Pierre Sasha Michael Lipton

January 15, 1997February 4, 2023
Obituary of Pierre Sasha Michael Lipton
Pierre Sasha Michael Lipton was born in Charlotte, NC on the 15th of January 1997 to Dr. Jordan Lipton and Dr. Siu Challons-Lipton. He is their eldest and only son, followed 2 years later by his loving sister, Adelina. Pierre was a happy and beautiful child. He loved soccer, tennis, Lego, learning, geography, and travel with his family from England to Sweden and Canada and as far as China, Thailand and the South Pacific. Recently we travelled to Iceland and had many adventures we were looking forward to with him in the near and distant future. Pierre is brilliant. He attended the Horizons Middle School program where he continued to be inspired by his teachers and classmates. He then attended Myers Park High School, where he was valedictorian. He went on to excel at Brown University, studying Economics and Middle Eastern Studies. Pierre is curious and strives for truth. In his Junior year at Brown, he met Tim and Drew and cofounded and became COO of the news company, 1440, where he helped grow readership of subscribers who span the political spectrum and all walks of life. As a result of his hard work and success, he was named Rhode Island INNO under 25 in 2020, then Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022, in addition to receiving other awards along the way. He speaks Spanish, Arabic and has been learning Italian in anticipation of our planned trip in May. Pierre is a leader and pays it forward. While in middle school he helped the Randolph National Academic League team win the national title. In high school, he volunteered at an orphanage in Panama to teach English and Math; he also captained the Myers Park WorldQuest Team and led them (and on 2 occasions, his parents’ WorldQuest team!) to several victories. In college, he started VitaLives, a company aimed at reducing malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. He continues his philanthropy today, dedicated to causes he is passionate about like food security, the environment, animal welfare, and health and athletics in less fortunate communities. As an organ donor, he also improved many lives. Pierre is an athlete. He cares about health and movement, always working on becoming stronger, and focused on improving the lives of others through sport. His goals of playing soccer or running at a semi-elite level for Tonga in the South Pacific are a big part of his life that he dreamed about but didn’t have the chance to realize, even though everyone who knows him knows that he would have accomplished it. Pierre is above all deeply caring. He cares about people, knowledge, and being understanding and kind to everyone. He cares about his connections with others and creating a better world. Holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah were less about religion and more about being around family and eating special foods and celebrating togetherness. He also gives to everyone he knows in his personal life, from helping his cousins and sister realize their full potential to advising his parents in their professional lives. Pierre is an adventurer. He loves life. He loves travel, music, art, hiking, reading, geography, trivia, Scrabble, running, soccer, tennis, squash, water skiing, new foods, and FIFA. Pierre is humble and loving. Since he was a small child, he has been a wise soul-- calm, happy, humble, and full of love. He is tender with his parents, supportive and committed to his sister, and kind to all of his family members, coworkers, and friends. Pierre is deeply in love with Eleanor, the love of his life, whom he met in college - the perfect couple. They built a beautiful life together including adopting their beloved dog, Appa. It was on February 4th, 2023, on a beautiful Saturday morning that Pierre passed away after completing a marathon in Arizona. He was doing what he loved. He will be so terribly missed by us all.

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