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Brian Regan Luck

November 28, 1963July 2, 2020
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Brian Regan Luck of Chandler, Arizona, passed into eternal rest at his home on July 2, 2020, at the age of 56. He was preceded in death by his parents, Warren Lee Luck, and Betty Catherine Kirk. The loved ones he leaves behind are his wife, Arina Harkonen-Luck; two sons, Eric Raymond Luck, and Anthony Valdez; two brothers, Warren Kendall Luck, and Barry Cameron Luck; and two grandchildren, Daxon Cole Luck, and Kyler Rae Luck. Brian was born in Reseda, California, Nov. 28, 1963, and spent his early childhood living in the San Fernando, Antelope, and San Gabriel Valley suburban communities of southern California. Brian moved with his family to Arizona in 1972, initially to a farming community near Wickenberg, and then later to Mesa, where he lived until moving to Chandler in 2002. Brian graduated from Mesa High School in 1981, and he has taken some classes at Mesa Community College. Brian's first job was at Bobby McGee's restaurant in Mesa, a popular chain in the 80s known for it's costumed servers, advancing to become a line cook there. Brian's next job was as a printer at Form Builders in Mesa, U-Haul rental company being it's largest customer, advancing to become a lead super web press operator and highly skilled printsman. After many years as a printer, Brian briefly tried his hand at electronics manufacturing at Freescale Semiconductor in Phoenix, before deciding that he preferred working for himself, rather than for others. For the last several years Brian thrived as self employed or working with partners remodeling residential and commercial properties. Just as Brian made a name for himself as a dependable, highly skilled, and hard working restaurant cook, printer, and factory machine operator, Brian quickly developed a word of mouth reputation as a talented carpenter and construction worker, with an eye for creatively upscaling properties with the latest upgrades, skillful problem solving of the most difficult remodeling challenges, and honesty with his customers. In his downtime, Brian enjoyed spending time with his 28 year old and 15 year old sons, and most recently his 2 year old grandson, enjoying board gaming, swimming, video games, and movies at home with the family. Brian's favorite activity was enjoying nature, by way of hiking, camping, boating, and fishing, as well as water and snow skiing. Brian loved working with pottery, creating many artistic pieces, which he often shared with his family. Brian also really enjoyed cooking, sharing great food with his family and friends. Brian found personally rewarding volunteering his free time helping at the Phoenix animal rescue shelter, adopting a rescue dog himself, which became his faithful companion for many years. Brian was a non-denominational Christian by faith, his most recent place of worship being Chandler Christian Church. Memorial service will be held at Valley of the Sun Mortuary in Chandler at 9:00 am, Saturday, Aug. 1, with tribute video preceding at 8:30 am, and Graveside service at Mountain View Cemetery in Casa Grande following at 11:00 am. Flowers for the memorial service may be sent using link below, or in lieu, a donation may be made in Brian's name to the Arizona Humane Society.


  • Memorial Service

    Saturday, August 1, 2020


  • Graveside Service

    Saturday, August 1, 2020


Brian Regan Luck

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Ken Luck

August 6, 2020

Brother: I will remember our long conversations about astrophysics or space technology, advanced weaponry, science fiction, or what it would take to return the Raiders to greatness (or your yelling at their or the Cards games). I will remember our challenging hikes up Mt Whitney, the Grand Canyon, Havasupai, the Superstitions, Oak Creek Canyon...and yes, even Cherry Creek (I still owe you for that one), and camping in downpours. I will remember dirt bike & dune buggy riding with you, cliff/waterfall jumping, boating, and fishing with you. I will remember exploring all over Maricopa, Quartz Hill, or Aguila as kids, building forts and tree houses with you, imagining all kinds of things, like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn on an adventure. I remember shooting off rockets and building things that go 'boom' together. I will remember doing house improvement projects together, respecting your knowledge and skill (while enduring your stubbornness and critique). I will remember your teasing of Juan, and teaching April how to fish. I won't forget the way you told the story of the 'rooster ax killing', 'the great blue heron hunt', or your other embellished stories. I recall the concerts we attended, ears ringing for days after, and the US festival with a sea of 600,000 people. I will remember the many board, console, and PC games we played, recalling how competitively you took your games. The one of a kind knives you gave me will remind me of you. I will remember your sincere prayers around the table of the family meals you made us with love at Thanksgiving or anytime we visited. I will miss holidays with you, and the fun you brought to everyone. Most of all, I remember and will miss your firm handshake when we greeted or parted, your good-natured grin or smile, your hearty laugh at an off the wall joke. I will miss you, little brother. Rest from your hard labor with our mother and our Lord, and I will see you again one day; I will see you again. Strength and honor, my brother.

