Erlinda C. Badel

August 6, 1947September 11, 2018
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Erlinda Corpuz Badel, age 71, of Chula Vista, California passed away on Tuesday September 11, 2018. Erlinda was born August 6, 1947.

A visitation for Erlinda will be held Tuesday, September 18, 2018 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Glen Abbey Mortuary Chapel, 3838 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902. A funeral service will occur Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 10:00 AM at Mater Dei Catholic Church, 1571 Magdalena Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91913. A burial will occur and a reception will follow at the VIP Oriental Buffet.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Badel family.


  • Jennifer -, Daughter
  • Edwin Badel, Son
  • Alena -, Daughter
  • Alan Badel, Son
  • Gilda -, Niece
  • Jacalyn -, Granddaughter
  • Sydney -, Granddaughter
  • Ashley -, Granddaughter
  • Adrian -, Grandson
  • Alexander -, Grandson


  • Visitation Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Catholic Mass of the Resurrection Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  • Reception to Follow Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Erlinda C. Badel

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      Erlinda Corpuz Badel was blessed with an abundance of leadership qualities. It would be accurate to say that this woman was an outstanding luminary and that her natural abilities served her well. She knew with certainty how she wanted to set priorities in all aspects of her life. She struck those who knew her as the kind of person who awoke in the morning with a clear sense of exactly what she expected from her day and how to set about accomplishing those goals. Erlinda was a woman who definitely liked order and was most comfortable with an organized and structured lifestyle. When this climate was absent, Erlinda would set about immediately to create it.

      Erlinda was born on August 6, 1947 at Philippines in Tagayan. Her parents were Liberato Corpuz & Anatalia Madriaga. Erlinda was raised in Tay-ac, Bantay. Erlinda was brought up to be reasonable in her actions and was taught to use her intellect wisely. She was an honest and straightforward child, traits that reinforced her self-confidence. Even at a young age, Erlinda was credited with having a positive influence on those around her.

      The positive atmosphere that Erlinda generated spread to her family. Erlinda was raised with two siblings. She had two brothers, Herminigildo and Benjamin. Erlinda served as a catalyst within the family. She often found herself in the role of providing fair solutions to those sibling disputes. In every family activity, Erlinda was able to demonstrate her uncommon logic and skill at building compromise.

      In a group of friends and acquaintances, Erlinda was typically the first person to take the initiative to go up and greet someone new. That quality made her very approachable by others throughout her life. This same quality brought Erlinda the reward of many friends. Maintaining loyalty to those friends was a trait that came naturally to Erlinda. She believed that she should treat others in a fair manner, in the same way she wanted to be treated. Erlinda also showed a great deal of appreciation for the accomplishments of her friends. Later in life, she became friends with Edna Hart & Flora Torreon.

      As Erlinda knew in other aspects of her life, she had a clear vision of what she sought in a relationship and worked hard to achieve it. Al was a significant part of her life, and it wasn’t necessary for Erlinda to be overly sentimental or expressive about it for others to be aware of their mutual devotion. Erlinda's secret to success was that she always kept the lines of communication open in the marriage and applied the important skill of being a good listener.

      Family and children were important to Erlinda, even if she didn’t always show it. Erlinda was blessed with four children, one son, Edwin Pagaoa; one daughter, Jennifer Badel; one step daughter, Alena Badel and one stepson Alan Badel. They were also blessed with nine grandchildren, Joseph, Jonathan, Albert, John Jay, Jacalyn, Sydney, Ashley, Adrian, Alexander; two great-grandchildren: Albert Jr., and Noah. Erlinda was able to keep order in the family by using the same efficient and straightforward methods with the family as she did at work. Erlinda rarely made a scene when it came to discipline. Instead, she was subtle and patient in her dealings when teaching the children right from wrong.

      At work Erlinda was viewed as a natural leader. She could marshal all of the available resources, including personnel and materials, in order to meet virtually any objective. She was great at developing strategies and made maximum progress with little wasted effort. Erlinda was also adept at uncovering new and more efficient ways of getting things done. She was able to establish and meet objectives and schedules through long range planning and was always able to keep the big picture clearly in sight. Although Erlinda might have been described by some as an overachiever, she was without question a dedicated and diligent employee. Her primary occupation was being a CNA. She was employed by Sharp Hospital for over 10 years.

      Not only did Erlinda find pleasure in pursuing her various hobbies, she also enjoyed the discovery and research involved in learning about them. Her skill at problem solving had a positive influence on these activities as well. Her favorite pursuits were tending to her garden.

      Erlinda's ability to motivate, direct and organize others made her a valuable asset to the organizations to which she contributed during her lifetime. Erlinda was one who could be counted on to work hard to implement goals and required little to begin work on a specific task. Once a project was begun, Erlinda had a definite methodology for seeing it through to completion. Throughout her later years, Erlinda was an active member of the Eucharistic Ministry at Mater Dei Catholic Church.

      Erlinda lived her life guided by a well-defined set of beliefs. Her faith and religion were important aspects of those beliefs. She was a member the Mater Dei Church. During that time, she was also part of the Eucharistic Ministry.

      Traveling, especially vacations, was another way for Erlinda to apply her exceptional leadership and organizational skills. She liked exploring different places but also enjoyed designing and scheduling the trips in advance. She had real talent for developing the perfect itineraries. Favorite vacations included Hawaii, Canada, Europe.

      Erlinda was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. One of Erlinda's favorites was Tyra, a Cockapoo dog. They were best friends for 12 years. Her family was rounded out by her beloved goldfish.

      When Erlinda's retirement finally came in 2006, she was well prepared. She had worked out all of the details well in advance and knew exactly what she was going to do. In retirement, she found new pleasure in surrounding herself with friends and orchids. Always a well-informed person, Erlinda enjoyed adding to her wealth of knowledge. Retirement afforded her the time to enjoy that experience and provided one more opportunity to look ahead at what life might offer her.

      Erlinda passed away on September 11, 2018 at Paradise Valley Hospital in San Diego, California. Erlinda fought a brave battle against cancer. She is survived by her children Jennifer, Edwin, Alena and Alan; her niece, Gilda; her grandchildren Jacalyn, Sydney, Ashley, Adrian and Alexander. Services were held at Mater Dei Church. Erlinda was laid to rest in the Chapel of Memories at the Glen Abbey Mortuary in Bonita, CA.

      Erlinda Corpuz Badel knew what she wanted from life and never hesitated in going after it. She could be characterized as a driven individual, someone who understood the importance of achievement. Erlinda was decisive and outspoken at times but was also positive and upbeat about most things. She was a leader, both intentionally and sometimes by default. If she saw that something needed to be done, she was always ready to step up and actualize, organize and implement a plan.