Amanda Loren Mizzles

May 25, 1979May 26, 2018
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Services for Amanda Loren Mizzles, 39, of Garland are scheduled for 2 pm Friday, June 1, 2018, at the Eubank Funeral Home in Canton with Pastor Jim Burt officiating.

Amanda passed away May 26, 2018, in Rowlett. She was born May 25,1979, in Tyler to Michael Ray and Claudia Louise Renfro Mizzles.

Amanda grew up in Mesquite and Rockwall. She graduated in 1997 from Rockwall High School. Amanda was a self employed hairdresser. She loved music, dance, art and people. She made an impact on many lives.

She is preceded in death by her grandfathers: Robert G. Renfro and Marvin R. Mizzles.

Amanda is survived by her parents, Michael and Claudia Mizzles; son, Trenten Alexander Mizzell-Cline; daughter, Cadence Aliyah Mizzell; two brothers: Martin and Jeni Mizzell and Jacob Mizzles; and two grandmothers: Gwen Renfro and Lucy Mizzles.

Interment will be in Edom Cemetery.

The family will receive friends 6-8 pm Thursday at the funeral home.


  • Michael & Claudia Mizzles, Parents
  • Trenton Alexander Mizzell - Cline, Son
  • Cadence Aliyah Mizzell, Daughter
  • Martin & Jeni Mizzell, Brother
  • Jacob Mizzles, Brother
  • Gwen Renfro, Grandmother
  • Lucy Mizzles, Grandmother
  • Robert G. Renfro, Grandfather
  • Marvin R. Mizzles, Grandfather


  • Visitation Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, June 1, 2018

Amanda Loren Mizzles

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Nicole Torres

June 10, 2018

May she rest in peace praying for family and children

Rachel Weddington

June 8, 2018

My dear Mandy.
Words could never express how amazing you are! Such a beautiful vibrant person. Inside and out. You were often mistook but for those that experienced the pleasure of knowing you there was nothing but genuineness. Kind. Generious. Vibrant. Passion. But for me Mandy you were truly someone special. I could count on you... To be there always. A shoulder to lean on. A friend to listen. A party to go! Losing a piece of you is devastating. But your soul carries on and I know you will forever be with me. I love you!

Crissty Williams

June 8, 2018

I met Mandy through her brother Martin in high school. She was beautiful, full of life, and had an amazing personality. We reconnected again in 2013 over Facebook messenger and communicated regularly as she was still recovering from a car wreck. I prayed for her healing and recovery often. In 2014 we were able to meet up at a church in Dallas one night for a famous testimony. I will never forget her eyes and her smile. She had a renewed spirit and she lit up the entire room. She brought Trent with her that night and we had a great time. I will forever remember our long talks and her contagious laugh. Rest in Heaven Mandy and know that you were loved and adored by so many...I love you!

Nancy Lane

June 8, 2018

The first time I met Mandy was when the women of New Horizon Vineyard Church had a spa retreat. Mandy treated us all to pedicures. She did have a great sense of humor and I sensed her kindness. I remember feeling actually uplifted by that pedicure. We usually think of going to the salon as "maintenance" but when you do it the way Mandy did it, it's Ministry. My condolences to you all and especially to Trenton and Cadence. You are all in my prayers.


June 8, 2018

One of best friends. She was like family to me. And always will be i miss her so much and ill never forget the amazing times we had. I love her and her kids and i always will even till the end of time.



