Daniel Shane Freeman

April 24, 1979June 18, 2019

Daniel Shane Freeman was born on April 24, 1979 and passed away on June 18, 2019.


  • Visitation Friday, June 28, 2019


Daniel Shane Freeman

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Heather (Bruce)-Daniels

June 29, 2019

Sitting here wishing this was a bad dream. This hurts so much. Thinking of our last few conversations we had and re-reading all the letters you've ever sent me over the many years last night. Thinking of all the things we did from over the years lol From Mars hanging out at ya Dad's house....When I worked at Dunkins you and your Mom always coming down to visit and leaving with a ton of donuts and stuff lol To my 1st apartment in your ass moving to the Cape....the 1st time me visiting you down there getting into a damn accident and almost dying! (I still never let you live that down lol) All the laughs and petty arguments lol The random "how now brown cow" texts lol The pen pal letters. The time I sent you the Sega Genesis System for your birthday that had just came out and hid a dime bag of weed in the box for you 🤣😭 Maaaaan your Grandpa sure let both of us have it🤣(I was young and stupid🤷🏼‍♀️) Every conversation never ended without you telling me you loved me and missed me and to keep on doing what I do because you were proud of how far I had come through everything I had been through.....and then I'd lecture you about you doing better and being better and staying outta trouble lol And you were doing so good. You were one of the very few people in my life that I was close with and that has ALWAYS been there. You were always a part of my life for over half my life. No matter where either of us were in life....and now you're gone💔
I will ALWAYS hold tight the memories over all these years, the laughs, the tears, good and bad. And when I think of you so many wonderful memories come rushing back.....tears will shed....but so will laughter.
I'm going to miss you and our friendship SO damn much😢😭💔 Until I see you on the other side.....
I love you Danny. How Now Brown Cow. R.I.P.🙏🏼

Alyssa Llenas

June 29, 2019

Danny, my uncle, my son’s uncle, my sons god father. We miss you. We miss coming home and fighting over the remote, we miss you telling us how much Nolan’s poop smells, We miss your help, your love, your everything. I even miss cleaning up after you, and complaining about it. Now I cant complain. I know you will be back someday, a soul like yours doesn’t die off- you will find us again. I will miss you till you do.

Tonia Raymond

June 27, 2019

Last year Danny came over we all saw a triple rainbow. Two nights ago I went out on our deck and said come on Danny show me a rainbow. Then realizing no sun no rainbow, cloudy and crappy out. I turned to go back in the house and there it was a beautiful rainbow. That tells me he is at peace. I will forever keep you in my heart.

Heather Bryden

June 27, 2019

I'm really going to miss your sense of humor--you could always make me laugh. And hearing how I was "getting so old" every birthday, even though we're only 11 days apart! Despite our inability to overcome obstacles while together, we had a deep connection and love that is unmatched (in my life) thus far! You will be forever loved and deeply missed Mr. Freeman!

Karen Young

June 25, 2019

Sending my condolences to the family. Going to miss you cuz!!