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William Joseph Nacke Fox Barnthouse

September 20, 1973November 2, 2019
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William Joseph (Joe) Nacke Fox Barnthouse passed away after a motor vehicle accident on November 2, 2019. Joe was born in Kansas City, Missouri on September 20, 1973. He always believed life was about seeking someone special to love. Joe could always be described as “a very nice guy”. He was balanced, likeable, friendly, open, popular, accepting, and inclusive of all people. He was also a non-judgmental person, a natural leader, fun to be around, good story teller, an extremely gifted athlete as well as gifted as a creative and whimsical artist. He pursued many endeavors: art, design, media, film production, stone import and prospecting companies. A couple of these companies included Thunderhouse Productions and Fox 5. Joe was passionate about the arts, socializing, and reading as well as all kinds of outdoor activities: camping, hiking, biking, skiing, motorcycling, and rock hounding. He was elected Study Body President at St. Mary’s Academy Middle School and the Class President numerous times, including high school. From ages eight through fourteen, Joe’s football (quarterback and defensive back), basketball (guard), baseball (short stop, first base, and center fielder), ice hockey, and lacrosse teams were consistently the champions, or runner-up, at AYL, metro, or state levels. Joe began AYL football as a quarterback and D-back with Coach Joe May's Titans. They won the 8 year-old AYL Metro Area Super Bowl Championship. The following year, Joe continued 2 as a quarterback and D-back with Coach Bill Mara’s Panthers, who won the 9 year-old AYL Metro Area Super Bowl Championship. Some of his other favorite memories include playing guard on the successful Metro-Denver Red Shield youth basketball team during seventh and eighth grade. He enjoyed his teammates, who warmly embraced him as the only suburban player on the team. During his high school years, Joe enjoyed his time at Arapahoe High School, where he was academically successful, excelling in his Advanced Placement Art class. He was the starting Varsity quarterback for Arapahoe High School in the Colorado State High School 6A championship game. He played guard in the select, Metro Denver basketball team, which won the Colorado State AAU 18-year-old bracket championship. After completing high school, Joe went on to play quarterback for the Aggies and graduate from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science, having an emphasis in communication, media, and art. He ultimately earned a Master in Fine Arts in Movie Production Design from the American Film Institute. Joe was very close to his brothers, his mother, father and step-mother. He enjoyed watching his son, J. Henry's, sports and outdoor activities; recognizing his athletic ability, intellect and likeability. Joe is survived by his son, Jackson Henry; brother, Jonathan Burleigh Barnthouse; brother, James J. Barnthouse; mother, Teresa G. Jackson; father, William Joseph Barnthouse; step-mother, Linda S Olmstead; and many cousins, aunts, and uncles. He is preceded in death by his grandfather, Col. William R. Barnthouse; grandmother, Genevieve (June) L. (Nacke) Barnthouse; grandfather, Elmer J. Jackson; grandmother, Mary (Booth) Jackson; uncle, Joseph Caparros; and uncle, Shariar Shadlu. A visitation will be held at Olinger Chapel Hill Mortuary on Thursday, November 14th from 4:00 until 8:00 PM. On Friday, November 15th, there will be a visitation and Funeral Mass at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, beginning at 10:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, the family requests a donation be made in Joe’s name to the U. S. Senator Bernie Sander’s Presidential campaign or the no-kill animal shelter and adoption center, Max Fund in Denver, Colorado. Donations for Max Fund can be made at: www.maxfund.org.


  • Jackson Henry, Son
  • Jonathan Burleigh Barnthouse, Brother
  • James J. Barnthouse, Brother
  • Teresa G. Jackson, Mother
  • William Joseph Barnthouse, Father
  • Linda S. Olmstead, Step-mother
  • Col. William R. Barnthouse, Grandfather (deceased)
  • Genevieve (June) L. (Nacke) Barnthouse, Grandmother (deceased)
  • Elmer J. Jackson, Grandfather (deceased)
  • Mary (Booth) Jackson, Grandmother (deceased)
  • Joseph Caparros, Uncle (deceased)
  • Shariar Shadlu, Uncle (deceased)
  • William also leaves numerous cousins, aunts and uncles to cherish his memory.