When Amanda “Mandy” Loren Mizzles walked into the room, those in her company felt energy, an enthusiastic spontaneity. This was just one example of who Mandy was and how she impacted those around her. Mandy was a clever and gregarious person who always sought out the finest attributes in other people. It was as if Mandy wanted to share all of their experiences, revel in their lives and celebrate their discoveries. Mandy was tireless and had boundless enthusiasm that would serve her well throughout her life.
Mandy was born on May 25, 1979 at Doctor's Memorial Hospital in Tyler, Texas. She was the daughter of Michael and Claudia Mizzles. Mandy was raised in Mesquite and Rockwall, Texas. Always at the ready with a good joke, she grew up to be quite a humorous person. While some who knew Mandy might describe her as an idealist, her friends and family understood well that Mandy was always in pursuit of life’s endless possibilities and opportunities available to her.
Mandy was raised with two brothers. She had one older brother, Martin, and one younger brother, Jacob. Mandy was very accepting and supportive of her family. She was perceived as the central person in her family in terms of keeping communication open between the family members. Whenever discord or tension arose within the home, Mandy was typically the member who brought about resolution and harmony. These traits served Mandy well in her adult life and, along with her wit, outgoing personality, and understanding of others, drew the admiration of many who knew her.
As a young girl, Mandy was able to empathize and identify with a vast array of people and personality types. This quality drew her into a diverse group of friends and acquaintances. Mandy was intelligent and had little trouble getting along with her peers. She was almost always the first to jump in when it came to playing games or participating in other childhood activities. Mandy took part in soccer, dance, drill team and roller derby. She was a Girl Scout. Mandy's memorable achievements included numerous trophies for her various activities. Mandy had the ability to find amusement with almost any activity she and the many childhood friends she shared might discover.
During her high school years, Mandy responded enthusiastically to any new project and was regularly in search of one adventure after another. She graduated from Rockwall High School in 1997. Mandy was a very good student, and generally did well in her courses. Mandy absorbed as much as she could from all of her teachers and was consistently able to tackle conceptual and abstract problems, using her imagination to master her assignments. For Mandy, school often became just an extension of playtime, thanks to her ability to turn just about anything into a game. Classmates considered Mandy a good listener, knowing that when necessary, they could go to her to discuss just about anything. Her favorite class in high school was drill team. She was Junior Lieutenant in her Junior year and an Officer her Senior year and she received the title, "Best Style" in the 1997 yearbook.
Mandy did well in college, as a result of her comfort level with tackling new theories and her love of learning. She attended Eastfield College before entering Cosmetology School. Mandy was very adaptable, a quality that helped her make the transition from high school to college with little difficulty. As a result, Mandy's problem solving skills and thirst for new knowledge almost guaranteed that she enjoyed virtually every class she took. Mandy was always in quest of new things to learn and experience
With a talent for making acquaintances easily which in turn brought her an endless stream of friends, Mandy was very sociable and could blend without effort into any social group. Assertive and outgoing, Mandy was easy to know and demonstrated a deep concern for others. She always seemed aware of what was going on with people around her and throughout her life she made many, many friends. While growing up, some of her best friends were Jennifer Heimer, Angie Woodall, Mandy Monroe, Julia Drymond and Kara Spangler. Later in life, she became friends with Rebecca Short, Rachel Weddington, Jennifer Hall, Shawna, Shanika Lacy, Jessica Sanders and Jessica Cramp.
Mandy was a natural and creative parent who was willing to provide her family with all sorts of new and interesting experiences. For Mandy, parenting was a particularly enjoyable and pleasurable part of her life. Every activity, from chores to bedtime routines, became a game in the Mizzles home. Mandy's skill at understanding her children's feelings, her sensitivity to their needs, and her gift for gentle persuasion enabled her to find novel solutions to any problem or situation that might crop up. Mandy was blessed with two children: a son, Trenten Alexander, and a daughter, Cadence Aliyah.
Mandy was uplifted by new ideas and was excited by life’s possibilities, traits that made her an exceptional worker. Her primary occupation was a hair stylist. She was currently self-employed, but had worked at several salons. She also had recently begun hostessing at the Omni Hotel and enjoyed it immensely. Mandy was enterprising, inventive and working against deadlines seemed to energize her. Mandy had the uncanny ability to identify a win/win solution to just about any problem, possibly because of her gift for insight. Mandy's fellow workers saw her as a supporter and a mentor.
Although Mandy never served in the military, she comes from a long line of veterans, including her grandfather, father and two brothers.

Because Mandy loved to have a broad variety of activities in her life, she took advantage of the opportunity to pursue numerous hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were music, dancing, spending time with friends, crafts, swimming, hanging out at the lake. Mandy had a knack for being able to multi-task in order to create time for all of her favorite pastimes. However, Mandy's ever-present concern for others always took precedent.
Mandy derived much satisfaction from participating in and watching sports. Her charisma, supportive nature and ability to improvise when called upon to do so all made perfect attributes for enjoying a great many sporting activities. In high school, Mandy participated in Dance and Drill Team. Mandy was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching her favorite events whenever she got the opportunity. Tops on her list were football and basketball.
Throughout her life, Mandy was actively involved in professional and community organizations. She was compassionate, accommodating and quick to move into action. Always able to build a consensus, Mandy seemed to be the person smack dab in the middle of things, working to get things done. Those who had the opportunity to work with Mandy usually agreed that when you were involved in an organization with her, it was as entertaining as anything you could imagine. Throughout her later years, Mandy was an active in supporting battered women shelters and support events. She also enjoyed going to Art Festivals and music events.
Mandy was a woman who was dedicated and devoted to her faith. She was a Christian. Mandy attended a Women’s Bible Study. She was sympathetic and able to empathize with others and she used these qualities to the fullest while working tirelessly for her beliefs.
Mandy's love of improvising in her daily life was a perfect fit for her enjoyment of traveling. Her favorite vacations were ones that were not planned. Traveling in a casual manor fit her personality well. Excited about seeing changing scenery and constantly looking for the enjoyment life could offer, Mandy took her vacations seriously, well, as seriously as she possibly could. Favorite vacations included going to the Bahamas, skiing in Colorado, Disney World, rafting the Comal River in New Braunfels.
Mandy was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. Her family was rounded out by her cats: Fancy, Shy and BB and Memphis; and her dog, Barbie.
Mandy Mizzles passed away on May 26, 2018 at Lake Ray Hubbard. Mandy drowned while celebrating her 39th birthday. She is survived by her children: Trenten and Cadence; parents, Michael and Claudia; brothers, Martin and Jeni Mizzell and Jacob Mizzell; grandmothers: Gwen Renfro and Lucy Mizzles. Services were held at Eubank Funeral Home in Canton. Mandy was laid to rest in Edom Cemetery in Edom, TX.
There was always a certain style and inventiveness to Mandy. She was a dynamic, self-expressive person who was forever looking to celebrate the endless possibilities life had to offer. She had a knack for being clever, creative and witty, and for others, was a joy to be around. While she was often fiercely independent, it seemed as if many others looked to Mandy Mizzles for inspiration, leadership, wisdom and even courage. Mandy was always more than willing to share life’s experiences with her loved ones.