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Carol Sue Jefford

March 3, 1945June 5, 2019
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Carol Sue Jefford was born on March 3, 1945 in Torrance, California and passed away on June 5, 2019 in Fresno, California.


  • Stephanie Erickson, Daughter
  • Kevin Erickson, Son-in-law
  • Michelle Hafner, Daughter
  • Mark Hafner, Son-in-law
  • Melissa Montes, Daughter
  • Michael Montes, Son-in-law
  • Steve Askew, Brother
  • Deborah Askew, Sister
  • Avery Erickson, Grandchild
  • JoJo Ramos, Grandchild
  • Derek Erickson, Grandchild
  • Amanda Krepp, Grandchild
  • Michael Krepp, Grandchild-in-law
  • Brittany Montes, Grandchild
  • Samantha Montes, Grandchild
  • Malia Krepp, Great Grandchild
  • Honey The Red Mini Pincher, Beloved Pet


  • Celebration of Life Thursday, June 13, 2019


Carol Sue Jefford

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Joy Murad

June 13, 2019

I have so many wonderful memories of Carol. I just love seeing her bright smile every time I came to their house. Carol would always come out in her wheelchair with a big smile on her face giving everybody a big hug. The first time I ever went to Missy’s house, before I even knew Carol. I told Missy that there was a lady sitting in her driveway in a van. Missy said “oh yeah that’s just my mom, she’s hiding in the car smoking and she doesn’t think I know “. We just laughed and laughed. I know that it’s weird to say but some of our best times together have been in the ER. Carol would come to the hospital because of her illness and she would always tell me “Ohh don’t tell Missy I’m here”. She knew Missy was busy and she didn’t want to bother her. Missy has a lot of acquaintances and friends at Kaiser ER, and poor Carol could never get away with anything. Missy was always by her moms side at a drop of a hat. Missy took such good care of her mom, whatever Carol needed Missy made sure she had it. I never heard Missy complain about the daily routine of caring for her mom, the sleepless nights, and all the runs to the doctors and Emergency Rooms. Despite having her busy career and family of her own Missy would not have changed a thing, she loved her mom so much . Even though Carol was sick and in the Emergency Room, she would always be joking and laughing and really just making the best of the situation. One day Carol came in the ER and was placed on strict fluid restriction, and all she wanted was a cup of coffee which she was not supposed to have. But loving her as I do, I told her I would bring her one. So I brought her in a cup of coffee just as I said I would, but it was in a medicine size cup, it was so funny. Although it was kind of a joke , she was so grateful even though it was only a few tablespoons. All of the girls really loved seeing Carol, She was our greatest VIP. She will be missed so much by so many. We love you carol.

Ted & Teri Visaya

June 13, 2019

We first met Carol 20 years ago, and became fast friends from the start. Because of distance (we live in the Seattle area), we didn't visit as often as we would have liked, but we visited her in Clovis several times, and she visited us here numerous times. Long conversations always included children, grandchildren, gambling, flowers, and politics. Carol's enduring qualities included a loving, caring concern for others, and a brutal honesty (she always told it like she saw it). When she visited here we always enjoyed the long conversations and card games (boy did she enjoy playing cards!) into the night, and the trips to the nearby casino.
She was a woman of strong fortitude who never let the obstacles in life hold her back. She simply overcame and kept moving forward.
We will truly miss Carol. May she rest peacefully in God's hands.

Carol Krepp

June 13, 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. Carol was such a beautiful, loving. caring mom, grandma, g-grandma, and friend. She could light up the room with her smile and laughter and Carol had a heart of gold. I will truly miss our fun play dates. For all she went through, she was always concerned for the other person in her loving caring way.
Love and hugs

Jatinder Malhi

June 12, 2019

I knew Carol as Missy’s mum, and I would call her “mum” too, which she loved. She was always happy and welcoming no matter what she was going through. I would receive the best hug and smile from her just as I would from my own mum. Our conversations were always heart warming and we talked about anything and everything. She was the best mum and grandmother. She will truly be missed.