Lyanna Craig

August 1, 2020

My Dear Friend,
I cannot put into words how much our memories mean to me. Your humor, your stories, all the things you taught me, and all the meaningful conversations.
I can still hear the words you said as you walked me down the isle, the advice you gave when I was going through hard times, and the vulnerability you showed when seeking advice for yourself. I watched you walk the walk and show up. I watched you do the right thing when others would not have. I watched you forgive.
There is so much more I could say but for now I will hold those special memories close to my heart. I miss you so much my friend, I love you.

Lyn Luck

July 24, 2020

Though we need to weep your loss,
you dwell in that safe place in our hearts,
where no storm or night or pain can reach you.
Let us not look for you only in memory,
where we would grow lonely without you.
you would want us to find you in presence,
beside us when beauty brightens,
when kindness glows
and music echos eternal tones.
- John O'Donohue

Our life together will forever be in my heart. We were so young when we met and we made a beautiful family. And well, you can't deny that we totally rocked the 80's and 90's. Together, you and I raised an amazing human being, and I will always be thankful for your part in that. Eric is the best parts of us and you will live on through him and his children to come. I hope to see you on the other side!

Dee Dee Bowring

July 22, 2020

I've written and rewritten this a million times, emailed Ken and talked so much to Marnie for advice on how to deal with you being gone. We met in Jr High and were together until high school (so young!), a tragic ending to a puppy love story and I was broken. But by then your were my brothers best friend and part of the family. My heart skipped a beat when you came to visit the boys or I'd see you at parties or holidays for 2, then 5 then 10 years. I moved away for almost 20 and didn't see or talk to you. Then April 27th you reached out on Facebook with a wave, we chatted and now you're gone again but this time forever. I spent half my life trying to find someone that made me feel like you did then half trying to forget how I felt. God you had a great mustache! *Still Loving You*

Gloria Luck

July 21, 2020

My dearest brother in law, your smile, your laugh, your jokes, your cooking, your brag of my cooking, your conversation, your energy, your phone calls, your welcoming home, your recipe sharing, your cheer, your confidence, your truth, your commitment, your loving heart, your cruise travels with us, your smirk, your camping with us, your double date weekend to Bisbee and Tombstone with us, your quirky comedic statements, your board game playing, your questions on how to make hearts on “the Instagram”, your calls to me to talk about God and how you’ve learned so much in this life, your warm welcome always, your love of your family, your Christmas’, your shared birthday on (Some times on Thanksgiving day) with my daughter, your building talents, your frustrations on drawing plans for my porch, your hugs, your not so gentle advice on how I should be playing board games, your incredibly detailed and humorous stories about growing up your big brother Ken, your asking me to bake cherry fritters for our next camping trip, your presence at our annual Superbowl parties, your coming to our house for Lord of the Rings movie marathon day...Brian, you’ve set many more memories in my heart that I am missing with every passing day. My mind replays our years together as family. I remember most is that you were both a genuine best man and best friend to Ken. I appreciated when you reminded Ken to be “careful dude” when moving my home into his home after our wedding, thank you. I will miss everything about you. I have you close and reminisce often, I won’t stop or forget. I promise. I will see you in your sons forever. I will see you in your grandchildren, forever. I will celebrate your life with your brother. I will cry now with your loved ones. As time passes, I will surely miss the beauty of you, but share stories, laughter and celebrate you. I will visit you and your mother at your resting place. For now, it’s goodbye. We will meet again. I love you, Glo♥️

