Michael G Alexander

January 2, 1949January 14, 2014

Arrangements under the direction of McEwen Funeral Services, Charlotte, NC.


Michael G Alexander

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Romaine Thomas

March 3, 2015

Tribute to
Michael Gerald Alexander

My son-in-law, Michael Alexander was the epitome of goodness, a Christian man who despite his own physical problems, was of service to others. Christ said, "a new commandment I give unto you that you love one another...". Michael loved God and he loved people, his wife Karin, his son Michael II, his church, friends, relatives, and strangers. He exhibited his love through actions that most people never imagined or realized.

Michael's cultivation of the quality of patience was exemplary and his desire of peace was extraordinary. Christ also said, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God". Michael, a tolerant pacifist, was also a 'Child of God'; he was very much loved and will be deeply missed.

Linda D. Thomas

January 21, 2015

Michael Alexander was a man among men. You may ask, "What does that mean?" It means that he was a born-again child of God, faithful husband, dutiful son, respected father and grandfather, and a loyal brother and friend. Not many men can make such a claim. On most funeral program booklets, there is a dash between the birth date and the date that the person departed from the earth. The significance of the dash denotes how we lived our lives. Did we live our life with integrity and dignity? Will we be remembered as a person who would strive to be compassionate? Did we love others the way that God commanded? Did the love we demonstrated surmount the mistakes that we made? I don't know how anyone else will remember Michael, but I will remember the many memories of playing scrabble, scattergories, and dominoes with him for hours on end. I'll remember that he was smart enough to marry my sister Karin and love her with an unfailing love till his last breath. I'll remember that he showed me what a good husband and a real man looks like and sounds like. I'll remember his "beard-of-bees" (as I use to call it) and full mustache which was early in their relationship. I'll remember his hearty laugh and smile when he was about to sit down to eat at our family meals. I'll remember the way he called his mother-in-law "mom" with sincere adoration. I'll remember how he and my brother called each other "law" with genuine respect. I'll remember that after more than thirty-four years of knowing him, he was not just my brother-in-law. He was my brother and friend.

Denise Montgomery

January 5, 2015

The Crème Da la Crème is who Michael G. Alexander was. Michael was my brother in law my sister Karin's husband. Karin and I met Michael together on an evening out on the town. When Karin and Michael met they danced all evening, they exchanged numbers, they dated, they married, they stayed together for 29 years. "Two peas in a pod" as Karin would always describe themselves. Michael was so patient, peaceful, kind, generous, honest and smart, his intelligence always came out in board games and Michael was filled with a love for God. I have always enjoyed Michael's presence and company. When I think of you Michael I smile because of the good memories. When my time is over, I would like to meet you again Michael, you were THE CREME DA LA CREME, truly the very best of the best of men. I will always miss you...

Michael Anthony

March 29, 2014

Al was one of my best friends from early childhood. He was always a man of high character and integrity. His word was as good as gold. Mike was noble in many ways. I learned a lot from my friend over the years. He cared about people and always tried to take the high road. We wasted several years but reconnected a few years ago and stayed in touch on an almost daily basis until his last hospitalization. I will miss you Mike. Friends like you are not easy to find.

Walter Wilkins

March 29, 2014

As I read all the comments about my friend, I see the name Mike or Michael is used and that is a name that I never used,to me he was always Al. AL and I were friends from the age of 12. We used to say that we ate mud together! We laughed together, we drank together and yes we even cried together. Just remembering the things we did growing up still brings tears to my eyes knowing how close we were. Four of us joined the Marines together and now I am the only one left. And even though my heart might be heavy for my personal lost it is also filled with joy the because I know I will see my friend again. The word of God says, "absent from the body, present with the Lord" and Al is where I want to be. Where there is no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more pain only joy, joy unspeakable joy! Karin, know that if I can help you in any way all you have to do is call. Al,I am still here trying to do what the Lord has assigned me to do but in a little while I will see you again. Semper Fidelis my brother!

Barbara Crisanti

February 21, 2014

I worked with Mike for many many years at the US Dept. of Labor in Chicago. I remember him as a fun person, a good man, and a real gentleman. RIP Mike. You left your legacy on earth and have gone to a better place. My condolences to your family and friends.

John Williamson

February 19, 2014

I worked with Mike at the Dept of Labor in Chicago. While we didn't work in the same program areas, I came to know him from working out at the fitness center in our building. Mike was a gentle giant, didn't say much, always friendly. I can tell you that during that period of time in the 90's there wasn't a fitter, stronger person in that facility. Very sorry to hear of his passing, and my sympathy to his wife and family.

Bill Alexander

February 10, 2014

During Michael's Services, I had the opportunity to learn so much about him and the many lives he has touched over the years. Michael was loved and respected by so many. I knew he was a devout Catholic but was not aware of how active he was in the church. I know he will be missed but also know that his spirit lives on in the memories of many. I will miss my brother and am so happy that his spirit lives in all our lives. A special thanks to Michael's wife, Karin who (with the help of her family) organized everything.

nicholas jones sr

February 1, 2014

Mike will always be a memory that will forever be in my mind. A good friend a great father a good marine, a true family man good Christian just a person who loved life and the people who were in his. His spirit will always be here even thou his body is gone he was my best friend and I will never forget him may he RIP till our father comes back as he promised on this day we'll all be together again.

January 22, 2014

Mike, a man's Marine, a warming smile so bright, a heart so filled with light. He brought me closer to my Dad, a Marine, than anything else over the decades. To sleep, perchance to dream; the mind cannot delete, what the heart can't forget. May you family be warmed by God's Grace Pax vobiscum dear friend. . . john berkhoudt