Helen Hill

September 20, 1935September 24, 2020

Passed away peacefully at Cambridge Memorial Hospital on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at the age of 85.

Predeceased by her husband Gerald. Loving mom to Steven (Laura), Alan (Dolores), Edward (Pam), Gerald and Tony (Lorraine). Cherished Grandmother to Amy, Caillie, Kieran, Melissa (Shaunn), Jennifer, Lauren and Great Grandmother to Justyn, Tyler, Ella, Michaela and Gage. Helen was born in Ireland, she had an infectious personality and cherished every moment she spent with her family and her friends. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Cremation has taken place. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date. As an expression of sympathy, donations may be made to a charity of your choice. You are invited to share a memory or condolence here on our website in memory of Helen.


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Helen Hill

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Melissa Hill

September 29, 2020

Part-3. and i just love how you take such good care of your self cause I realize feeling good on the outside helps, doing those little things like your hair, nails, make you feel good. I am so proud my middle name is Helen and that my daughter , your great granddaughters middle name
Is Helen as well.. I know you are watching down on us.. and Ive been just wanting to make you proud granny... I think of your qualities and the woman you are and how loveable you are,You were such a go getter, You’re an amazing mother and granny, so thoughtful.. I mean you would even bring share of the buffet home to the dogs, lol ... I could tell write a million other memories... I am so bless to have these memories with you... I cherish them forever...I really feel you watching over me Gran.. your full life is a reminder to me, to live a full life... 💜 You will always be a huge part of my life and I will always make you proud Granny💜I LOVE YOU SO MUCH XO

Melissa Hill

September 28, 2020

Part2- I remember you taking Jenn and I to many beaches in Ireland... last time I saw you at the Freeport Hospital you smiled at me and asked “how would you like to be in Donegal with the swans” You took us to this place in Ireland too I remember, I think Jenn might too, where we got some holy water? I remember going to get fish and chips with you...I remember having tea every night with you, and a biscuit, bring it down on a tray w a silver teapot... then there was that one time where we had diet coke.. and I said Granny this taste funny and sure enough there was vodka in it, I was sipping on yours LOL you thought that was so funny. As we grew older I got to experience the dance with you, that was a time... you would sneak some vodka on the wee dance😂 it was so lovely to see you sing and dance. Kick your leg and seduce the men with your scarf for laughs! you were Such a FUN lady.!

We have many memories in Canada as well
I was just remembering today as I went back to work I used to visit you on my lunches, and you would want to go to for mcdonalds or an icecream.. when you would get me to pour you and I a glass of your Baileys.. I got to spend alot of time with you at my dad and pams while I was pregnant with Ella.. I just loved laying on the couch with you watching tv.. like we did back in Ireland...I loved resting my head on your lap even as a 28year old then, and just being close to you was such a comfort. The way you care for my girls and would save them the toy from happy meal.. singing round and round the garden.. both girls love dor that song came from you:: and drawing pictures with Ella... Ella loves to watch the videos of you two..i am thankful for all the time spent with you gran.. all your birthdays..You dressing up in your gorgeous dresses and scarves.. asking me to pluck ur eye brows.. even in Freeport you asked if I could blowdry your hair , so I brought it the second time...and i just love how you take such good care of your self cause

Melissa Helen Hill

September 28, 2020

Part 1
Memories of you Granny are such a treasure to my heart💜
Spending two months in the summers with you in Belfast, so many memories..
Going to the flea market, going to visit your aunts, picking up grandad at his nursing home( me driving in his electric scooter was fun!) and bringing him back home, You would rapp the knife on the kitchen wall to let is know when dinner was ready, the way Id wake up to you out in the sun 🌞, you were always so proud to show your white skin under your watch to show how much of tan you had! You were tanner then me always🌞 I remember your purple bathroom in woodside walk- you had a love for purple/lavender colour. You always got me to thread your needles and untangle your jewelry. You kept your cookies in a tin along side diet coke and vodka;) You Feed all the animals, One time u fed the birds , chicken ... LOL I couldn't believe it but they ate it hahah! I remember doing Avon with you and Jenn.. when the boxes came in it was so fun to sort... going to the grocery store with you was fun as well.. I always loved those yogurt corner things... ! I remember sleeping with you in your bed in woodside walk house and asking you to tickle my arm.. you would joke and say to glue a nail on and tickle my own arm.. I remember listening to your tapes and you having Jenn write out the lyrics to songs for you... You would always tell me the story where I was sitting and looking,looking at you and you asked me what I was looking at... and I said “granny are you a witch?” And you said no your not a witch and I said “Oh my mommy said youre a witch!” loll we had a good laugh with that story.. you said it seemed Like I was looking for a wart on your nose😂

Tony Hill

September 28, 2020

My Mother too me in many ways was my whole family in Ireland at times. We both missed having our extended family with us. We were there for each other and we both enjoyed going back to Canada together over the years to visit them all. She was always giving in her nature and supportive of me. I loved that I could do her hair once a week for years before she went too her dance 💃 on Thursdays to sing and be with her friends.
I loved seeing how other people enjoyed her warm, generous and funny nature.
I always felt unconditional love from her. She loved her family and we loved having such a loving caring person as our mother.
This is not goodbye Mom as you will always be in my heart xx

Gerald Hill

September 28, 2020

What can I say about my mum Helen. She sacrificed a lot for us especially when we were little, She loved children and the joy they gave her in return. No one stuck up for you like Helen, no one did their best to cheer you up sooth your brow when ill.

