Denise Marie Afanador

August 8, 1958October 30, 2010

DENISE AFANADOR (nee Schilling) age 52. Dearly beloved wife of Luis, Loving mother of Gregory (Walter) and Steven (Jenyffer), dearest grammies of Izabella, and soon to arrive Alejandro, loving daughter of David Sr. and Barbara (nee Sandoval) (both deceased), dearest sister of David Jr. (Jeanne O'Malley-Schilling) and Renee (Joseph) Mueller, dear niece and aunt of many. Manager of Food and Child Nutrition at John Marshall High School, and Environmental Service Employee of Southwest General Hospital. VISITATION WEDNESDAY, 2 - 4 AND 7 - 9 P.M., AT CRACIUN FUNERAL HOME, 7200 DETROIT AVE. Funeral Mass Thursday, 10 a.m., at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 6928 Detroit Ave. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. Online condolences at


  • Funeral Mass Thursday, November 4, 2010
  • Visitation Wednesday, November 3, 2010
  • Visitation Wednesday, November 3, 2010
  • Burial Thursday, November 4, 2010

Denise Marie Afanador

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Josie Pierce

November 11, 2011

Louie, Gregory and Steven
Louie, you may not remember me but I was Denise's friend from St. Roccos school and we attended CCC (cleveland central catholic)together for 9th grade. When you and Denise started dating I always had a hard time remembering your name. Gregory and Steven, we never met but your mom proudly showed me pictures of you. When you go to a small school like Roccos, everyone went from kindergarten to eighth grade together forming in some cases ties that can never be undone. When I did see Denise or talk to her it was like no time had passed at all and we were our same goofy selves. I mourn her passing and my heart goes out to all of you for I can only imagine the huge void you are feeling. Life is but a parenthesis of eternity and I have no doubt that Dave sr. Barb and now Denise are with you always guiding, loving and protecting. Blessings and Prayers to all of you. Josie

Josie Pierce

November 10, 2011

Dave and Renee,
I Just learned of Denise's passing and am sad that we lost contact. The strange thing is I have been thinking of her for quite time for some unknown reason. A blast from the past. And what a blast it was being with her. Although I did run into her and your mom one night at my moms bar while I was in town.Always a laugh and it was like we were back at St. Roccos or CCC and never skipped a beat. I can only imagine the enormous void you are feeling in your heart and in your lives. Denise was a character always fun always a laugh. I mourn her loss, treasure her memory and our time together.I would love to hear from either of you. Dave, you might remember me better than Renee but I could be wrong. Josie Derbin (pierce now)My grandfather had the tailor shop on Sackett Ave. I will never forget the lobster your dad put under my pillow one of the many nights I spent at your house to go to the Tremount Campus. Good ole family fun. I pray that the heavens wrap their wings around you to warm your heart and comfort your soul. Know that Mom, Dad and sis are all with you.

Renee Mueller

August 7, 2011

Dear Sis-

As your birthday approaches I want you know how much I miss you. The love I have for you is neverending. No one will or can replace you ever, for me. You are my one and only blood sister and the emptiness in my heart will remain forever.

I don't know why God took you from us. I always think it is because Mama and Daddy missed you too much and they wanted their "twisted" with them.

I love you! Your loving sister

Gertrude/Felipe Ramirez

November 17, 2010

Our Thoughts and prayers are with you, Louie, Davy and Renee. Although we never met, we felt like we did because of Marylou. My mom (Gertrude)sends all her love and Prayers. We a very sorry for your loss.

Ramirez family

November 10, 2010

to the family Denise is a wonderful person a very fair person and i enjoyed
working with her Denise will truly be missed i remember how much we would laugh and have fun and how hard we worked we managed to do some work between laughter may GOD BLESS this family may time ease your pain Loui
and sons Rhonda Ezell and family

Robert Gardea

November 6, 2010

May the Love of Christ and live that You charist with Denise be in your hearts forver. My deepest sympathy for loui, Steven & Craig and extended family ( You have an angel in heaven looking down You ). Your Cousin, Robert: from Aunt Flora, Mary Lou, and Frank side of the family. Dios los bendiga

Robert Gardea

November 6, 2010

Grief can be so hard during the holidays, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one this holiday season.

gina lallo

November 6, 2010

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Joseph Mueller

November 6, 2010

For Our Niecey (Eulogy at Mass)

