Mason Ryan Wight

December 15, 2001June 5, 2013

Mason Ryan Wight was born into this world in Dallas, Texas on December 15th, 2001, to his blessed parents, Doug and Tracy Wight. Mason was Doug and Tracy's first child together and the family resided in Rockwall, Texas. Mason lived with his parents, as well as with his two sisters, Erin Gallagher and Terra Wight and a brother, Ryan Gallagher. His oldest brother, Drew Wight, had already left home for college. Although born healthy, Mason was soon diagnosed with many allergies and was also an asthmatic child. Through his early years his allergies were held in check through natural homeopathic care but his asthma required regular medications and treatments. Mason was always a very happy and engaging young boy, outgoing, polite and pleasant in every way. He was loving, caring and sensitive to all whom knew him. He loved sports of all kinds both as a participant and as a fan, but his clear favorites were football and baseball, which he played up until the end of his very short life on this earth. Mason performed well in school as well as on the playing field and was competitive with both. He always displayed outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and tirelessly worked on improving his skills. As he grew into a young man, Mason dreamed of playing professional baseball and becoming a US Navy Seal. Mason and his family were blessed to have experienced many of the great joys of life, having travelled all over the United States and internationally. From visiting his sister Terra in Hawaii to traveling in Europe with his parents and grandparents, Mason witnessed many things in life that most children only get to read about. Where ever his parents travel plans took him, Mason loved seeing new places and meeting new people. Mason's father being a geologist, introduced Mason to the natural beauty of this earth and encouraged him to love the outdoors and science. Mason became an avid rock and mineral collector and at times would boldly say he was already a geologist. Mason enjoyed hiking, swimming, attending sporting events, going to museums, skiing, dirt biking, archery, and was preparing for his first hunting season this coming fall. Mason was currently playing baseball with the DC Dolphins in Castle Rock having moved to Colorado just in December of 2012. Mason will be remembered as a great and loving young man with a permanent smile on his face. A smile that could charm and uplift all he came in contact with. He was an encourager, a motivator and always willing to help anyone in need. He was a great older brother to his younger brother Carson, always protective, loving and they were certainly best friends. As a son, he was the sunshine in his parents' day from the first minute of his life. God's gift to this world, Mason was baptized in February and lived his life as well as any angel could here on Earth. The love and joy he gave to his parents made them blessed beyond all dreams. He was as perfect a son as any child could be. No child could be loved more! Mason's gift of life will be remembered and cherished by all whom he knew and loved. His family and friends will certainly be better off having known him and though gone now, he will never be forgotten. A piece of Mason will live in us all until the day we reunite with him in God's heavenly kingdom.


Mason Ryan Wight

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Doug Wight

May 31, 2018

How quickly our days seem to pass Mason but each day I cherish each memory I have of you. Such a special gift you are for all of us who are a part of you. I trust you still know how much you are loved and missed by all your family and we look forward to the day of our heavenly reunion.

I love you Mason!


Tracy Wight

April 1, 2018

Carson is getting so big! We love you so much!!! I miss getting you all ready for church on Sundays ❤❤❤
Especially on Easter!! Your always in my heart baby boy!!!..
I love you, Mom 🤗😍

Tracy Wight

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Mason! I love you so much buddy. You will always be my angel.
I'm so happy I was able to be your mom for as long as I was able too. You were always an amazing kid and I will always love you with all of my heart!!! Carson is amazing to and growing so fast.
I Love you

Bobbie Sanchez

June 5, 2017

Mason, our family thinks of you so very often. I see how much Mathias how grown and I often wonder how your earthly body would look today. He is almost 6 ft tall and has his learners permit. Whew, I would be scared imaging you two on the road together... Hahahaha...He always talks about moving back to Colorado, that is his dream location to live. A place where he had his happiest memories and met his soul brother that he will always be connected to. You are such a huge part of his life still today. I am sure you will always be. I often wonder where we would be if you were here with us today (that is in flesh because without a doubt you are always with us in spirit), none the less we are extremely blessed to have you in our lives. I bet without a doubt you would have beat that depth perception on the baseball field. I laugh when I type this because it made you so stanking mad. Mason, we love you and miss you so much....Our Salami and cheese snacks have not been the same since you left, thank the Good Lord above for all the wonderful gifts we continue to live through our memories. We love you sweetie, God bless your family as they go through this earthly pain of missing you.

Christie, Pete, Jaden Kiriazes

June 4, 2017

Oh sweet Mason, how we miss that beautiful smile.
You are always on our minds.
We often talk about what a wonderful boy you were.
I know you're as wonderful up in Heaven as you were here on earth.
I know Grandma is with you now.
Take care of her Mason.

We Love you so much.. ❤❤❤❤

Carolyn Baynham

June 4, 2017

You are so dearly missed by your family.
I miss you so much Mason.
I miss Your big sweet eyes, your smiling face, the way you made me laugh, your thoughtful & kind words, those big kisses & hugs. I miss you sweet grandson.
I have your picture by by light switch,
Your the first & last person I see before I go to bed st nite.
Some nites Im lucky enough to have a sweet dream about you.
You, my grandsonforever hold a big space in my heart.
I know I'll see you again someday. Be waiting for me Mason with a big smile & a big hug & kiss.
My thoughts & prayers are with your family at this time. I know we all miss you more then words can even say.
Love you Mason Wight.
I just miss you so much, grandma

Tracy Wight

June 4, 2017

I love you Mason. Hope you showing are Grandma around and having a fabulous time. I love you my son my beautiful little
Angel. You are so loved and missed❤

Doug Wight

May 31, 2017

A tearful day of wonderful and sad memories. Mason's fourth angel anniversary has come and I'm once again reminded and more appreciative of all his amazing qualities. Special traits that are rare to find in any person much less a young boy. The world is much different place today without your presence and your spirit. How I wish you were here but also realize how blessed you are to be in God's presence.

I hope you know just how much I love you and miss you. You are never far from my heart and mind. I trust you will continue to be there for Carson in his times of need, worries or fears to help guide him to a place of peace and love.

May Christ hold you close daily as my arms are not long enough to reach you now and share with you daily just how proud I am to be your father.

I miss you son and will love you for all eternity!


Tracy Wight

April 17, 2017

Happy Easter Mason I love you so much. We love you so much and know you are having the time of your life. I think of you everyday and still have blanky all safe. I missed seeing you and Carson running all over getting eggs to collect the money inside lol you guys are so cute. Your life was taken from you at such a young age, I feel like you missed out on so much. Carson loves you so much and Max still loves trying to lay on Carsons bed. You mean the world to me!! I love ❤ you so much!!

Doug Wight

December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Mason Ryan!!!! Your 15th! How we all wish you were celebrating with us but I'm sure Birthdays in Heaven are special too. I know you are surrounded by all who love you and as you know you are loved and missed beyond description here.

I wonder how much taller than me you'd be now, I wonder what all interests you would have now, I wonder about who you would be catching your eye, I wonder what fun and fantastic things you, Carson and I would be doing now. I can not hardly wait until we are together again where I can hear your voice, see your smile and feel the warmth of your hugs.

I remember Carson telling me a couple days after you passed as he watched me crying, "Dad, God must have had something very special for Mason to do!" And I totally agree! You are a very special young man and angel now and I know you are helping others, starting with your brother. He needs your angelic hugs and directions!

I love you Mason, always have and always will, forever!