Art Arreola

June 11, 2019

You were a kind giving soul. I felt your love and gentle spirit. I can still hear your laughter, remembering the wonderful times we shared and the things we accomplished in that wonderful season of our lives together. 18-2 Baby!! =) We did it! And, You never missed a game. We were a great team, made up of a bunch of fun characters and very good ball players. All the great memories are there in my heart, my friend - along with the pizza and beer after the games. I pass by the ball field on the way to Fairgrounds once a year and think of you and the others. Thanks for all your love and support. Thanks for being there for us as a fan, friend, and mom. You made a difference in all our lives.

Well done friend.
Forever yours,
Art Arreola.

Your daughter Stephanie Erickson

June 11, 2019

Oh, Mom, words can never describe your love, but I would be lost without writing. What do I say? From the beg you told me as a first born that you were so happy I was a "girl", you were so excited! My biggest regret was not accepting an invitation as a Fresno State softball player to try out with my teammates for the USA Olympic softball team. I quit over a boy I dated and I would have made it! You were right. I would so redo this part of my life today if I could.
And then I was blessed to have your first Grandchild Brandon/Avery in 1985. And Avery is beautiful in every way! I'm so glad they got to attend one of your chemos with you in a special way! And I'm so glad you got to ask about the differences in everyone's lives in your blunt funny spirited ways, like you always do!
Although it was a rough pregnancy, you were there at every PN visit at the end after I moved home from Nursing school and you and Dad made a home for me and attended every Lamaze class. My prize was your prize! And then I met Kevin on a blind date and we were engaged early 1987! Even after I had to cancel a 2nd date with him as you had Urgent Brain Aneurysm Surgery! He always thought I dumped him the hard way! But no, the night before our 32nd Anniversary you met your creator- June 5, 2019.
We then began living in the East Bay and we did not see you as much until we moved back for and were so lucky to move next door to you and Dad. The everyday visits were great, the holidays, from you making the "Bunny Rabbit" marks with your teeth to hiding eggs with you and Dad betw two properties, Halloween hunting the neighborhood, fun Halloween parties and of course Thanksgiving and Xmas at either home for our relatives.
And Derek too was so loved by you. You attended every childs award that you could, and he loved going next door to help you or Gpa Earl. That's why he is the Army Medic he is today.
I miss calling you, cherish your old msgs, but esp your yearly bday song to us all!

Jon Abston

June 10, 2019

I am heart broken. My Auntie was one of the best. She always made me feel so loved. When I was little she let me help her with her All-star softball team. I would help carry bats, ice chests and general stuff. She made me feel grown up by allowing me to help. When I had a business, she would frequently have dinner at the chinese food place next to my business. She always made a point to stop by and give me a hug and a kiss. I would introduce her to all my customers and she would make them all laugh. Some of my customers thought it was odd, for a 50 year old man, to introduce her as my "Auntie". But she was and always will be my sweet, funny, kind Auntie Carol. All my love to the family.

Flores Family E n L

June 10, 2019

Dear Lord,
We pray for the Jefford/Montes Family. May the Power of the Holy Spirit bring each of them Peace, Courage, Comfort, and Strength during this difficult time. Carol, aka "Granny", as her family lovingly called her was a Special STRONG woman and will be missed by ALL. I ask for special prayers for Granny's roommates, Missy & the girls ♡. There is no doubt that the change in their everyday routine will be emotional /difficult. May their Faith & fond memories, and the love of their family and friends help fill their emptiness.
May Ms. Carol Sue Jefford Rest in Peace - Amen

Michael Roush

June 10, 2019

I met Carol on a cruise 8 years ago and she treated me just like family one thing I remember about her is her smile and her laughter she could feel the room, she was a hugger too. I will always remember her and whenever I think of her I will have a smile I love you too Carol

Christine Dearden

June 10, 2019

First, I will miss you Auntie. I’m so glad you could see my kids grow up ❤️! I’m so glad you and my mom stayed so close all these years! I love you!

I remember...

When Stephanie and I were 16 and you took us “cruising down Belmont” which was the coolest thing to do EVER! And we got pulled over by the cops!! THEN you took us to “TP” someone’s house!!! It was AWESOME!!! If you weren’t with us I would have been in SO much trouble!😉💕

When I had my brand new driver’s license and you trusted me to drive your camper-laden truck to the drive-in and back! Your trust meant a lot and gave me confidence!