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Vinetta ELANUS

May 27, 1962April 7, 2020

On Tuesday April 7th 2020, Vinetta Elvina Murray Elanus, loving wife, mother, sister and friend succumbed to ALS and passed away at 57 years old. Vinetta, or Barbara to so many, was born to Griselda Dawson and Llewellyn Murray in May of 1962, in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Prior to diagnosis in 2014, Vinetta’s brilliant star shone in the various venues her life led her to serve, ultimately flourishing as a CNA, and a hotel/housekeeping staff in Florida.

Vinetta’s greatest acts of service were however in the smile that she met all who crossed her path, and the food she shared at any table. A love of eating ultimately led to a love and mastery of cooking, (or maybe it’s the other way around) and I’m sure many of your memories that include Vinetta will undoubtedly include partaking of excellent food with her.

Vinetta is survived by her loving husband Jean Elanus and their children, Esterline, Micheline, Marie, Jean, Andre and Marsha, sisters and brothers, Zeta, Paulette, Lavern, Melonie, Kathleen, Dimples, Peaches, Derrick, Steadman, Danny, Marcia, Jennifer, Marcia , Caroline , Colleen, granddaughter Solana Vinetta, countless nephews, nieces, cousins and an extensive group of friends and other loved ones.

Vinetta will be memorialized at a yet undetermined date, when we all can gather with minimal risk to ourselves and others. Invitations for a virtual memorial will be sent shortly.

In lieu of flowers, if you are so led , donations can be made by clicking the ALS.org NY CHAPTER Donation link . Money raised by the organization goes to fund research but also supplies patients incredibly expensive equipment and services for free, and honestly, it’s just better than killing flowers.


  • Funeral Private

    Saturday, May 23, 2020


Vinetta ELANUS

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Jean Elanus

May 23, 2020


You were an amazing wife and mother. I'll truly miss your kind, caring and loving spirit. You were my better half. Without hesitation, you became a mother to my children. You cared and treated them like your own. You were always eager to help and lend a hand to anyone in need. You were a hard worker. You did everything and met all challenges with excellence. I'll miss your quick wit and humor. You were funny and could find humor in anything. Despite all the hardships you endured, you always had a positive attitude.
Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for doing life with me. Thank you for helping me take care of my children. Thank you for your endless sacrifices. Thank you for the many laughs. Thank you for all the kind words. Thank you for your love. I love you. I miss Queen Vinetta.

Kerry-Ann Chambers

May 23, 2020

Aunty Barbara....With a struggle to remember much of the stuff from my childhood, I must say that one thing that stands out in my mind is the memory of your warm smile. I remember your joviality and how pleasant you always were. Always finding something to laugh about. It was difficult to tell if you were troubled by anything since you always had a smile plastered on you face.

I never saw you for years, but even after such a huge gap and with all the challenges of ALS you kept in touch as much a you were physically able to, yet still maintained that smile.

You are missed and i will always remember your warm personality. SIP Aunty Barbara❤

Carol Swaby

May 23, 2020

My prayers are with you all knowing that what you are going through God will give you the strength .she is gone to a better place mom I know for u it’s very hard as no mother want to loose any of there children,I know you have a settle peace as you have the hope to see her one day around the throne of God..zeta and Paulette I know you take the passing of your sister very hard what you have to understand she don’t want to see your saddened face in tears but to keep a cheerful spirit as her smile should be always be in your heart don’t loose faith have hope she is gone but not be forgotten I am praying that God will give us the strength that even today you will stand strong knowing that what she would say .and to the rest of family’s I leave with you psalm 121 take courage Love you all be strong as she is gone but not forgotten .what I want you all to do remember her beautiful smile.

Cathline Pratt

May 23, 2020

One of my fondest memories with you was when we were both little girls. I remember someone had bought us some tights which came in many different colors. That day we all had a fashion show: me, you, and Lonnie had tried on all of them. Later on, Miss Gee sent you down by the seaside to buy fish and you came back home with a pretty hairstyle. You told us that you had met a tourist from the U.S. named Ellen Page, and for some reason she found herself very fond of you, just from that one small encounter alone, so she came over and combed your hair and styled it up for you. And I’d like to think that that was a key part of your personality. You drew people in just with your presence alone and made them happy to be around you.

I miss you so much and I will always consider you my twin sister; even though we were born in different years, May 27th is the day that we both share. I remember how fearless you were when we were coming home from a street dance in Morant Bay. We walked three miles together all the way back home at midnight. Right as we were about to go down the road to get home, you told me that you had another party to go to. I remember saying to you, “I’m not going! We need to get back to Granny’s house.” And yet, even though it meant going alone and having to walk along that dark, empty road, you still made your way towards the party.