I remember one time at school i purposely 'forgot' my English language exercise book at home (because I hadn't done my homework), well I was sent to the office and made to call home. I hesitantly asked mum to bring the book to the school for me as demanded by the principle ,,.. to which I was in such a state of fright I never even heard her answer if she would or not, Anyway about 1/2 hour later I went to the library with the whole class and as I walked past the library steps there was mum outside at the door with my book, I nearly fainted. I was about to be discovered as a lyre. I went quickly to retrieve the book and reluctantly took it from her with a frown and she went on home. I handed the book to the teacher and she immediately turned to that weeks work... and as I waited for the inevitable onslaught , she just handed the book to me, I was puzzled, then I opened the book up at the exercise and saw that mum had filled in all the blanks and done my work for me.

Thank you mum for all you did for me over my lifetime too much to list but but you will always be my mummy, and I will always be your son. Sleep well you're always in my heart.

Edward Hill

September 27, 2020

Mother, although you're left and gone to heaven. You'll always be around.
Keep watch over us and keep us safe.
You travelled across the miles when Jenn and Melissa were born, sharing that special time with us, is a credit to your support and a mother's love.
Your singing voice was loved by many, so good they saved the best for last at the lobby bar in the Europa Hotel every Saturday night for years. I went to the wee clubs in Ireland you loved and watched you sing. You could command an audience with your powerful voice.
You kept open lines to family because you always cared. You took the time to stay connected to us all. I remember you would say "I never thought my sons would be scattered all over the world" but that never stopped you from going for a visit.
When your age and health needed you to be cared for, you made the decision to come back to Canada to live with Al and Dolly, giving us more precious memories to keep forever. Thanks Alan and Dolly for caring for Mom in her final years. .
We have lost a mother with a heart of gold and how much we miss her could never be told, she raised us with love and helped us along, if we follow her footsteps we'll never go wrong.
Love always Ed

Steven Hill

September 26, 2020

Our Mum should have been the poster child/person for the Irish Tourism Board. She was everything people think the Irish are or think they should be. She was warm,open, gregarious ,fun loving, big hearted, party loving, hospitable, generous and forgiving.She couldn't care less about a person's religion or skin colour.She was one of a kind,bigger than life,and prone to sometimes embarrass her sons.Mum showed us how to enjoy life though she herself did not have it easy raising 5 boys. She rarely complained. I miss her now and will only miss her more in the future as I come to accept I will not see her again. Mum is irreplaceable and much loved.

Jennifer Hill

September 26, 2020

I am beyond blessed to have so many wonderful memories with my Gran. She was so full of life, glamorous and loving. She had such a fun sense of humour, and quick whitty remarks for everything.

I became very close to her during my time as a child in Ireland. All the fun adventures she took us on, meals, dances, singing, tanning out the back, Avon orders, second hand shops, Watching tv together while she fixed her false nails and ate dulse or willicks.. sometimes chips and dip... the list goes on.

I’ll cherish the times we had together at my house as well. Walks to the lake, going out for meals, sitting outside, helping me in whatever way she could around my house. Mascara on my table to fill a scuff mark.. cleaning my windows with a tiny piece of paper towel, standing on a big rock outside. It was comical, and frightening, but the thought was always there. ❤️

Thoughtful describes her perfectly. Always thinking of others. Including the animals. Feeding them, giving them somewhere warm to sleep, even trips to the beach.

I’d love simply just sitting beside her while watching tv. She would always hold my hand. You could just feel her warmth and love while in her presence. I’ll never forget her lovely scent either.

I have so many wonderful memories of her that I will cherish in my heart always.

I love you so much Gran. Til’ we meet again. xoxo

Pamela Hill

September 26, 2020

Helen made my life so much richer just by knowing her.
She lived such a full life. She treasured her five sons and their families with all her heart.
I feel priveleged to have had her as my mum in law. I will always hold her close in my heart, forever.
love always, Pam. 💕
I will miss you Helen.

Alan Hill

September 26, 2020

I don't have one memory to share I have millions. She was the best Mother that I could ever have had. She taught me right from wrong and everything else in life, right to the very end and I know she was a great teacher. I will always Love her and I miss her with all my Heart and I know we will meet again some sunny day, somewhere over the rainbow.


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