Mrs. Ping Chan

October 23, 1930March 7, 2023
Obituary of Mrs. Ping Chan
In Loving Memory... Our dear mother and grandmother, Ping Chan 陳萍, passed away peacefully (Mom slept like a baby), after midnight March 7th, 2023; exactly 31 years after arriving in Canada in 1992, rejoining husband Kut Lok 陳吉樂 14 months after his departure (and daughter Oi Ling 藹玲). Originally named Bo Jan Lam 林寶珍, meaning precious treasure (or Ping Lam 林萍), Mom was born on the 23rd day tenth month of 1930 (year of the horse) in the town of Heiman (Chaoyang District) Guangdong Province China 中國潮陽縣海門鎮. She was the oldest surviving daughter of father Yin Hei Lam 林延熙 and mother Yin Yau Yiu Lam 林姚賢柔. She had 3 older brothers, one younger brother and two sisters. In Mom’s lifetime, she survived political upheaval, war, famine and Japanese occupation. She married in 1950 to a handsome, hardworking young man from the same town and moved to Hong Kong in 1955 after enduring a five-year separation from husband as newlyweds. Mom gave birth to six sons and a daughter (who passed away due to Bordetella Pertussis, aka, whooping cough 百日咳 at less than 2 years of age), and she modelled for us how to show respect for the elderly, be generous to the needy, persevere in hard times, and what excellent housekeeping and cleanliness was about. During her time in Hong Kong, Mom was a virtuous wife and mother with a kind, gentle and hard-working spirit, and managed to single-handedly run the Chan household (as husband/Dad worked multiple jobs), despite not being fluent in Cantonese or having any formal education. She made sure her husband and 6 sons were well fed, cared for in sickness and lived in relative comfort. Mom was the disciplinary of the household and made sure her sons did well in school, while she continued helping relatives and neighbours. As her name Ping 萍 (meaning floating greens/dickweed) might have hinted, Mom moved again with husband and three sons (and family) to Canada in 1992. Arriving in a land completely foreign to her upbringing (and not speaking a word of English) did not seem to scare her. She settled down quite comfortably in this vast new land and friendly community, with bigger house(s) to clean, enjoying its majestic scenery, including touring the Rockies and Alberta. Never waived in her calling, for three more decades Mom continued in being a care giver to a retired husband and grandchildren. Her niece Yee Fun 宜芬 helped her to accept Jesus. Mom found peace knowing she was loved and treasured by Father God and Lord Jesus Christ. She would continually pray to God for her loved ones. Our Lord has clothed Mom with His goodness all her life. She was spared the sword of the Japanese imperial army as a teenager, was first barred from entering Hong Kong but took a detour via Macau to reunite with husband/Dad with divine intervention. Mom had a condition of being badger-legged (coupled with arthritis) which started to manifest after menopause. Never did she incur serious injuries nor broken bones even after numerous falls. Mom, like our grandmother, was confirmed to have the condition of Alzheimer in 2013. God opened doors for her to be cared for at Foyer Mallard, Coquitlam, B.C. in 3 short weeks after application was submitted. It is the best elderly care facility for Alzheimer patients in Tri-city. She outlived the 18 months of average residency at FM by almost four years. She would invite us to dine and stay at FM where she nursed her multiple newborns (or infant dolls) twenty-four seven. She never lost control of her ability to eat or swallow which is a common pitfall for Alzheimer patients. She enjoyed her 5 meals every day, cleaning her plates most of the time. Late March 3rd we received the news that Mom was tested positive with COVID. We are grateful that she did not suffer long and slept through most of the weekend and emigrated to her eternal home, this time permanently. “So now I'll lie down and sleep like a baby— then I'll awake in safety, for you surround me with your glory.” Psalm 3:5 The Passion Translation. Mom was truly a precious treasure to all who crossed path with her during her 92 years on earth. We will miss her dearly!

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