As I was walking to Granny’s house alone, I was pretty frightened. On my way there, as I reached under the cherry tree, I felt like someone was lifting me up in midair. Anyway, I got to the door, and my tongue felt heavy, and I could not call Granny to open the door for me. At once, Granny appeared at the door and let me into the house. I instantly felt relieved but, to this day, I have no idea how she knew I was at the door. You came home from the party early the next morning, not a care in the world, and slept soundly. And that is how it should be. Goodbye, my sister. I will always cherish simple, little memories like this

Kenisha Dennis

May 23, 2020

Family!! Funeral!!! Aunty Barbara ready!!! And her sister lonie, (mommy) when they get back all laughter!!! All I could hear they both come out with the same time!! And A Mi Last Granny!! 😂😂😭😂😂😭 that was one of their cousin crying at her grandma's funeral!! My Aunty even when she was sick she made me laugh so hard ( can't share here) 😂😂❤️ she was special. She made me a promise that someday she would tell me her story 🤞🏼💕but gods got you!! He knows best smiley !!!! We love you. SIP

Melonie Moxam Dennis

May 22, 2020

No one understands us like we do.
No one has shared MEMORIES like us.
No one else knows all of the problems, Joy,and our Secrets we've shared.
Our love is stronger than anything that has or will ever come between us.
You fill my life with smiles and laughter ,
Consolation and understanding.
So much more to say about Barbara my sister we had so much plans 😔 you will forever be in my heart!!!! Walk good sis or I could say smiley!!

Safiya Brown

May 22, 2020

No one could laugh like Aunty Barbara!
You could spot her smile in a crowd... but her laughter...that was and will remain one of the most delightful memories of her.

I was somewhere between 15 and 17 yrs old. The family had catered for a wedding and we were all packed up in the car, heading back to Duhaney Park. Uncle Lionel was the only adult who could drive among us. Being in a jolly mood from the good event, I pestered him, while pots and pans were being packed in the trunk, to drive that night. Persistence, with a dash of cuteness was key! He finally said yes, but after we get home. I hushed and giddily helped to get us going.

We got back and unpacked the trunk. I was ready for my chaperone... no Uncle Lionel. The driver's door open, the key left in the ignition...still no one.

I waited for all of what must have been 3 minutes, got in the car, turned it on, slammed the door... no adult!

I looked around for someone to celebrate with me. Aunty Barbara's daughter, Marsha (Maryun), eagerly hopped in the passenger's seat. For sure, I was being responsible to not go driving alone. I now had a younger minor driving with me.

We whipped around so many streets and when we saw boys, I drove faster, excited to show off!

I passed the house slowly the first go around. No one. Passed a second time, with more confidence... still no one. The third time, instead of passing the house, I felt ready for the big, open boulevard. I made a left turn to leave our street and heard the loudest call of my name, ever! Safiya!!! It was Aunty Barbara running towards us laughing and bending over. She held unto the window to keep her from falling to the ground in laughter. I knew I was in trouble, but Aunty Barbara's laughter helped me face the music.

Many years later, if there was one thing I could ask the Lord for in life, it would be to face trouble with Aunty Barbara's laughter. It not only soothes the soul, it strengthens the heart.

Nurse Tolentino

May 22, 2020

Ms. Elanus, one of my beloved patients.

I will always remember you with your very big, bright, and sweet smile. Every time I come into your room, your smile always brighten up my work shift. You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. You surely will be missed. You are now in a better position with God, our Creator.

Please accept my condolences for your family's loss.

Luke 23:43 - And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise".

Mr. Tolentino, RN

Georgia Murray

May 22, 2020

Never had I thought this day would come. I have spent sleepless nights just thinking about how to say goodbye to someone who has been so dear to me, you were more than a friend, a confidant, a sister, you were like my second mom, my earthly guiding angel. The strength, perseverance and determination you displayed in everything you did has always been a motivation to me. You were the epitome of a strong black woman, I admire your strength and determination so much.

Vinetta, I never got the chance to tell you how much you influenced my life and the many things I learnt just from being around you. I remembered when you were just hospitalized and I went to visit and your husband told me all day they had been talking to you but you wouldn't respond but as soon as you heard I was there you open your eyes and smiled, my heart melted.

I miss you so much Vinetta. Your constant and warm smiles, to see you cooking up a meal, cah mi know yuh love di kitchen bad, to see you watching one of your favorite TV show (unsolved mystery) and you telling me I love too many soap opera, to hear those little witty remarks you often made, especially “mi nuh cum yah pon boat”, how you would constantly talk about your undying love for your children and your beloved dog Jermaine.

Even though it hurts with you being gone, I can see why God would want you home with him because you were truly an angel here on earth.
Rest in perfect peace my unforgettable friend, no more will you be in pain and suffering.
Love and miss you Barbara

Kayci Rose

May 22, 2020

They say life is not about the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. Aunty I hope you had a little bit of both in your your 57 years of life.

My memories of you are ones where you left your laughter love and humor in my heart. You played the role of a true Aunty as I could do no wrong and was on my side for any childhood mischief, wearing that unforgettable smile.

In your last days, Aunty you weathered your sickness with a quiet strength that truly showed your grace. There were moments when we all cried for you and prayed that somehow god would allow you to walk out of the Hospital . But you did walk again, although not physically, you walked right into our hearts and left your influence.

I know that our family is deeply grieved by the loss of a Phenomenal woman but lets not dwell on her last days and passing as the end or what defined her life. Instead, let us honor her with the experiences shared, things we loved about her and knowledge gained from having her in our lives.

We may have lost Aunty Barbara in bodily form now but I believe that one day we will meet again. “And god shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things have passed away” Rev, 21:4. So until that day I will keep her memory alive in my heart and I ask the rest of the family to do the same.

Keep Vinetta Elvina Murray Elanus Alive.


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