Brian Heath Roundtree

August 2, 1974January 18, 2018

Brian Heath Roundtree, beloved son, father, nephew, brother, uncle and friend, tragically passed away on Thursday night January 18th.

Brian was born August 2, 1974 in Phoenix AZ, but by age 1 was living with his parents in Estes Park CO, and from there moved to Longmont and Thornton. After his parents separated, he grew up in Thornton CO with his father, stepmother Katy, brother Kevin and step-siblings Gary and Jami until age 12, when he and Kevin moved to California to live with their mother. He returned to Colorado at age 15 and graduated from Smoky Hill High School, where he was well-liked and active in the Theater program.

After graduation life slowly turned darker until he was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison for armed robbery in 1994. After six years in prison, where he learned desktop publishing, he emerged better, stronger and determined to be an example of redemption, and for the next 18 years more than lived up to that commitment. Brian was twice married to Tricia Cook and Nicole Martin and the father of four children, Carta, Braidan, Olivia and Harley, along with two step-children he raised as his own, Trent and Kelton Peacock. After he left prison he worked for the Denver Post and for several years as the production manager for 5280 Magazine. At the time of his death he worked for the South Metro Denver Realty Association where he was very popular with staff and recipient of a Distinguished Service Award.

Brian is survived by his moms Peggy and Cee Cee, father Dennis, his children, brother Kevin, half-sister Rebecca Strong, step-sister Carrie, step-brother Jeff, Aunt and Uncle Karen and John Boyle, ten nieces and nephews, and dozens of friends who were motivated, uplifted and cheered by the inspirational soul that he was.

Brian was a complicated soul. Beloved, talented and artistic, yet troubled. He inspired and strengthened those around him while struggling for his own inner peace. He was a dreamer who pushed others to follow their dreams, he inspired, he supported, he blessed. He treasured his children and his family. In the end, however, he couldn’t make his own dreams come true. An unfinished script that should have had a better ending.

You will be missed more than you could ever know by the many who knew you and loved you.

I lieu of flowers, the family asks that you donate to either the Brian Roundtree Memorial Fund to benefit Urban Peak Denver at this link or the GoFundMe campaign for Brian Roundtree's kids at this link:


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    Friday, January 26, 2018

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    Friday, January 26, 2018


Brian Heath Roundtree

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Marilyn Stangl

March 1, 2021

I am truly saddened to read of Brian's passing. I was his desktop publishing teacher. He was a complicated young man but I knew he was special. I was unable to contact him after his release but I knew he would make it well. I learned of his Post employment and successes beyond that. I was as proud as anyone could be and his success inspired me to never give up on anyone until I retired from my corrections career.
I don't know why, but Brian came to mind today when I woke up. I did a search and found this. I am crushed by his loss. I wish I had looked for him sooner.
The family has my most sincere condolences on the loss of this remarkable, brilliant young man. It is a huge loss for all. I will always remember him fondly and as a great young man.

Angela Thompson

January 29, 2018

Brian, I have struggled for the words- which isn't like me- I always have something to say, too much usually. I will miss our long talks, the ones where I tell you repeatedly that it is time for me to leave and go to bed (usually well into the early morning) and we keep talking and an hour later I tell you I have to leave and we keep talking- then I'm leaving at 4 or 5 in the morning only because Nikki drags you to bed so I can leave. I honestly don't know many that can out talk me, but you could. I enjoyed those long talks as we laughed, told light hearted stories and our long deep conversations contemplating life, love, values, religion & trials. We didn't always agree and didn't have the same perspective on certain things, but the conversations were always respectful of each other, judgement free & insightful, which takes much skill and love- to hear with such an open heart. Although it has been a couple of years since we have had a long conversation, I will miss them.
I know you were present at your service and saw- but it was absolutely beautiful and completely packed! The full chapel with every seat taken, the people standing lined up down the edge of the isles, standing along the back behind the last row of seats & overflowing into every space available in the foyer, filling every spot in that church- it was astounding. Looking around at how many people's lives you touched and how many people cared for you; knowing there were so many more that weren't able to make it- and should they have- they would've been standing out on the sidewalk of the church as it was completely full! As I looked around at all the people that were there, it was amazing to see how many people were there from every walk of life- all of these people whose life you touched and shared your contagious energy with, were all sharing tears of grief. The words spoken were so beautiful and such a great tribute! All of your kid's letters were so well written, you can tell they were taught your talent well.
Mark Twain said "I can live for 2 months on a good compliment" you gave me one of the kindest compliments I have ever received in a time when I greatly needed it and that compliment has stayed with me. I've thought of it often over the past 10 years, for that I thank you- I wish I had told you again how much it meant.
I know you have been struggling and we all wish you had kept some of that light you so freely gave away to others and saved some for yourself! I will miss you and I promise, our village- this village you so loved in Acres Green, we will care for Nikki and your children the best we can. We are all heartbroken that you won't be here in person, but we know and will remind your children often, that you are with them in spirit and your angel watches over them and is with them, every second of every day; that the darkness that consumed you is gone and all that is left is a radiant light... one that shines brighter than our mortal brain can comprehend and this light will be shared with them throughout their life. It will help carry them along when they are weak and strengthen others when they are strong. Peace be with you, Brian! Until we meet again! ❤;;❤

Teddy Klotz

January 28, 2018

So sad to hear this news. Brian was a great friend and person to all around him. Techies in Theatre love him. Who could forget the high school valedictorian speech. So glad I knew him as a friend.
Prayers nd uplifting thoughts to all his family and friends.