There is no joy in standing here, or being here, for any of us.
I struggle that, again, I address you, but, for reasons, I must .
I would like nothing more than to remain in my pew
And sit in my sorrow and cry with you.
I have, and I will, in a moment, after a favor for Lou.
He called on that dark day when he knew no peace,
“Joe,” he said “Make some words for our Niece.”
“Louie. I can’t. I won’t. I don’t know what to do.”
“Joe. Please! For us.” ”OK, if you want me to.”
There’s no pride in these words, I don’t think they’re clever.
They come from the heart, they’ll be there – like Niecey – forever.
If you want, don’t listen, make your own special prayer,
Daydream about the friend we mourn here.
For Denise- Our “Niecey”
We’ll laugh again, but it won’t be today.
Someone loved deeply has gone away.
Oh, there’ll be laughter when we leave this place,
When we talk of her, or picture her face.
But there’ll be no joy in these somber services,
What does come will be from sweet remembrances
Of her quick laugh - That twinkle in her eye.
The first things we’ll think of as years go by.
That happy walk – mom’s walk – now only Steven has it –it’s the only one left
Maybe Bella or her new grandson will have it one day.
It’s something to remind us she’s not far away.
Selfless forever – never her – always us.
Don’t worry about Niece, don’t make a big fuss.
She always looked great, how’d she get it done?
If you asked her, she’d say “I used a glue gun!”
A Hard working woman to the last day,
“Slow down!” we’d say, but it wasn’t her way.
She hated her job, but took pride in her labor
She earned the respect her co-workers gave her.
She lived to work, not the opposite
She’d quit when she could, she was no slave to it.
To loved ones or friends– always at her best
To those not on her list, they better not mess!
So much the Schilling – soft and clean, humble and quiet,
But to those who knew her – Lord, what a riot!
She gave and she did, day after day,
For her family and others – it was just her way.
Her early years saw the family on the go,
From Cleveland, Ohio to New Mexico.
Back to Cleveland with Dad, Momma still back in ‘Querque,
Finding toenails in bed, that’s funky, not quirky! (Family joke).
For Davey, her brother, she served as a lookout
To avoid the swift justice of mom’s mighty clout
For not following rules or obeying directions,
Niece would save Dave from mom’s righteous corrections.
Then came Renee - Mouse – the baby
Denise always watched her, not so much, Davey.
Over the years, a strong bond did grow
They shared love that only sisters could know.
She loved Momma and daddy, and all of her kin,
Mike and Flora, Duke and Helen.
School at St. Rocco’s, she had many fun years there,
Her world there was happy, her life had no cares.
Then on to WesTech, to earn her degree
She grew and she learned, she was young and care-free.
A blind date in a car, then in a van
Niecey was falling for this guitar playing man
Luis – her heart,
So many years, an improbable start.
Passing inspection of strict, loving parents
First Dave, then Barbara, gave her their comments.
Cut his hair, change his clothes – or she wasn’t going.
He did it, she went, and love started growing.
Luis was reckless, a real wild child,
Impulsive, impetuous, for a good long while.
But Niece loved him and changed him - made that passion mild.
Life with Luis driving a hundred and twenty
He was cute and relentless, loving and funny.
She loved the excitement, their romance a thriller,
If mom and dad knew, they’d have probably whooped her.
But they didn’t, they loved him, ‘bout much as she did.
They accepted and thought, he’ll be some work, this kid!
And work him they did, from the very beginning.
After all, it was their daughter’s hand he was winning.
Next came a wedding, a new life with children
Greg first, then Steven, a family building.
A while in New Jersey, con sus familia Afanador,
They stayed there a year, maybe a little more.
Back to Cleveland, and Lakewood, it’s where the boys grew,
Doing all the things that growing boys do.
Niece and Luis did a fine job, for sure.
But something was missing, they weren’t secure.
Finally, they found it, the answer to their prayers
They found the right house, and then they moved there.
Their beautiful home, they fixed it so nice,
It’s where they shared family, love and life.
The years flew by, the boys grew to men.
Greg would find Walter, Steven found Jen.
Life wasn’t carefree, like the last year or so,
But life was good, as most things go.
Bella, their angel, and a new little grandson,
The family looked forward to decades of fun.
Now that it’s happened, and Niecey is gone
We know that our lives must, somehow, go on.
Family and friends have come here today
To pay their respects to one going away
And leaving us here to grieve and ask “Why?”
“How could God take her?” “How could she die?”
So young, so loving, full of goodness and life,
Such a good sister, friend, mother, grammy and wife.

We can’t fathom her leaving, we’re shocked and stunned
But, I’m sure when we recover – when this first grieving is done,
We’ll realize that, like flowers, or the colors of autumn that fade,
Life is short, and we must appreciate the difference she made
In our hearts and our lives by her genuine goodness,
That she’s given us so much more than we ever could wish
For, or expect. She was simply the best, finest person to know
Look around this gathering, these faces tell you so.
But it’s our souls, that part of us all that only she,
And those that we love who are with her now can see,
That let her know!
So, deep in your souls, say a prayer for Denise,
Tell her we’ll join her in eternal peace
When leave our earthly family and friends.
We’ll see her in heaven when our life finally ends.

Other than not being with us, how happy she must be
To really know that she is truly loved,
Look around this place Niece, look around from above.
You are loved, you are loved – we miss you - You are loved.
Our hearts are broken beyond belief – we love you –
Come back to us - Save us from this grief.
Our hearts ache with sorrow for our dear friend, love and mother
Your passing is so hurtful – how can we recover.
Help us, Niecey – please, we implore
Our sorrow unbearable – the loss of you - more.
We’ll leave the Lord’s house, now, and take you from here
And lay you to rest close by those we hold dear.
We’ll visit your grave, share a laugh and a tear,
And tell you how much we wish you were here.
What’s going on in our lives, about our aches and our pains,
And each time, we’ll say it’s just not the same
Without you, mom and papoo, and others now gone.
We’ll miss you, and join you, when our days are done.
So, Adios, go to God, our beloved Denise,
We will need your sweet guidance to help us find Peace.

[On a personal note, she knows how I feel.
How special a bond we’ve had since that first date with Mouse,
When I saw her look at us as we left Mom’s house.
She pushed back the curtains and watched us pull out
And when our eyes met I had no doubt
That I met her approval as a match for Renee,
And our relationship grew deep and strong since that day.
She’s been so much more than a friend and a sister
You always had my back, Niece – I love you, my Twister!
For 23 years, no cross words, her and me
Regardless what issues with others might be.
I’d see her, she’d greet me, “How’s it hangin’, Joe?”
With that signature smile, and I’d immediately know
That no matter how she was feeling, what troubles might be,
Things were always fine between Niece and me.
I could always count on Niece, and for that I am blessed.
As a sister-in-law – I got the best!]

Melissa Vazquez

November 5, 2010

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.