  • Jonathan Burleigh Barnthouse
  • James Barnthouse
  • LeJon Vivens
  • Jack Riggins
  • Jerry Mills
  • Craig Anderson
  • Joe Schifferdecker
  • John Schifferdecker
  • J. Henry Matthiesen Barnthouse


  • Visitation Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • Visitation Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Funeral Mass Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Celebration of Life Friday, November 15, 2019


William Joseph Nacke Fox Barnthouse

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Debra Johnson

November 18, 2019

I am so very sorry to his family whom I had not met quite yet. That man was an exceptional human being. I cannot express in words. I am grateful to god for having known him. Thank you. If there is anything at all I can do please call me anytime. Debra 7209711118

Chuck Toye

November 14, 2019

Our deepest condolences. We are keeping you and your family in our prayers, and sending all of our love. You played such an important role in my brother’s life, I will always be thankful. There’s always a room for you here if you find yourself in Boston.

All the best,
Chuck Toye and family

Desmond Davis

November 14, 2019

Much Love and condolences to Bill, Jon, Jamie and Linda. Joe was a Natural Leader, always fun to be around, not to mention an all around athlete. Too many crazy times to mention in Forest Park. The Lord has called you to sit by his side my friend and heaven just got a great one. One of the best I’ve ever been around since we were 8 years old . I Love You Joe

Rhett Reger

November 6, 2019

Joe will always be a legend.
He had a huge heart, was always there to help and was a huge part of my and everyone’s childhood growing up in the Forrest Park neighborhood. Everyone knew Joe and loved him in every way. Many, many great memories and stories were painted throughout the years and good old Joe was truly an artist. He saved me many times and credit him with having my vision to this day. I will miss Joe and his “Hollywood”smile and will always have the fondest memories of him especially our daily adventures at snake city, playing fun games at his house or blowing something up with fireworks.
We all miss and love you Joe -

Jerry Mills

November 5, 2019

Too many to share. We had zone awesome times over the last 40 years. Rest in Peace my brother.



Eulogy for William Joseph (Joe) Nacke Fox Barnthouse
September 20, 1973 to November 2, 2019
Funeral Mass November 15, 2019 at St. Thomas More Church, Centennial, CO.

Today, it is appropriate the altar is filled with people of varied cultures—that was what Joe was all about.
Joe’s spiritual goodness caused him to consider others before himself:
So first of all, Joe would ask all here pray for the health of a most lovely lady struggling with a health issue. She and her family are admired in Joe’s heart for their obvious goodness, they are family members by love.