Tamar Berner

January 26, 2018

Dennis, Cee Cee, and family, My Urban Peak colleague Kendall Rames and I were so grateful to be in attendance at this morning's beautiful celebration honoring Brian. While we didn't know Brian personally, we will be forever grateful for the impact he had on the youth at Urban Peak and our organization. We were lucky to have him be a pivotal part of what we do. Brian was obviously an extraordinary human being who loved with his whole heart and who was incredibly loved. May the love of those around you surround you and comfort you in this extremely difficult time. You are in our thoughts. - Tamar Berner

Luc Hatlestad

January 25, 2018

I worked with Brian for about seven years at 5280. He was one of those rare and unique souls who felt like an old friend the instant you met him; sweet, kind, thoughtful, charismatic, genuine, unguarded, and utterly open to the world and the people around him. Most of my memories of him involve one or more people--and often the entire room--doubled over in laughter. I've never met anyone who, whether he was talking one-on-one or to a large group, was so conversationally fearless. I regret not seeing him more often since he left 5280, and I'm confounded, heartbroken, and distraught about how this all unfolded. I only hope that his family--and particularly his children, whom he adored above all else--are getting everything they need to make it through this, and I'll do anything I can to help ensure that.

Lauren Gardiner

January 25, 2018

So very sorry for your loss; especially heartbroken for Brian's children.

Mickey Ryan

January 25, 2018

I knew Brian through a few of my old college buddies, but he was always someone I enjoyed being around and someone I always seemed to randomly bump into throughout Denver. Full of frenzied energy, a wild spirit and genuine kindness, I liked Brian and I will certainly miss him. My thoughts are with his family and his children. Rest in Peace Amigo

Brian Long

January 25, 2018

Reading through all the Facebook posts and this guest book its clear that all of us who called Brian a friend are blessed. He uniquely touched every individual he met. He knew all the right questions to get you to share your life with him, as he willingly shared his. Brian loved everyone and everyone loved Brian. In high school, he transcended traditional groups and clicks and had friends everywhere. He and Pat would come to our soccer games and cheer on the chear leaders. He showed up to school one day with a giant three pronged mohawk and I thought he was crazy - even though it was awesome. He lived life big, not holding back.

One of Brians gifts to his friends was the ability to push them out of their comfort zone. One night we (Pat, Brad, Brian, Dave, and me) were sitting in Pats hot tub. For whatever reason, Dave used to say Dont touch my body. It was Brian who said we should turn that into a song:
Hanging with my girl, shes all over me, I say,
dont touch my body, dont touch my body.
So since we all were busboys at different restaurants, we called ourselves the Bus Boys, worked through the song, then sang it in front of our friends on Prom night! Way out of my normal mode of operations! But it was fun and the joy Brian brought to everything was contagious.

Brian is one of my closest friends. Though we hung out periodically, life kept us in different places since high school but he has always been in my heart. Thank you Brian for your love and friendship to me, and to everyone you touched, empowered, and supported.

To the Roundtree family, you are in my prayers daily.

Gail Burke

January 24, 2018

My heart is breaking for the whole Roundtree Clan. I still can't wrap my mind around this. You know Brian had a special place in my heart. The family get togethers, which I am so happy to be included in, will not be the same. My hope is that he has found peace, and that his family will find peace as well. I love you all so very much, my other family.

Angela Miles

January 23, 2018

When I first met Brian several years ago, he was working at least one full time job at the Denver Post and several part time jobs doing graphic design for companies like mine just to keep his head above water. He had a tribe of little kids that he would take with him everywhere. Every thought he had was to create a better life for them. He wasn't perfect and made mistakes along the way, but he would call himself out on it and try to improve himself. Last week, Brian had game night with his kids. I saw some beautiful family photos. He gave a motivational speech for high school kids at Skyview. And sadly somewhere along the way, Brian's spirit slipped away for good. I hope his kids continue his legacy of creativity, artistry, determination, humor and talent. Here are some of his last words. Please read them and hopefully they will help motivate another soul. "Chasing a dream can be a slow jog at times, but if you never stop running eventually you will get there. Got to speak to hundreds of students at Skyview Academy and share my story to a very receptive group. Subject was a part of their year long Character series: Failure Leads to Success. Heard a couple other powerful speeches from others as well. When you fall, and you will fall, simply pick yourself up and keep going. Good day. #nevergiveup" ~ Brian Roundtree