Averil Sarah Patterson

April 21, 1940April 25, 2021
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In loving memory of Averil Patterson, who peacefully passed away on Sunday April 25th, 2021. Cherished by her dear children, Andrew (Grace), Tara (Reid). Nana to Andrew, Sarah and Abigail. Former spouse to Jim. Sister to Lilian and Daphne. Averil will be held in the hearts of her family, relatives, and many friends.

All who knew her, knew of her love and devotion to her children, which grew to include her grandchildren whom she took immense pride in. Averil will be missed by those whose lives she touched and will be affectionately remembered by her many relatives and friends.

In light of the current global pandemic with the present restrictions placed on group gatherings by the government, attendance at the funeral home and cemetery has been restricted to a maximum capacity of 10 people. As a result, the services will be private and in compliance with government restrictions.

Private family visitation will take place at the Andrews Community Funeral Centre, on Monday May 3rd from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. A private Celebration of Life service will be held in the Chapel of the funeral home following the visitation at 12:00 pm.

Donation in memory of Averil, can be made to the Lung Association. Online condolences and information at


  • Private Visitation (Restrictions)

    Monday, May 3, 2021

  • Private Funeral Service (Restrictions)

    Monday, May 3, 2021


Averil Sarah Patterson

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Reid Carpenter

May 4, 2021

Dear Averil,

You were more than a mother-in-law , you were a second Mom to me and we spent so much time together in our home and had many fun times. Your memories will live on in our family forever, thank you for being such a big part of our lives. An amazing Nana to Sarah and Abigail that they will always cherish and share your memories throughout their life for all to know. Thank you for welcoming me into your family from the first time we met and loving me unconditionally especially all your support to help me get back on my feet after my accident!
Love, Reid xoxo

Sarah & Abigail Carpenter

May 4, 2021

Dear Nana,

You are the best Nana in the world that anyone could ask for. We miss and love you so much!! We will always remember you for your bears, and how that was the only thing you wanted for Christmas! Your memories will live with us forever!

Love your Girls,

Sarah & Abigail
xoxo xoxo

Tara Patterson

May 4, 2021

Mom, you have taught me so much in life, from picking the right friends to hang around with, to show me love, showed me how to have confidence and strength. I love you now and forever. You will always be in my heart.

Love Tara,

Andrew Patterson

May 3, 2021

To my Mom, you are the person that has made me be the person that I am today. I will miss seeing you everyday.



Mae Rotsey

May 3, 2021

Dearest Averil,
You were a mother to me when mine was so far away. You opened your heart and always made me feel welcome. Always ready with a hug and straight forward advice. You are missed. Every moment and memory with you are treasured.

Mant & Patsy Hammond

May 2, 2021

We cherish the wonderful memories of the times we spent together. They will keep you in our hearts forever.
Rest In Peace
Much love Mant & Patsy

Ethyl Mills

May 2, 2021

Our condolences to the family. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Ethyl, Jim and Alma

Mario Conte

May 2, 2021

Our sincere condolences. Our hearts and prayers are with you all.


Mario Conte and Family,

Fred Livingston

May 2, 2021

Dearest Abby. My memories of you are filled with love, laughter and warmth. As a child and young adult, we had many conversation that taught me unconditional love and acceptance, for whichI will be eternally grateful.

Although you are no longer with us, you will never be forgotten.


Genene Corbett

May 2, 2021

So many good memories on Carisbrook Crt. Cups of tea, great conversations, and many good therapy sessions. Thank you so much for giving me true fair advice when I needed it. I will remember you fondly. To Andrew and Tara and their families my thoughts are with you all. Xo


Eulogy by Tara Patterson:
I wanted to thank everyone for joining us today both in person and in the COVID world virtually, as much as I would love to have everyone here I am just happy that you are able to join us to celebrate Mom’s great life.
This will be short and sweet.
I believe that what helped to perk Mom’s up on her birthday was to be able to see us and especially Sarah and Abigail! The fondest last memory of Mom will always be our bedroom Birthday Party that we held outside her window and the cherished pictures we were able to get of Mom as she celebrated her 81st Birthday, while not a perfect situation, it was still amazing!
I have so many memories of my Mom I don’t know where to start….
Courageous, Strong, extremely caring, loving heart was my mom. She was my best friend. When I called mom to let her know her grandchild was born and it was a girl she was over the moon. Then we told mom the babies name was Sarah Fiona, Mom couldn’t believe it. Sarah came a month early, but that was a bonus. Then when we called her about Abigail arriving a month early she couldn’t believe 2 girls!! She was ecstatic!
Another family that she held a special place in her heart was for the Royal Family, and in her last few weeks via FaceTime or Zoom, we spoke a lot of the Royal Family. One amazing story is the day before Prince Philip passed, Mom predicted it to us, and she thought something was going to happen to Prince Philip. The very next day when we turned on the news in the morning, and the news was of Prince Philips passing. I really believe mom had a great intuition. We went out and bought a lottery ticket and won!
Mom was just not a mom to me, she was a mom to a lot of my friends. They would stop by our house when I wasn’t even there, but just to get moms thoughts and feeling on a situation or even just to chat. My mom’s thoughts were tea and biscuits would fix everything. It was amazing that many of friends would just drop into see her. Mom always took in my friends when they didn’t want to go home at night. One of my friends stayed with us for more than three weeks. Mom would just see them as another child she had. Mom would never treat anyone differently. Mom just loved to be around people.
A story I would like to share; Mom and I took Line Dancing and Zumba classes to name a few, and I think we spent more time laughing than actually doing any classes. Especially, at this one Zumba Class at the Chinguacousy Wellness Centre that I will never forget. There was this lovely man beside mom and we were all lying down on our mats and we were asked to go on our sides and lift up our leg… Well that started the laughter. The man beside mom lifted up his leg and let out a toot and then mom looked at me and she started to laugh we couldn’t hold it in. Then out of no where my mom lets out a toot and it went between this man and my mom just letting these toots uncontrollably. It was a little embarrassing, however it seemed like the whole class started joining in. After the class we all had a great laugh.
The last short story I would like to share with you is that Reid fell off a ladder at our old house while putting on the Christmas lights. It was going to be a surprise for me. Instead the surprise was that Reid broke his back. The nature of my mom was to jump in and help. Well, Reid was the same nature as my mom both being Taurus. When Reid came out of the hospital I still had to work, however Nurse Averil jumped in and took over and helped Reid get back on his feet. Thank the world for my mom she was always a big help.
Love you Mom, we will miss you everyday and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers….
I would like to pass it over to my brother Andrew….


