me to take them but it was always easy to smile around Wendy.

Monica Espinosa

April 7, 2021

I love you Wendy and you will be my beautiful sister . Your such a great artist too and tattoo artist love our trips to the beach and go everywhere with you . Always gonna be with me and Gigi loves you too . Always and forever my sis

Laura Casillas

April 6, 2021

I remembered always taking pictures of your cat, Cleopatro, with silly Snapchat filters. Thank you for giving me the best birthday by getting me a Dom plushie and just being there for me and ray. Knowing you and passing you by since high school, from not liking each other to actually spending time together at your house watching Trailer Park Boys, sharing Tik Tok videos of cats. I enjoyed being your sober buddy to make sure you're not alone. I love you, Wendy!