Daniel Alexander Hollis

August 27, 1991November 9, 2018
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Daniel Alexander Hollis, 27, passed away on November 9, 2018. He was born in Greensboro, NC to Arthur Hollis and Nancy Foltz Hollis. Daniel was always welcoming and had a wonderful sense of humor. You would always find him laughing and making others laugh along with him. Dan had a caring heart for his family and friends. He is survived by his parents, Arthur (Pan) Hollis and Nancy (Earl Newcomb) Hollis; sister, Joan Hollis; grandmother, Judy Foltz; aunts, Betsy Dobbs and Julie Wilhelm; 4 cousins; and many loved ones and friends. A memorial service will be held on Friday, November 16th at 2pm at Clemmons United Methodist Church, 3700 Clemmons Rd. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Parents of Addictive Loved Ones (PALS) Organization.


  • Arthur (Pan) Hollis, Father
  • Nancy (Earl Newcomb) Hollis, Mother
  • Joan Hollis, Sister
  • Judy Foltz, Grandmother
  • Betsy Dobbs, Aunt
  • Julie Wilhelm, Aunt


  • Memorial Service Friday, November 16, 2018

Daniel Alexander Hollis

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Christian Cain

December 11, 2018

Dear Dan,
I can't believe I'm sitting here typing this about you. I haven't seen or spoke to you since high school and it really makes me regret not re-connecting with you since then. Whenever anyone saw a group of people laughing and enjoying each other's time and company, Dan was usually at the center of that good time. He was always able to pull a conversation out of you and before you realized it, Dan was your friend.
I'll miss you, buddy. I can't wait for you to make me laugh again! You're the man, Dan!

Rikki Graham (Dan's old roommates girlfriend)

November 20, 2018

Dan, I'm so sorry we didn't make it to your service. You kept Aaron sane many nights with your goofy demeanor. I'm very thankful that he had you in his life. You literally always had a smile on your face. Bumming around the house in those plaid pajama pants, always cracking jokes lol. Everytime we cooked or went to dinner we would think "should we bring home some for Dan" lol and sure enough, everytime you would eat it. As of lately, when Aaron and I went through Wendy's we would ask Alicia how you were doing, she would always answer with love in her voice that you were doing just ok. Wish we would have checked up on you more buddy. Rest easy, your big personality won't be forgotten.

Carolyn Gilliam

November 16, 2018

My dear Daniel.
You were the best young man that I knew!! I was honored that God let you in my life for a short stitch of time . I'm gonna miss you calling and checking on me and the grandkids while Alicia or may I say the love of your life was at work I will never forget you. Moo moo loves you forever and always will .

Julia Wilhelm

November 14, 2018

Dan, is my sweet, and loving, nephew who was taken home too soon. You will always have a special place in my heart! I will forever LOVE and MISS you!
Dan had a caring/giving nature, always willing to help when needed. Especially with his Grandma, Judy Hollis, who loved him very much. Dan is with her, and his Grandpa Larry now, full of love and smiles. You are loved and missed dearly by your uncle Greg, cousin Heather, and cousin Corey. We spent many fun holidays together, and Dan lived with us for a time. I will miss our long talks, visits, sharing experiences, memories, family issues, and just spending time together. Dan and Heather are the same age, they were very close, and played together as kids. I remember them singing to their favorite songs in the back of the car, so sweet! Dan and Corey loved to tease each other, he was a lot older, but they loved each other.
I choose to celebrate Dan's life, and I know he is at peace in God's love. I believe Dan lived in faith, as I do. When you live in faith, rather than in sight, it is easy to see the miracles in your life. Dan's life was a miracle, I love you sweetheart, and I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!!
Remember, "Beast Mode," go forth with all that you are.

Sierra Slate

November 14, 2018

Dan was a loving step dad to me and my sister and a loving finance to my mom he cared about us he called and asked about us after every school day he was caring and we will miss him very much he is in heaven now and he is still with each and every passing day he may be gone in the human world but his memorys are always with us he is in my heart always and forever he was like a father to me and my sister we love him to the moon and back he was a loving, caring, funny, dad to me and my sissy may he rest in peace Dan Alexander Hollis, LOVE Sierra, LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES OF LOVE, MY BELOVED DAD.

Teddy Berry

November 13, 2018

Dan you was a great friend and you will be missed by many RIP bro you will never be forgotten

Leeann Wyatt

November 13, 2018

Dan i miss you so much work aint the same without you Dan the man.... I know you was a very caring person and you loved ur girlfriend and your girls so much as you put it the love of ur life and the girls.. Thats the reason you was working is to do right by them.... Your truly one of my good buddys

Desirea Lee

November 13, 2018

Words can not express how I have been feeling every since I found out. I miss you, we may not have talked every single day but you were such a good friend. I had been working at Foodlion for around a year when I first started talking to you. I was on my way home one morning and in the pouring rain I seen you walking. I may have never really talked to you but I didn’t care I wasn’t just going to leave you out in the rain. Every since then I was your ride to work. I miss seeing you most mornings, seeing you sitting on the bench outside when I got to work. You always told me thank you a 1000 times when I’d help you out. I remember when I moved I wasn’t able to take you to work anymore but that never stopped you from always telling me how proud you was of me. You will forever be missed.
-Desi your Foodlion family

Connor Cassel

November 13, 2018

I knew dan for a long time. Long enough to know how funny and intelligent of a guy he was. He was hilarious and that was the first thing you noticed about him.but dig a little deeper and he had worldly, profound, and insightful views on things. Politics, religion, philosophy. Super intelligent, more so than some might have assumed. I was proud to know that side of dan. He was never judgmental, but would always try to point you in the right direction or help if he could. Dan had more to give than he realized. He didn’t realize it because he was so humble. I’ll always remember him laughing and saying wowwww. Just a contagious personality.

Timothy Haskett

November 13, 2018

Dan, I’m gonna miss you man! You never failed to make me laugh you were the definition of a fun time haha it never failed! I really wish I would’ve been able be there more for you man. You was one of the real ones rest easy! Love you for ever and always