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Jeremy Arthur Richards

December 28, 1974September 3, 2019

Jeremy Arthur Richards was born on December 28, 1974 and passed away on September 3, 2019.


  • Funeral Service Sunday, September 8, 2019


Jeremy Arthur Richards

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Darryl Phillips

September 14, 2019

I met Jeremy years ago ... I had a little cafe on Mill Street..Jeremy had his art gallery business on Wellington. He ordered breakfast one morning and I delivered it to his gallery.... he right away said the shoddy quality of the menu's I had been handing out didn't do the food justice...and proceeded to redesign and print up some classy new ones ...and handed me a stack...lol
We ended up hanging out quite a bit...he stayed with my family and I a few times in the early years when he was getting settled back in Chilliwack... he even tried helping out in the cafe for a short time...not his thing...he liked eating the burgers more than making them...lol
we all got to know and love him....
I used to love dropping by and hanging out in the carport...chatting ..smoking..laughing..and drinking coffee....and reminiscing...
then he'd have to show me the latest clips of the coolest movie scenes...or vids or music... I was always amazed with his talent and creativety in his web design....
I think he's one of the most smartest..kindest ..unique..and humblest people I've ever known..
I'm really glad we met and will miss him alot ♥️ I only got to see him once in the hospital ..as we had moved to the island ..I still can't believe he's gone.....
my condolences to June and family....he will surely be really..really missed ♥️♥️♥️

Natalie Michael

September 13, 2019

What I can say Jeremy was my step brother! He came for visits when he felt like it and arrived with a smile. He had great stories to tell, always made his way to the piano and had a way of making everything sound exciting! My biggest memory was the day he brought June. Little did I know the quiet woman at our table was a woman with so much personal power and so much love to give the world. Jeremy was smitten!

Oksana Richards

September 13, 2019

The smartest thing that Jeremy did was to marry June and establish a family with June, Natasha, Kat, Theresa and all the grandkids. Jeremy's adoptive parents, Bill and Barbara, had taught him to recognize quality when he saw it. When he met June, he could see that here was a woman who was beautiful inside and out. She was smart, had a strong sense of values, and was teaching her daughters those values. Here was someone with whom he could put down some roots.

June and her daughters nourished Jeremy's body (delicious food!) and spirit. The warmth of their love provided him with security, a feeling of belonging and a lot of fun. It worked both ways, because he gave the same to them.

Jeremy taught me a lot of things. He introduced me to the First Nations people and culture. Most important, as his step-mom, my family grew to include some wonderful people whom I cherish. I shall miss Jeremy. Indeed I miss him already.

Glenn Paul

September 10, 2019

Jeremy, my big brother. We made up for a lot of missed time in the time I worked with you, and I'll forever have memories to hold onto, which you are the center of. The "Fun in the Sun" baseball tournament, new year's eve, your birthday, and many many days of working alongside you.
I admired your artistic eyes and ears, and you taught me a ton about myself. I'll never forget those days when we had time to just sit and watch tv shows or movies, or just chit chat about anything and everything. There are too many Jeremy-isms to list, but they're all memories you've left with me, and many others, and I smile anytime I am reminded of them.
I miss your random messages with funny pictures, and the way you always had to "jazz up" your hellos, or anything you said.
I love you brother, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of your journey.

Julia Paul

September 10, 2019

Jeremy, my brother, you will be missed dearly. I wish I got to know you better, but I do appreciate what we shared and that is a love for humour and laughter. Anytime I came across something funny I would tag or share with you. Like the kitten in a happy meal box that I shared a picture of and said "yes, I'll take a kitten mcnugget". You responded by explaining exactly why it was so humourous and gave it a 10/10 on the funny scale. Or when I posted that I wore my shirt inside out all day and you said you once wore a pair of pants all day without realizing it had the size sticker on it still. On the day of your funeral I had this feeling I needed to check my shirt and sure enough my shirt was on backwards. I laughed at myself and felt like you would be laughing along with me. I love you brother and may you rest in paradise.

Paul Boyle

September 10, 2019

Jeremy Richards. A lover. A father. A best friend. An inspiration.. He was many special things to so many special people. No matter what his title in your life, he conducted himself as one of the most genuine, fun loving, happy go lucky, kind, caring, cultured, astonishingly unique people I have ever had the priviledge and honour of knowing. Pop had a way of making you feel like you were the most special, talented person on the planet, no matter what it was. Even if he wasnt into it, he learnt about it or took the time to listen just because he cared about you. Just to make you feel good. That's how amazing he was. His heart is solid gold.
I remember playing some simple stupid chord progression on the piano and Jeremy made me feel like I was Beethoven. He literally got me to show him how to play it lol.. but then he got on the piano and it was like I had stepped into a concert hall and some 9th level pianist was playing for prestigious dignitaries. My jaw dropped and I looked at his brother Glenn and said "WHAT THE HECK JEREMY!" to which he just replied with rosy cheeks and a chuckle, humbly "oh jeeze ha ha" . The first time I met Jeremy we bonded over almost everything. Hobbies, interests, manurisms, even our passions of hibernating in our man caves lol so he said "you know im adopting you right?" To which I replied "fine by me pops." He and I were always tucked away downstairs and during family gatherings the only way to tell we were alive was the heavy amounts of bass and laughter emitting from the floorboards upstairs or when we would emerge to grab heaping plates of Momma June's delicious dinner, baking or deserts.. man would I wouldn't give for just one more of those times. Your words, lessons and guidance will serve to light the paths of many for the rest of their lives Jeremy. I will make you proud and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for, and given to, all of us. You are so loved by so many people. Most honor pop.

Theresa Harris

September 10, 2019

My dad, the best dad in the world

Natasha Harris

September 10, 2019

To my dad Jeremy Richards, the kids and I will forever miss you more than you know.. you have had such a huge impact on our lives ❤️ Thank you for everything you did for us.. thank you for showing us Jeremy-Style Vegas... thank you stepping up taking on the father role without hesitation. See you again one day... we love you and we miss you so much already 💔 I’m sure grandpa welcomed you with arms wide open saying “let’s go to heaven Vegas” lol

Kat Jimmie

September 10, 2019

The greatest gift I ever had come from the creator, I called him ‘dad’. Love & miss you heaps!!!

June Jimmie

September 10, 2019

From your regular bear ( wife )
I will love you forever and miss you tons. You came to my house for a party and never left. We worked hard to make things work. I can think of when we sitting in our carport , having a smoke. You seen the " bright moon " and said it would be romantic to sit under it. I said its not the moon , you insisted , grabbed our chairs and went to the back and said " your right " lol It was my neighbors in the back , their porch light. Our Vegas trips too , so much fun. Have so many wonderful ones