Andrew’s Eulogy
Mom was a Montressor school teacher and has taught us some very variable lessons for life, like love, not to worry about the small things in life and to be strong. Mom had a love for dancing. My Mom and Dad won Capstan Cha-cha dancing competition for Northern Ireland in 1960.
As you know my Mom had a love for tea. When Mom would come over to the house Grace would make sure that Mom’s tea was ready when she came in. Mom loved tea so much that when I would take her back home, she would ask me to make her cup of tea because she wanted a couple of slips before she went to bed. When Dad would go over, he would first walk in and put the kettle on knowing that Mom would like a fresh cup of tea.
Mom enjoyed going up to Auntie Lees and Uncle Franks cottage. Every time Mom would go up Hwy 11 Mom would always comment on how beautiful the rocks on the side of the road were. At the cottage mom would love to sit on the deck and read her book and drink her tea.
Mom was a person that you shouldn’t under estimate. One year we were in Florida for Christmas and it was decided that we were going to play putt putt in Clearwater beach. Both Dad and myself both play golf so we were thinking that we had this in the bag. At the end of the golf game Mom won, Tara second and Dad and myself were last.
Mom had a love for baking Apple pies (that was passed on to her from her mother). At home there was always an apple pie in the fridge. We asked Mom the next time that she was over to teach us how to make an apple pie. It was a little of this and a little of that and not too much of this. As we were rolling out the dough Mom was watching and then got up and took over. Mom showed us that the dough must be mixed this way and the apples had to be cut a certain way to make her apple pie. That night brought back great memories of eating Mom’s apple pie.
Mom loved watching movies. When I would call Mom, I would always ask what movie was she watching. Mom would tell you the story of the movie, who was in it and any information on that actors. Sometimes Mom would also go on to tell me where the movie was made and if Mom had watched the movie in the theater. Andrew started watching Columbo late last summer and when I told Mom that we were watching Columbo Mom started watching the show as well. The next day we would talk about the episode and how Andrew enjoyed it. I told Mom that we started watching the Crown. Mom asked me every morning about the Crown episode that we watched the night before. I would tell her what had happened and then Mom would tell me the actual events of the episode. If Mom didn’t know she would say that would be a good question for Aunt Daphne. Mom loved watching anything to do with the Royal family. I remember Mom would get us up very early in the morning to watch the royal weddings.
Mom was a great person to joke around with. One evening I had mentioned that friends of ours were getting a dog for their kids. Mom asked if we were thinking about getting a dog for Andrew. This was my opportunity, I said yes that we were thinking about getting a dog for Andrew. Mom asked what type of dog we were thinking about. At this point I knew that I had her, I said we were thinking about a Pitbull, Doberman and a German Sheppard. I couldn’t see her but could just image the look on Mom’s face. This went on for a couple of nights until Mom figured out that I was teasing her. One night Mom and Dad ( Dad would always call Mom Martha )were over for dinner and Andrew wanted to play Monopoly with all of us. Andrew set up the game and handed out the Monopoly money and gave everyone their pierces. During the game Andrew noticed that Dad was cheating (he wasn’t cheating he was just playing by his rules or “Jim’s rules”). There is Mom adding gasoline to the fire as the game went on. As the night went on the game got funnier and funnier and Mom kept adding gasoline to the fire. Now when we play any game Andrew asks if we are going to play by Papa’s rules. Mom would say to Andrew, you would need to watch Papa because he always cheats.
My Mom had some great catch phrases. One was small but mighty. My Mom might have been small in stature but was a very strong person. The other one was I am easy. When mom was over for lunch or dinner, I would always tell her what we were having. Mom would say that she was easy with whatever was being cooked. In reality Grace would always cook what Mom liked, lasagna, sausages, ham with roast potatoes and parsnips and carrots or BQQ hamburgers.
Mom never worried about the little things in life. When I would take her for any of her appointment the only two questions that Mom would ask what time are you picking me up at and are you coming in with me. Mom never worried about what the appointment was for just if you were taking her.

The last time that I spoke to Mom was on Saturday night after we did our zoom call that afternoon.
I called Mom to see how see was doing. The nurse picked up the phone and said that Mom was taking her medication and to call her back. I called mom back and spoke to her and told her that I would be dropping off some tea in the morning.

I asked Mom how she was feeling and she had said that she was fine. Mom said to me that she would be alright and not to worry about her and she would talk to me in the morning.

~ Family ~