William Joseph (Joe) Nacke Fox Barnthouse knew the most important factor in life is LOVE.
Joe’s “spirituality” and connection to the universe can be expressed in the word, “LOVE”.
Joe loved his brothers J. Burleigh and James beyond description.
He was proud of his brothers, James and J. Burleigh (aka J.B., Jon, and Jonathan);
Proud of who they are as human beings.
He was proud of Burleigh’s and James’s intellect, creativity, and senses-of-humor.
He enjoyed being with them, immensely.
Watching Joe with his brother’s Burleigh and James was an absolute delight
Joe was loving, patient, and calm when interacting with his son, J. Henry.
Joe recognized that J. Henry is intelligent, confident, articulate, athletic, and likeable.
He encouraged J. Henry to enjoy reading.
Joe relished watching J. Henry playing, sports, catching frogs, critters, and enjoying the outdoors.
Most of all, Joe hoped J. Henry will do well in school, be a balanced individual, make many friends, and be happy.
Joe loved his mother, Terri. He benefited from having an intelligent, caring mother, who read to him and taught him to swim.
Joe inherited the most beautiful brown eyes ever created, from his mother.
Joe loved each of his wonderful cousins.
He was blessed with four wonderful grandparents: Elmer, Mary, William and Genevieve (June), whom he loved
Joe’s grandfather William, Sr. visited often from Missouri; and Joe visited his grandparents.
Grandpa Bill loved to watch Joe’s sports games and just interacting with Joe.
They enjoyed visits with each other and relished traveling together.
They shared canoeing, camping, snow skiing, and European travel stories that provide material for numerous comedy skits.
He was gentle with his animals. He loved Clancy, Jocko, Tiger, Ace, Nijo, Nel, Smokey, Butterscotch, Tiger II, Natasha, Burleigh, and Grace.
Clancy, the energetic Irish Setter, was his first pet and defensive tackling back: In Joe’s first home, Clancy would run the inner circular hallway. Joe walked- ran at 10 months old. Joe, the toddler, walking in the hallway, would often get smeared, head-on, night-trained by Clancy. No one was ever able to tackle Joe after that.
Joe did not hunt. He would not kill animals.
He would walk the fields, while our German Pudelpointers, Burleigh and Grace, performed their favorite activity: hunting upland game birds.
Joe did everything with HEART: Playing; enjoying life with friends; encounters with people; his art; reading; sports; travels, snow skiing, motorcycling, biking, hiking; and, camping in the mountains.
Coaches praised his “HEART”.
He was an extrovert.
He made friends with everyone he could.
Strangers represented a new opportunity to share and entertain.
Most parents believe their children are special.
Joe was incredibly special to me.
Joe was near perfection, in my eyes; from the day he was born and forever.
The Creative Force gave Joe more exceptional gifts, talents than usual.
Joe’s gifts, talents, accomplishments resulted in his confidence, balance, and his calm leadership skills.

Joe was a natural born leader, in school, on sports fields, and in life.
He was sure of himself;
Willing to risk.
He constantly grew, evolved.
He was perceptive.
He read people.
He wisely read situations.
Joe had wisdom.
Joe was loyal.
He had a beautiful smile -- filled with soul !
His hand movements were pure grace.
His foot quickness combined with speed was a wonder to watch.
He was a trigger man -- he made good things happen.
He was a gifted artist: cleaver, unique, creative, and whimsical.
He had a boundless sense of humor.
Joe was funny.
A delight to be around.
He was a great story teller.
He loved to entertain.
He loved to make people laugh.
His family members’ and friends’ provided a wealth of material for his comedy bits -- mostly at the expense of his father.
Most of all, Joe enjoyed people.
Joe was not judgmental of people.
He was accepting of all.
Joe offered people DIGNITY.
He did not want to be a GERBIL on a Gerbil Wheel.
He raged against the machine. (See the 1927 German movie, “Metropolis”).
See the famous, early Apple 1984 Super Bowl Macintosh computer TV commercial: Joe was like the sledge hammer thrower, who rebelled against Big Brother, by shattering the TV screen, being watched by robotic-like-controlled-people--tools.
He attempted to help broken people: He constantly asked the smartest attorney he knew to do Pro Bono work for people in need.
Joe, was evolved.
He was “WOKE”
He was a Progressive Thinker, who believed in “WE THE PEOPLE”.
He wanted all people to have:
health care;
education; and,
voting rights.
To Joe, black lives matter, all lives mattered.
Joe took a knee with the Bronco Brandon Marshall, and Colin Kaepernick.
He was fond of Teddy, Franklin, Jack, Lyndon, Ralph Nader, Barack, and Bernie.
He liked the book, “Mustard Seed”, written by Bagwan Rashneesh.
He liked the author’s Richard Rohr, Ian Fleming, and Joseph Heller.
All I want is to see him again.
He was spiritually in tune with nature.
Joe was a magic combination of: talent, concentration, intelligence, perception, personality, likeability, goodness, and heart.
He brought a positive input to all situations.
Joe enjoyed people.
He was accepting of all. He was non-judgmental.
Love is all that matters!
When you leave here, he would like you to accept all people and Love all people.