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Isabel M. Grinspoon

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Isabel M. Grinspoon

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Kim Turgeon

April 13, 2021

I am so sorry for your loss. Her warmth and kindness will live on through the memories. 💖

Audrey Grinspoon

April 13, 2021

Iz was my bestfriend, hype man, and the best sister a girl could ask for. No matter what she was going thru she always made sure I was happy. From buying me gifts to doing my makeup or telling me storys of when she did stupid things in 8th grade, she always brightened my day. Iz I cant even belive ur gone and I dont know when ill be able to, but I hope yk that even tho I never showed it I love u so much and U will stay in our hearts forever shmizzy

Leela Cherukuri

April 13, 2021

My name is Leela. Izzy and I first started being friends in the 7th grade. We had a few of the same classes together and we were friends with the same people. I always admired the fact that Izzy had such selflessness. She was always there for people who didn’t have a friend to go to, no matter what she was going through. That summer we hung out together almost every other day. From trips to Crystal Lake, to Tango Mango runs, to eating brunch at Johnnys Luncheonette. I think she was one of the people who made that one of the best summer’s I’ve ever had. I also met Izzy’s younger sister Audrey and I adored their close relationship with each other. Though we faded out closer to 8th grade, I do wish I got to see more of Izzy in the recent years. I hope her family is doing okay, and I hope she is in a better place❤️❤️

Rest in the sweetest peace Izzy,
-Leela <3

Paige Hill

April 11, 2021

Hi my name is Paige. I first moved to MA in 2015 and i met izzy in 6th grade, she was on a couple of my classes and became one of my first friends here in Boston. She made me laugh all the time and she showed me a lot of good music and artists who i still listen to now. She also showed me to a lot of her friends who i still and tight with today. We hungout a lot in middle school and she helped me set up social media in which shes my first snapchat memory :) we fell apart after she left brown and we met again through ohara’s. We reconnected and she still made me laugh the same way she did in middle school and she also made me a playlist of her favorite artist at the time and ive been listening to that playlist so much. Izzy was one of the most amazing people ive known and shes made so many positive impacts on my life that still help me today. I hope Audrey is doing alright, i noticed how close izzy and Audrey were and always could tell how much they loved each other. Izzy and her family are always in my thoughts and prayers 🕊🤍💗

Nicole Rivkin

April 11, 2021

Izzy got me through my toughest times in the hospital. She never failed to make me laugh and smile at a point in my life where smiling felt impossible. She was one of the most supportive people I've ever met, and I could not have gotten through treatment without her. I could never put into words the sheer magnitude of the impact Izzy had on my life, but she changed me for the better and gave me hope that I could get better too. I hope she's at peace now.
I love you Izzy.

kate utin

April 9, 2021

Izzy was one of my first friends at Brown Middle School. She was so kind and welcoming and I always had fun with her. I remember going to Tango Mango, her house, Newbury, and we were always going to new places and trying new things. Even though we grew apart after middle school, she still had an influence on my life and i’ll always cherish our friendship. I hope you’re in a better place izzy <3 rest in peace

Madison Woods

April 9, 2021

Izzy was an amazing friend, and made my time at Camp Huckins so fun. She really was a ray of light, always uplifting the rest of her cabin mates. One of my favorite memories of Izzy is that one night at camp, she ate an unbelievable amount of sugar. For the rest of the night she was bouncing off the walls. At one point, she took a huge blow up ball and started a game of “keep it off the floor” We were all laughing so hard, and just having the time of our life. When ever Izzy was around, we were all infected by her positive energy. She was constantly cracking jokes, talking about Tango Mango, or doing some ridiculous dance. Overall, she just made my summers at camp so much more enjoyable. Thank you izzy, and I hope your in a better place.

Bo Bicknell

April 9, 2021

Izzy was caring, funny, hard-working, and such a pleasure to spend time with. Everyone around her enjoyed her presence, her humor, and her sass! I'm so grateful that I got to know her and I know she made the world a better place by being here. My thoughts, along with everyone I work with, are with her family right now. Sending love to all of you.

Orly Shiner

April 7, 2021


Although we were only friends for a brief period of time when I was much younger, I cherish every minute I spent with you. I remember we went to a pizza place near your house once and we just talked and ate pizza. I also remember a time when we sat on your couch and watched a random Sandra Bullock. While these are simple memories, I remember them, and you, so fondly. You were so kind and fun to be around and you will truly be missed by all who knew you. Sending strength and love to Izzy’s family. Rest In Peace ❤️

Kelsey Weber

April 7, 2021

oh what a light you were. There were so many times I specifically remember when I or someone else was down, and you just brought this joy and lifted everyones spirits. you were such a beautiful young woman and you were taken way too soon. I love you so much Izzy. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rest easy sweet heart.