Eric Luck

July 20, 2020

I love you dad so much I’ll miss everything about you. I am the man today because of you. I am the father today because of you. I am the hard worker today because of you. I will cherish every memory and will never ever forget them. You were the perfect dad in my eyes always showing love and teaching life lessons and never forgetting the most important thing is to have a great time. I may no longer be able to come see you or come work on stuff with you or hear you rant and rave about something political but I will still talk to you everyday whether you like it or not . And your grand-babies Daxon and Kyler will know who their awesome grandpa Brian was. Love you dad please Rest In Peace

Stephanie Ziaja

July 18, 2020

Your laughter, wicked humor and always knowing the right thing to say will always be burned into my mind and heart. You raised my absolute favorite human being on this planet and helped form him into the amazing man he is today. The unconditional love you had for him radiates into my family. I see it every day when I watch your son with your grandson.
Watching you, Dax and Eric together was one of my favorite parts in our years as a family. You were one of the first people at the hospital when I went into labor with absolutely no hesitation and remembering the look on your face when you held him for the first time will always make my heart explode. Dax loved you and loved tearing apart your living room-while you happily let him do as he played and almost destroyed your record player every time we came over. You would just sit there and laugh with so much love in your eyes for your grandson. Out of everyone in our lives, you were hands down the most excited when we told you Kyler was a girl. I will never forget when I got to tell you her middle name would be Rae, named after both yours and Erics middle name. I will forever be thankful I got to share that moment with you. I absolutely know you will be there for her and Dax as they grow up. I know you will always be there guiding, loving and holding my family as you always have. I love you father in law. I will do everything in my power and in your honor to ensure your son leads a fulfilling, happy life and that your grand babies know all about you and how special you are. Rest easy and know how much we will always and for ever love you. ❤️

Natalie Luceri

July 18, 2020

I have plenty of good memories to reminisce about with my Uncle Brian. We shared a birthday, I’ve spent plenty of time camping with both of our families, played board games where things got intense. We all went on cruises together, saw Kartchner Caverns, and so much more. I’ll cherish the memories I have, but I’ll miss the way he used to bring stories to life as he told them. A favorite memory I have is when I went to Phoenix to pick up my husband (before he was my husband) from the airport, and I spent the night at Uncle Brian’s house. He greeted me with the obvious, “How was the drive,” and “Are you hungry?” He informed me that it was national pizza day, and he and the rest of his family were making pizzas. He remembered my vegetarianism, and made sure to include me in their festivities of enjoying pizza and a game that night. I will miss him dearly and send my heart and prayers to the rest of the family while we remember him.

Brandon Trujillo

July 17, 2020

Brian sponsored me through the majority of my sobriety. He took me through the steps the which meant meeting 1:1 every week until we completed them. In my case that was years of meeting every week. During that time I got deep and personal with Brian, sharing things with him I have never shared with anyone. Not once did Brian respond out of anything other than love and understanding. Sometimes tough love, but always love. I truly don't know where I would be in my life today had it not been for the countless hours Brian spent selflessly helping me to be a better person.

Through our time together I had the privilege of going to his wedding and he to mine. He used to tell me we needed to appreciate our wives because we wouldn't wanna be the ones stuck married to us. In all seriousness though he taught me to be a better friend and husband to my wife and frequently talked about how lucky he felt to be with Arina and to have found someone he loved so much. I can honestly say I cant recall a single time Brian had anything negative to say about Arina he was truly enamored with her. He was so excited for me when my wife got pregnant and it was clear that his excitement stemmed from the great joy he himself felt being a father to Erick and Anthony. His pride in his sons came across everytime he spoke of them and maybe the only time I heard him talk with more pride was speaking with him after he held his grandson Dax for the first time. People were Brians great joy in life. Never one to shy away from a good conversation or to help someone I knew without fail that if there was a newcomer in the meeting I would find Brian engaging them afterwards. He truly understood that sobriety was a gift from God that must be shared with others and he did so happily. Brian, I love you and I know that you are smiling down with joy at the legacy you have built through your family and through all those like me who you helped find a new way of life.

Nancy Rohn

July 17, 2020

My thoughts and prayers are with all of Brian's family. Brian was a very special friend and was my Home Improvement Project Man for many years and will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace in God's Arms!


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