Stephen Michael Calloway

September 20, 1950March 7, 2023
Obituary of Stephen Michael Calloway
Stephen Michael Calloway, 72, of Cary and formerly of Winston-Salem, entered eternal rest on March 7 at Wake Med Cary Hospital after a heroic year long battle with cancer. He was born in Winston-Salem on September 20, 1950 son of the late Thomas Davis Calloway, Sr. and Florence Crater Calloway. Steve was a loving husband and father who was devoted to his family and his Christian faith. He attended NCSU and cherished the friendships he made through the Sigma Chi fraternity. Up until the last few weeks of his life, Steve enjoyed a career in sales which suited his outgoing personality. When Steve wasn’t working he enjoyed spending quality time with his family and friends at Sunset Beach. Steve is survived by his wife of almost 35 years, Cathy Bullock Calloway, and children Lauren Calloway of Holly Springs and Alex Calloway and wife Nicole of Apex. He predeceases brother Tom Calloway and wife Nancy Jane, as well as brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Mike and Pam Bullock, Wayne and Nancy Bullock, and Jerry and Pam Brewer along with many nieces and nephews. Steve dearly loved his family and the beach and cherished family time there. Steve, quite the clotheshorse, had some additional loves. He loved himself some Fox News and Family Feud and we hope as he sits with St Peter that he is enjoying a Jack Daniels, neat, ice on the side. Funeral service: Tuesday, March 14th at 2:00 pm at Apex Baptist Church, 110 S. Salem St. Apex, NC 27502. Visitation at the church following the service. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Calloway family. From the Family: As we all know, Steve was completely dedicated to Cathy, Lauren and Alex. Steve and Cathy had 35 years of the happiest marriage and a true partnership. This long partnership gave them experience in being understood, supported, and utterly loved. More importantly, Steve gave Cathy the two most amazing children in the world. Or maybe she gave them to him, right? Anyway, even at 35 years, they did not get nearly enough time together. But as heartbroken as Cathy is, she is equally grateful. Even in these last few days of completely unexpected hell - she knows how lucky she has been. And as I mentioned, Steve was completely dedicated to Lauren and Alex in every way – that is, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, dance recitals, church plays . . . then driver’s license, proms, breakups, teenage and college woes. He always wanted to “fix” their problems and he wept for their sadness. Cathy had to remind him on occasion that they had to grow up on their own, including falling and getting back up again. It is how we learn, but he was determined to protect. And when Steve was determined, well . . . . he was determined. A former next door neighbor reminded the family of the time Steve had a trade show out of town and the Triangle had a major ice storm. When Cathy said, “I can’t drive you to the airport!” – the next scene is of a cab arriving at the house, which of course would not even attempt to go up that steep driveway! The neighbor recalled seeing Steve push his briefcase and luggage down the icy driveway. Steve then proceeded to slide down the driveway himself – BUT on a piece of cardboard, of course! You can’t make this stuff up and you all know Steve Calloway did not want to get “messed up!” Thank goodness for that cardboard. And as for Mr. Clotheshorse, back in the day when the children were young and the Calloways were all dressed for dinner-out without the kids on a Saturday night, the babysitter would be feeding kids who would of course run up for goodbye hugs, only for Steve to admonish, “don’t get your messy hands on my clothes!” Yes, Mr. Clotheshorse – always the best dressed! Something you may not know is that the entire Calloway family is terribly afraid of heights. But none more than Steve. You may recall that Steve was a warrior with both kids in Indian Princess and Indian Guides. While on a weekend retreat with Lauren’s princesses, they were out to do a zip line. Yep, a zip line for 2 people afraid of heights. You can only imagine – dad and daughter feeling the pressure to zip line – terrified but committed. They both climbed to the top of the tower and were harnessed up. Steve was determined to do this for Lauren. Can’t you see them up there? “Ready, set, go…” Steve jumped . . . . . . Lauren didn’t. He is sailing down the mountain while Lauren is being unbuckled and – you got it – climbing down backwards. I guess, though, the zip line could have been one of Steve’s fantasies fulfilled, since he was often heard doing his Tarzan impersonation – yep, the man loved to say Timba! Umgawa! and corny as it may have been we couldn’t help but laugh. So a special Umgawa to you Steve! Now sharing all the great stories, is in no way to imply Steve was perfect! Heck, you knew him! His temper could go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. To say he thought he should be the only one driving on the road, in that lane, at that very moment, is an understatement and for him, kinda a given! “Well of course it is my lane!” He had no patience for radical liberals. He said, “he couldn’t ‘fix’ stupid.” This is where I say “sorry” to a few of our friends. He never actually threw away a balled up piece of trash. He always did one of his “basketball shots” in the trash can – 2 points – Go Wolfpack. If something smelled bad, he said “it smells like moo goo gai pan” – and that was not a compliment to Chinese food. He especially described the dog’s breath that way! Really Steve? Steve has always been smooth on the dance floor and is known too for his rendition of “Wipeout” – that is, with his fingers on the tabletop or any solid service. Can you hear that opening drumbeat right now? Now I can’t see Steve actually dancing to “Wipeout,” but it would not be unusual for Steve to come downstairs at the beach house and hear beach music and start to shag all by himself – literally – with his hand reached out as if he was holding Cathy’s hand as if she was dancing with him. I love that image. I could go on and on, but there aren’t enough hours to truly capture Steve’s personality and you’ve heard from Tom already and Mike will share a bit too. I WILL tell you this sickness took his faith to another level. Made him humble. Made him grateful. Steve knew where he was going – he just wasn’t in any hurry to get there, but as we know, that isn’t our decision. Steve, your family wants you to know you are the children’s hero and Cathy’s main squeeze and that now you are FULLY healed. You are breathing in that precious heavenly air. There is a song that says “the only scars in heaven are on the hands that hold you now.” We love you. We will miss you but we know where you are.

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