David Wells Morgan

July 22, 1959February 6, 2013

David Wells Morgan was born on July 22, 1959 and passed away on February 6, 2013 in Charlotte, NC.


David Wells Morgan

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June 13, 2016

I still think of him often.


May 30, 2015

I just found out about Dr. Morgan's passing. In shock. One of the best professors I have ever had. And such a gentle soul. He leaves such an amazing legacy. Words are just not adequate for how many lives he touched! Wow!

Kristie Prinz

October 1, 2014

I came across this guest book tonight as I happened to be thinking about the loss of Dr. Morgan and decided to share my regrets of his early passing. I was a senior Spanish major the first year that Dr. Morgan was at Furman, and so I never had the opportunity to take a class with Dr. Morgan, but I consulted with him extensively as I was considering applying to law school, and ultimately followed in his footsteps to Vanderbilt Law School. I found his counsel at the time I was making this major life decision very compelling, and I often thought of him over the years as I faced the challenges I encountered in pursuing my legal career that went far less smoothly than I could have ever anticipated as I sat in his office on various occasions discussing whether or not law school was the right decision for me. I ended up on the West Coast unexpectedly and never had the chance to follow up with him, much to my regret. I was quite shocked to read about his passing in the Vanderbilt Law magazine that alumni receive, and incredibly saddened by his passing at such a young age. I wish I had had the opportunity to thank him for all his help with applying to law school, and for sharing all his thoughts about why he left the practice of law. I've been practicing law now for 16 years, and I've managed against all odds to build an international practice as I had set out to do originally and am even finally starting to pick up new prospects from the Spanish-speaking world, but I understand very well exactly why he left the practice law and from time to time reflect on the strength of character that it took to make such a decision, certainly when he was on a path in the profession that so many others aspired to reach. The practice of law is not an easy profession to pursue and it kills the spirit and soul of many along the way who get trapped in jobs that they hate. He was a remarkable person, and his departure is a tremendous loss to the Furman community and all the lives he touched.

Susan Stanley

February 8, 2014

Not many days have passed during this year that I haven't thought of some memory of my friendship with David--from 1979 in Spartanburg, through the Vanderbilt years, trips to NYC, and in 2010 at Furman. "Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh." You are missed. --Susan Moss Stanley

August 30, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, and Dan: I just read of David's death in the Vanderbilt Magazine. David and I were friends at Wofford, and at Vanderbilt (he in Law, I in Divinity); I visited him when he was an attorney in New York, and we had long talks about his decision to leave law and do a Ph.D. at Princeton. I am so very sorry that David and I had not been in contact these last few years. David was not only a brilliant mind, but a gentle, kind soul, with a wonderful sense of humor. I think of the many times he would let me talk him into playing the Grieg Piano Concerto one more time (he played it magnificently). I would love to know more about David's final years if you care to contact me; I am an Anglican priest in Tallahassee, Florida- God's Peace, Eric Dudley+

Ginger (Griffin) Thompson

July 8, 2013

I remember David from West Mecklenburg High School. We rode the bus together for a couple of years, I lived on the corner of Fallsdale Dr. & Belmorrow Dr. I liked that David thought differently than most of the other kids at West Meck. David was the only person at West Meck. that I remember going to summer school voluntarily - because he could learn something extra - not because he needed to go to make up a class!

David was always a linguist!! Back in 1975-76 the foreign exchange student from Finland (Merja) lived with my family and rode the bus to school for a couple of months. When David met Merja he immediately started asking about the Finnish language. He wanted to learn Finnish and asked Merja to write out the conjugation of "I am" and a variety of other nouns and verbs - with those he could get a grasp of the language.

I saw David a few years ago while he was jogging in Coulwood, I still live in the neighborhood. We had a 10-15 minute conversation catching up on the previous 30 years. I am glad that I was able to see him that day and I am very sorry to hear of his passing. David was a special man that added to the world while he was here.

Katie Kennedy

July 4, 2013

I just learned of David's death by reading the Vanderbilt Law magazine. David and I were good friends in law school, and were on the Law Review together. I moved to Texas after law school and lost touch with David after he left the firm in New York. He had the greatest wit and sense of humor. He was a kind southern gentleman.I was so sad to learn that he passed away.

Catherine Fasbender

June 30, 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgan,
It is almost July, and I want to let you know that even for those of us who had not been able to see David for years, because of geographical distance, his passing remains a terrible shock. I got to know David in Princeton; my husband and I saw him again in New York, and then remained in touch through a common friend... just a few weeks ago, I received a message from yet another former Princeton friend of David who lives in Paris (I'm in Brussels)and we shared our profound sadness. I join the voice of many people who have written before me in expressing immense respect and admiration for a person who was as brilliant as he was humble, a gentle, wonderful, funny, and loyal friend, an exceptional human being. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.

June 6, 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morgan,

I just received a copy of the Furman magazine and was shocked to read the news of the death of Dr. Morgan. I was a Spanish major at Furman, in my third year, when Dr. Morgan arrived. I was also taking French courses and found my way into his class. He was a brilliant, sincere, thoughtful, creative, energetic, and motivating professor -- dragging me into more French coursework than I had intended to take. He even asked me to serve as a teaching assistant for one of his entry level French classes, writing and enacting skits to help beginning students develop their conversational skills. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him and helping him teach others. I am grateful that I got to be a part of his earliest ventures in teaching. Dr. Morgan was a tremendous asset to Furman and had a reputation that extended far beyond the classroom. My heart is heavy with the news of his untimely death, and yet, I am not surprised to read of the courage he showed during his illness and the influence he had on so many who knew him as a teacher, a friend, a colleague, a classmate. How blessed you were to know him as a son. My deepest condolences to you and all your family and friends who continue to grieve.


Alice Shepley
Furman University
Class of 1996

Robert Deprez

May 21, 2013

Dear Mrs and Mr Morgan,

I am sorry to be so late in bringing my condolences to you but I have just read in a Latin journal that your son David had passed away. I had met with him twice on occasion of living Latin meetings in Madrid, Spain in 1998 and in Maredsous abbey, Belgium in 2000 and even though I had no opportunity to see him after I had kept a very nice memory of him and I had regularly occasion of hearing about him through other Latin friends. I had been quite impressed by his mastering of many languages and cultures, and particularly by the fact that he was able to speak French almost as a native speaker and knew French history and literature far better than many French people. But all this was nothing compared with his human qualities and his ability to make friends with everyone so easily; he was this kind of person who makes you feel you have been knowing him for years just after a five minutes conversation. I understand it is a terrible lost for his entire family and pray for you and all his loved ones.

Robert Deprez, MD
Jodoigne, Belgium