Providence Rodriguez

December 19, 1930February 28, 2018

Providence Rodriguez passed away February 28, 2018, wife, mother and family matriarch. She is survived by daughters Melanie Rodriguez, Valerie Rodriguez, Kathy Delessandra Rodriguez and son Benjamin Rodriguez. She also leaves her brother Angel Adorno, sister Raquel Kerr and nieces Joanne, Debbie and Selina There will be a memorial mass on Saturday, March 17th at St. Jude's Catholic Church at 10:00 am.


  • Melanie Rodriguez, Daughter
  • Valerie Rodriguez, Daughter
  • Benjamin Rodriguez, Son
  • Kathy Delessandra Rodriguez, Daughter


  • Memorial Mass Saturday, March 17, 2018

Providence Rodriguez

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Raquel A. Kerr

June 19, 2018


(Not Benjamin Rodriguez)

If you’re looking for Benjamin Rodriguez Dignity Memmorial, please go to FACEBOOK,
Under Valerie Rodriguez. If you’re disappointed I apologize.

Have a BLESS DAY!!!

Raquel A. Kerr

June 19, 2018

I’m sorry. I thought it was Ben Dignity Memorial.

Oh, I thought it was Providence Adorno Rodriguez.

And yes, my 1/2 sister care. Ben did not take care of her last expenses.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention .

Raquel A. Kerr

June 19, 2018

Hola Mi Querida Hermana:
Tu y yo siempre fuimos hermanas (nunca 1/2 hermanas). Yo también consideré los hijos (a) de Ben mis sobrinos (a). Tu ausencia es palpable todos los días de mí vida. No tienes idea de cuánta falta me haces. No tenía conocimiento de qué tipo de personas tenemos en nuestra familia (familia que ya no existe, reemplazada por abogados). Perdona que tantas veces los defendí y traté de convencerte de eso que tú sentías en tu corazón. Son igual que el padre . Ahora entiendo lo que tú pasaste.

Congratulations!!! To the Newlyweds. You were the matriarch of what appeared to be a Family. I wish that you were here to talk about this freak situation. Your Brother marriage to your daughter (daughter wanted to be after you passed). I guess it was part of the Plan.

Sis, I love you and miss, will be together soon.
Oh, I forgot, only 1/2 of me.

Valerie Rodriguez

June 19, 2018

Shame this is not a Facebook page! Enough

Raquel A. Kerr

June 18, 2018

Sis you where a very honest person and I know how you really feel about Ben and his kids. Since you passed, the story about you and your life with Ben, the relationship and all the life on and off (for 13yrs) had been re-written and you are not around to tell the truth. Yes I am your have sister and your only sister. I met you when I was 5yrs. old. You became my beautiful sister and took me under your wings. I had you on a pedestal. I learned so much from You. You showed me that there was another world beside the one that I was raised. You thought me more than you know, I look up to you.
You were very private and extremely proud. Not many people knows how you lived your life or all the things that you when through. I became an adult and we had a completely different relationship. I observed and listened how your relationship with Ben and his Kids. History had been re-written and the dislike that they have for you when you were alive , how soon they forgot. You are out of there way and now they could have everything that Ben brought in to the relationship. Even your underwear that Ben paid for(according to Valerie Rodriguez).

Many times we discuss that when you passed the blood was going to get to the River. Every time I have to remind you that there was a bunch of “pirañas” around you, waiting for you to passed.

I new that you wanted for Papu to have everything. But God had another plan. Melanie Rodriguez was planted in your place for a reason. She was making sure that nobody got a safety pin out the door. You used to tell me that she was spying on you. In my heart I was SUPER THANKFUL THAT SHE HAD THE TIME, THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE THERE FOR YOU. On the other hand, I knew that you were not happy about it. So little that I knew that She had an agenda. She prepared a Will and you signed (you had lost your mind to Alzheimer’s). Her father sold your house in Sierra, taking advantage of your condition. You were unhappy about the issue.

Melanie Rodriguez

June 17, 2018

I dont have a social media network, but I knew Prov wouldn't mind sharing her memorial page with you,besides I cant seem to ever separate the thought of one of you without thinking of the other.
Thank you dad 4 all the life experiences,the bells, the whistles,the cultural aspects of life,music,art,poetry
But I thank you most for allowing me my independence to grow,fall,get back in the saddle and grow some more. Thank
you for allowing me to finally see the softer more vulnerable, more kind,more loving powerhouse of a man u were.
Thank you dad, for all you are and will always be..I will always honor u
All my love always
Your daughter melanie
I miss you xoxo

Melanie Rodriguez

June 6, 2018

Good Morning,
Since mothers day, the 8 year anniversary passing of my sweet Jordan, and Father's day quickly approaching all of you and dad have been weighing heavily in my heart and mind. I miss you all so much. Our daily lives so intertwined 4 so long that transitioning to constructively occupy my time since losing you has been difficult. I have finally taken all the necessary steps towards improved health, diet & exercise, I continue to work,pray,meditate several times a day as I always have only now with much much more clarity shedding that which is useless and hi-liting God's direction 4 me. Everyone is healthy, and I have now as of next week begin my one day a week as a volunteer for the cancer society, it's a must do that passionately burns in my heart, I continue to speak regularly with ur most beloved friends who still in love reach out and that I reach out to as well. Alice, Gladys, Julie,Judy and Eddie, Lori,Lynn, and even Kookie have all been a stable, a constant support. Angel is as he always has been my champion and greatest support, we serve each other well with respect , kindness and consideration. I'm keeping my promises to you, dad, and Jordan
I miss you, till we meet again
Much Love, your daughter

Melanie Rodriguez

May 14, 2018

Mama, I have returned to ur page today just to see if my mothers day share to you posted. Its dated May 14th a day late, I was on Hawaiian time as I am here with all the kids so I was not late you know how I dislike being late lol
My sons and grands came through like champions and made my Mother's day special 4me
I'm so ready to go home back to Boca where I truly have my heart,my life
Miss mel

Melanie Rodriguez

May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day Mama ,
I didn't think I would have any reason to revisit this page once your service had passed. I dont have a Face Book or entertain social media for almost 4 yrs
I miss you, I think of you daily, admittedly some days more than others. I hope Heaven is everything and more I promised you. Thank you for your blessings of my hearts desires, Dont worry about me..I'm happy, I will keep my promise to you always ,Give Dad and Jordan a kiss for me
all my love always your daughter melanie
RIP mama till we meet again

Melanie Rodriguez

March 15, 2018