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Jody Remon

February 29, 1956January 6, 2020


Jody, age 63 passed away peacefully on January 6th 2020 due to complications with diabetes and kidney failure. She was born in Baker, Montana on February 29, 1956 to Roy and Maida Zieske. She was the wife of Harold Remon for 22 years and the mother of Alex (31) and a grandmother to Xander(4) and Gracie(1).

Jody dedicated herself to Jesus Christ and was an active member of Our Father Lutheran Church where she and Harold volunteered much of their time. Jody had a long and successful career as a real estate broker and had retired a few years back. She also had many interests too numerous to mention and was an avid crafter. She loved life and giving of her time to people in need. We will always remember her laugh and constant smile.

Jody was preceded in death by her parents Roy Frederick and Maida Marie Zieske, and her neice Carolina Zieske.

Jody is survived by; her husband Harold Remon, her son Alex, daughter in law Elizabeth, 2 grandchildren, her brother Harmon Zieske, wife Carol Lyn, their children Matt, Christopher, Einar, Valerie, Rosina, Luke and Eric and brother Brian, wife Marie and their two sons Dan and Ben.

Please join us in celebrating her life Saturday, January 18th 2020 10:00am at Our Father Lutheran Church 6335 South Holly, Centennial Colorado (reception in church following service)

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Modest Needs https://www.modestneeds.org/ an organization dedicated to helping people in need, much like what Jody had done all her life.


  • Celebration of Life Saturday, January 18, 2020


Jody Remon

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Sondra Welsh

January 18, 2020

Jody and I met attending a caretakers support group at Our Father. Since then, her quiet and soft spoken faith have been an inspiration to me. She and Harold have supported Larry and I in prayer and friendship for several years. Each time I think of her I see her gentle smile in front of me and it brings tears of thankfulness that I got to know this beautiful woman of faith. I thank the Lord for the opportunity of her touching my life and the inspiration she gave me with each encounter we had. Harold, Larry and I hold you in our hearts forever more, knowing Jody is still watching over you. Love, Sondra and Larry Welsh.

Nola Braddock

January 17, 2020

Jody had a heart of gold always making sure everyone was okay and taken care of. First met Jody at church small group and we were discussing Christmas memories and what we missed most. Mine was getting together with family and baking. Jody being Jody made sure we had a Christmas baking day that year. Always loved our time playing cards and dice. My thoughts and prayers to all who knew her and that their many happy memories bring them comfort and peace.

Danette Purdy

January 16, 2020

I met Jody about 16 years ago during difficult parenting time in our lives. I don't remember how it happened, but she became a huge support to me and we simply "connected". It was likely that we didn't like sitting around worrying about life, but living it and enjoying it. She and Harold were so generous and kind. Jody and I would sit around for hours gabbing about everything. I was invited to game nights, girls nights, and such even though I lived on the other side of town. We had our secret rendezvous at the massage parlor once a week which could sound rather sordid, but really it was the reflexology that kept us moving and gave us an excuse to stop and relax. We often would meet for breakfast at the Pancake House and end up tipping 40% because we had occupied the seats for so long. Laughter was the topic at each meeting and even when I was around to help during her treatments she did them bravely and courageously. Time has changed the opportunities to physically get together. I feel so fortunate we were making the time over the past few weeks to catch up where we had left off. God bless this family and Jody you will be missed for your strength, compassion, integrity, and laughter in our lives.

Debbie Recob

January 11, 2020

It is truly heartbreaking that Jody had to leave us so soon. I had met Jody and Harold 16 years ago at a parent support group for at-risk children. To tell you the truth Jody had not changed from the first day I met her through these past 16 years. She was always there for everybody she embraced everybody she was a constant caregiver to her family and her extended families but she never complained. Jody was like a mother hen to everybody . She took care of everybody , made things right for everybody. I will miss her greatly, but I will always remember her saying " never a dull momet". That was her saying every time you would ask her how things were going and that will always be with me. Goodbye Jody, may you rest in peace and someone take care of you now. God bless Harold and your family take care and be strong for that is what Jody would want you to do. Take care of each other.

Lizz Landert

January 9, 2020

Jody was the most easy going person I knew. We would make plans and end the conversation with “and if that doesn’t work, we will think of something else to do.” Her door was always open for a visit, table always set for an extra person to drop by and share a meal and always asking “what can I do to help?” I’ve known Jody for 30 years. Don’t even remember how we met. Jody loved her family and time spent with them. The grand babies have the most devoted guardian angel watching over them now. Thank you Jody for your smile and giggles that I will see and hear when I have a senior moment. You understand. HUGS..

Valerie Richards

January 9, 2020

Oh, how I will miss Aunt Jody! Three memories I shall never lose:
(1) The memory of her laughter: contagious, frequent, joyful, undeterred by difficulties or trials but rather strengthened by them, determined to find or bring joy to any circumstance, unassuming, unapologetic, accompanied by a twinkle in her eye that dared you to try to maintain your own composure and straight face while she laughed and laughed- and of course, you couldn't- you had to join her joy- you had to relinquish your stuffiness or apathy to have a little fun instead. (2) The wonderful vacation times as a family: usually initiated by Aunt Jody, welcoming to all the Zieske clan, encouraging us to take a break from everyday life and try a little sunshine instead, spot an iguana, play water volleyball, catch a show, live in the moment because it just might be your best moment- and then live in the moment during the next moment as well because that one could be even better- and then maybe take your vacation fun back to your everyday life because why shouldn't non-vacation be just as fun and joyful as vacation? (3) Her dark competitive side revealed during card games, esp. Head & Foot: Here Aunt Jody was sly and calculating, always pretending that maybe you'd win though she certainly knew otherwise. That sweet smile never left her face while she brutally annihilated her opponents, and her only act of mercy was to never keep score so you didn't know for certain how truly trounced you'd been.

Aunt Jody held me captive by her personality and her love of life, and I am not quite certain she’s ever released me or ever will. I am, however, quite certain that the Lord looked around His Heaven on Monday, decided he wanted a little more laughter there, and promoted Aunt Jody to the card table with the saints where she is introducing Moses, Abraham, Paul, & C.S. Lewis to Head & Foot without keeping score.

Marcia Doucette

January 8, 2020

This has been one of the hardest things to wrap my head around. My heart goes out to Harold and Alex, Lizzie and the babies. Jody loved her grand children more than anything and was delighted with the time she was able to spend with them. Recently Jody and I took Xander and Gracie to see the Nutcracker. Gracie was all dressed up and had her ballet shoes on, after the performance she was in the lobby doing little twirls, lifting her hands up in the air and just enjoying. I turned to Jody with a big smile on my face only to see the tears in her eyes. Tears of joy of course. Xander being the first born was especially close to Grandma and the bond that Jody and he shared was a beautiful thing to behold. I will miss Jody and her smile, and I am so glad that we got to spend this past Christmas together. I just can't believe it will be the last. A piece of my heart is in heaven with Jody.