Murray Earl Tuck

October 8, 1959September 10, 2018

TUCK (M. Murray Earl)

Est décédé au CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, hôpital de Chicoutimi, le 10 septembre 2018, à l’âge de 58 ans et 11 mois, M. Murray Earl Tuck, ami de cœur de Mme Angie Bédard, demeurant à Chicoutimi. Mme Bédard accueillera les amis et les proches à la Résidence funéraire Gravel & Fils, Réseau Dignité 825, rue Bégin, coin des Champs-Élysées Chicoutimi Les heures d’accueil sont le dimanche le 16 septembre 2018 de 14 h à 17 h suivra la célébration de la Parole à la Chapelle Gravel et Fils. Il était le fils de M. Donald Tuck (Deanna Tuck), et de dame Elyzabeth O’Hara. Outre Mme Angie Bédard, il laisse dans le deuil son frère Michael Tuck, ses filleules Lorraine et Adèle Blanchet, plusieurs neveux et nièces, parents et ses nombreux amis. Pour ceux et celles qui le désirent, une personne bénévole de Palli-Aide sera présente au salon afin de recueillir vos dons. Pour démontrer votre soutien à la famille de M. Tuck et partager un souvenir, visitez notre site Pour informations : (418) 543-0755, télécopieur : (418) 543-7241, courriel : Direction funéraire : Résidences funéraires Gravel & Fils.


  • People speak often about the importance of family. Since the last 30 years living here in Québec, I’ve learned much about the value of true friendship. You, my friends, both old and new, have been a major help to me in every new challenge from learning to like myself, to overcoming my shyness and lack of self confidence. You have matured me, brought out my sense of humour, and above all helped me to discover my true worth as a man. You are my true family. My family is huge, way too many to name here. I would like to say a special thank to Angie Bedard for her love, patience and all the help and support she’s given. To my filleule Lorraine for the simple fact that she exists. I thank Madeleine, her mother, for the honor wich she layed upon me and I thank Lorraine’s sister Adèle for her love and support. To Max, Frank, Martin, Denis, J.P., Pierre-Luc, Larry, Pavel, Carmen and Guy, Tom, Bas, Wapu and all you others whose lives have touched mine. I hold dear all we’ve shared. Live, Love and Laugh to the fullest my beautiful family. Know that I’ll carry each and every one of you through eternity. Unite at my funeral, a fantastic lunch awaits you. For now, I’m going out for a long walk with Tommy Doggy. Thank you again, I love you all.
    -Murray Earl Tuck

Murray Earl Tuck

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Kim OBrien

October 7, 2018

Murray murray murray. As teens we were called Frick and Frack. Pushing the envelope with our parents who happened to be best friends, Lol . You showed up on my doorstep in calgary many moons ago and we had a nice weekend together........then you were gone never to be heard from again. I am happy that you made a life in Quebec with many friends and loved ones around you. Goodbye my old friend. Love kim xo 💕

John Marck

September 19, 2018

Haven't seen Murray in many years but remember outings to his house on Pepper Dr Burlington with his brother Michael , Mom Betty & his dad , uncle Don

Suzanne Gagnon

September 16, 2018

My friend and neighbor, you were such an inspiration for all, with your smile and good humor. I will miss dearly your week-end concert. Have a great walk with Doggy Tom.

Denise Gauthier

September 16, 2018

Notre rencontre était récente mais nous sommes heureux de t'avoir connu,
Tu dégageais : simplicité, sincérité, artiste à tes heures.
Un aura extraordinaire se dégageait de toi
Repose en paix, tu l'as bien mérité
Comme tu disais Vivre, aimer et rire
Bon voyage Murray

Louis Olivier Petelle

September 15, 2018

My Friend, brother. My heart bleeds. I didn’t know. 20 yrs we have been family even if life has brought me far away and I haven’t seen you in 7 yrs. How dearly I remember the hours spent talking about life and reinventing the world around a guitar. How you would put down your Tom Clancy book and say: “what’s up laddy?” Countless times you have been a great counsel to me and also supported me when faced with grief with laughter and tears. You introduced me to the art of scotch! Ah ah! O how I wish I would have been there with you one last time before this long walk.. I won’t be able to be there for the awesome lunch brother because cancer is playing tricks on my turf out here. But I’ll see you again “on the golden shores” I hope. I love you my friend.

Angie, tout plein d’amour depuis les Rocheuses lointaines et bises, rires et accolades à toute la gang de capotés de Saguenay Beach. Une douce gratouille derrière les oreilles à Mr. Thomas aussi.