Sean Glowstick A (Ward)Alexander

April 6, 1996October 21, 2013

Sean Glowstick A (Ward)Alexander was born on April 6, 1996 in Bullhead City, Arizona and passed away on October 21, 2013 in Fort Mohave, Arizona


  • Memorial Service Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sean Glowstick A (Ward)Alexander

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Ron Rice

November 23, 2014

Sadee Parker

August 13, 2014

Sean I miss you so much I cant believe its been almost a year since you passed away I think about you alot. I remember the first day I met you we were in 9th grade and you had that long blonde hair and you were so quiet and shy and you wouldn't really talk to anyone. Then you got more comfortable and you stopped being so shy and we couldn't get you to shut up I miss that I miss being around you, I miss your stupid jokes, i miss everything about you. You were so smart and kind and brave. You were an amazing person. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you the most, im sorry I wasn't able to see you before you moved back to Arizona like I promised, I regret it more then anything. And thank you for loving my sister and making her believe in love. Just watch over her please its been almost a year but I know shes still hurting, im still hurting. I will never forget you hopefully one day ill be able to see you again.. I love you to the moon and back glowie.

Kat Cathey

January 20, 2014

Glowstick, you were my best friend.. You were the only person who knew me for me, and didn't judge me.. You were the one person who actually cared to talk to me every single day.. We would talk about everything with each other, and we would always be weird on Skype with each other.. Do you have any idea how much I miss that to this day.. Living without you s so boring.. I don't have you to make fun of whenever you stick a cigarette up your nose.. I don't have you to laugh at me whenever I fell off my bed, on Skype... I don't have my best friend to wrestle with or play tug a war with my blanket.. I don't have you any more... Living without you is honestly the most depressing thing I've gone through.. Nothing can compare to me losing you.. Your death just brought out the hurt and depression in me that you were curing.. You have no clue how badly I want you back.. Just to see your smile again.. Just to see you make our heart, as we always would do.. Jut to hear your laugh, one more time.. I would give anything to hear you laugh or see you smile.. I love you so much, and now I can't have you by my side anymore.. I miss us the most, though.. We weren't together long because you had to move, but our friendship was more than just that for those 4 months.. The date 6/9/13 will forever stay in my heart, along with you.. I love you so much.. I just wish you would come back.. I wish you were to have never of gotten in that car crash.. I wish you would have stayed here, and stayed with me.. At this moment, we could be on Skype, making fun of each other.. We could be making our hearts to each other, as you blow cigarette/vape smoke through it.. We could still be together.. I love you so much, Glowie.. No matter who I'm with, you'll always be my forever.. I'll always be in love with you.. Like I always said, 'Till the end of time.. <3 Glowstick + Glowstick Kitten = Forever. <3

Joshua James Alexander Sr.

November 30, 2013

You know, evrynight I go to bed and think about all the fun moments we had. I lay in bed, next to your mother and fight back the tears over and over. Sean, I know your watching down on us, waiting for us to come home with you. Then, I go back to work and its back to reality, knowing my son is gone and I will never get the chance to call you when I'm on the road. Used to call just to see how you were doing, and what kind of trouble you;ve gotten into since our last chat. I hate myself for sending you away to Arizona. Maybe if I would've been home more, or around in the past, things would be different. Your Mom and everyone else tell me, that when your times up, its up!! I believe that we decide our own fate!!! Then again, the lord must've really neeeded that gift you had. Son, I love you so, so much!! I was always so proud of you. I hope you know that. Miss you, my loving son. Guess only time will tell, and we'll get to chat once again. Get caught up on all the conversations we could've had. Love you.........

Pam Rice

November 30, 2013

A month has gone by and it hurts so much that your not here...Its like your mom and Papa said they have a hole in there heart ans so do I...I hope this gets better as time goes by...I miss you so much sometimes i wonder if I will ever get though you being gone....I just hurt so much.....We are going to put your cross up Monday......We will have Glow sticks by it......Love and miss your laughter, big smile and those eyes...Love you forever my sweet Sean..Sore high my Angel.....Big hugs...Nama...

Aunty Anjie Alexander

November 30, 2013

Admired... Missed.... Loved you were and always will be!!!! The perfect big cousin to Koa, Keola, And Keanu.... Continue to be that big cousin they need and watch over them.... I pray that your memory continues to live on in them and they grow to be as awesome as you were....

Anjanine "aunty anjie" Alexander

November 30, 2013

You were the perfect cousin.... responsible.... Caring.... And always kind to your younger cousins.....Koa, Keola, and Keanu admired... Loved.. And looked up to.....I will continue to use you as role model and your memory I will use as a reminder to my boys that life is too short and that she should be loving and living it to its fullest and most importantly .... They need to the know how truly blessed they are to share their lives as brothers!! Admired... Adored.... Missed... were and always be!!!!!

Desiree Sides

November 29, 2013

Sean, I can still remember watching you when you were just a tot. You always had such a big smile. As I was reading through these entries I happened to look outside and saw one of the biggest shooting stars I've ever seen. Like that shooting star, you came and set the world aglow before you left it. Keep an eye out for the rest of us down here. I love you.

Shannon Alexander

November 29, 2013

The Holidays are here and they are not the same without you. I put on a fake smile for your brothers and sister, but it is exactly that, FAKE. I am trying to cherish the time I have with your brothers and sister but it is hard, when I want you here with us soo badly. Everywhere I look and everywhere I go, there is something that reminds me of you............... I am trying to stay a float in a sea that keeps dragging me down..... Love you forever my son.

Justin Brown

November 28, 2013

Dear, Sean
I don't know what to say just like everyone else. You were an amazing cousin and you will never be forgotten and always missed. You have touched the hearts of many and even though we didn't talk much in the past few years I hope you knew I was always thinking about you. When we were younger we would always be getting each other in trouble at nama's house. It was actually quite funny because we would just do it to see who would get in trouble first not because either of us did anything wrong. I still remember when we would play the computer games at nama's and most of the time you would have to show me how to play because I had no computer smarts... not much has changed in the past few years because I still can't use computers that well haha. When I had joined Karate I always remembered how you never wanted to hurt anybody, you always looked for some way to win a competition without hurting anyone. You were always there for me when I needed someone to make me laugh. Especially when I would get myself down because I wasn't as good as I wanted to be in karate. It was in your nature to always be kind hearted. That is something I always always wanted and envied about you. I hope for all the peace in the world to be bestowed upon you in the afterlife. No amount of words or crying can show you how much I miss you and how much I love you. I know you are still here in spirit staying by everyone's side making sure that they are okay. Even though you are gone you still live in the hearts of everyone you have touched reminding us that we don't have to hurt anymore... that we will be okay... and that you are not going anywhere far.